Spider-Man’s Death Scenes Revealed by Marvel

Spider-Man’s Death Scenes Revealed by Marvel

As we all know, all good things must come to an end, many Marvel characters have been getting exits from their stories. It’s been sometime now, since fans have been wondering about this bad news, and it’s finally here. But it is something that, most probably nobody has expected!

Marvel has finally revealed how their most popular superhero is going to die. Fans might feel this is the best possible way for Peter Parker to die because he always remembered his roots.

No matter how many supervillains he has fought – our beloved spidey has always been down to earth. There have been so many alien invasions and countless daily robberies where he saves people in need. 

Upcoming Anniversary

To celebrate the upcoming 60th anniversary of Spider-Man, Marvel has been getting various spider-man stories ready and releasing them throughout the year. In the year 2001, Zeb Wells started with the Spider-Man #1 book, and recently Spider-man #900 was released as 70 pages long. 

#1000 Spider-Man Story

The Amazing Fantasy #1000 story named “Sinister 60th” has been written by none other than Dan Slott along with Jim Cheung. As the story begins, it is quite a simple save, in the beginning only. Then you might go on getting shocked! 

There’s a woman being held at gunpoint by some common mugger. He was threatening her and that is when Spider-man appears out of nowhere. As a reflex, the mugger shoots Spider-man and he gets injured. The mugger flees the scene and Spider-man gets admitted to the hospital. 

Just like His Uncle:

Seeing such a common everyday scene where a mugger is threatening a woman on the street, is quite a regular thing that happens on daily basis. Peter’s Uncle Ben died in quite the same way.

Do you remember that? Well, call it a coincidence or anything but this is what happened to the Spider-Man, just like his uncle. 

Might Not be The End

While lying on his deathbed in the hospital, he says, “…going out like Uncle Ben. Almost feels right.” Even after fighting so many supervillains, mad scientists, and even aliens – this is how Spider-man dies. 

Just after this, there is a scene where Peter tries and escapes the hospital, while he was injured. But you never know, he might already be healed and now going to save more people in need. This might not be the permanent death of Spider-man, but one can say it is one of those scenes where he comes so close to his death!

Spider-Man Villains

Since the very first Spider-Man movie, there has been no lack of villains against whom our beloved superhero has fought and saved people. The very first villain ever was a scientist – Norman Osborn. He did some experiments and something went wrong and he somehow turned into this deadly Green Goblin. 

After him, we came across Otto Octavius i.e. Doc Ock. Because of mental instability, he became dangerous and turned into a villain. The next one is Sandman who also happened to be a deadly villain as a result of a bad science experiment. We also saw The Lizard i.e. Dr. Curt Connors as Spider-Man’s villain. 

Then there is Kraven the Hunter, trying to prove himself superior to the Spider-Man turned into his enemy. Electro with his amazing costume powered by dangerous skills and despicable energy was one of the deadliest Spider-Man Villains. Another one is Mysterio with his unpredictable and deadly nature. He can be a real villain with all such powers he possesses. 

Kingpin was one of those street-level villains who dared to fight our Spider-Man. Fighting scenes between these two have been quite interesting and there is a separate fan base for that.

Hobgoblin, whom some might even describe as more dangerous compared to the Green Goblin is also one of the popular Spider-Man Villains. There have been interesting fights between him and Spider-Man. 

We also came across Sinister Six and then there’s Morbius – a fan’s favorite vampire who also happens to be Spider-Man’s enemy. As per some fan theories, many fans are quite excited and secretly want to see Spidey and Blade team up against Morbius and fight! Wouldn’t it be awesome!

There is a Spider-Man villain who is not so popular but happens to be quite deadly as well as dangerous, especially for our favorite Spider-Man. He is Morlun. Most people might not even be heard about him. Are you one of them?

Well, let’s take a quick look. He might be the only villain whom Spider-Man fears and he hates Spider-Man because of his powers.

Morlun is a vampire who goes on killing everyone having animal-based superpowers. And as we all know, our beloved Spider-Man got his powers after getting stung by a spider.

Some might even describe him as the one who is even more powerful than the Hulk or even Thor, especially when he hits. Moreover, during their fights – no matter how hard Spider-Man strikes Morlun barely feels it whereas each of Morlun’s strikes hits our superhero quite harder. 

There is Kraven The Hunter, who is last seen at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home. It was when Spider-Man’s real identity was revealed worldwide and was made public enemy through the wrongly orchestrated recordings showing Spier-Man is the one who carried out drone attacks all over London. 

Spider-Man and Venom

One of the most popular Spider-Man’s enemies is Venom. He doesn’t belong to the traditional Sinister Six Group from the Comics, but he had a solo movie. We also came across Rhino from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. He wears a huge-sized costume of a Rhine, hence the name. He happens to be one of the members of the Sinister Six group. 

One more founding member of the Sinister Six is the Sandman. He appears in MCU and there are many scenes of himself with Spider-Man.

There is Blood Spider who is originally a student of Taskmaster and is identical to our Spider-Man. But since his first fight with Spider-Man, he was defeated quite easily. Even with Superhuman strength and a similar fighting style as the Spider-Man, he was not that strong. 

We also came to know Black Tarantula, a member of the Hand. He appears similar to the Black Panther, and their powers are given from father to son only. He is one of the few enemies of Spider-Man whom he might not have been able to defeat.

One good thing about him is that he follows a certain code and according to that he doesn’t go on killing innocent people. Hence when there was a near-death scene of Spider-Man, he didn’t kill our Spidey. He consists of super strength combined with dangerous laser eyes. 

One more Spider-Man villain includes Ezekiel Sims. Some people might not have heard about him, but he has got some very interesting powers. Think of the Spider-Man himself, but without the web shooters.

He has similar powers just like the Spider-Man, and his powers are natural, unlike the Spider-Man being bitten by the radioactive spider. He has got quite the experience with his age, but still, he can be faster and quicker than Spider-Man himself.