Bindass Kavya Missing!! Indian Youtuber and Gamer Missing, Family Searching for Her and Asks Fans to Help via Twitter and Youtube

Bindass Kavya Missing!! Indian Youtuber and Gamer Missing, Family Searching for Her and Asks Fans to Help via Twitter and Youtube

Bindass Kavya a.k.a. Kavya Shree Yadav went missing on 9th September 2022 at 2 PM and has not yet been found. Her parents are concerned about her whereabouts and are looking for her everywhere. Bindass Kavya is a very popular Youtuber and also went viral from her Tiktok lip-sync videos.

Who is Bindass Kavya?

Kavya Yadav is a famous Youtuber, Social Media Influencer, and Tiktok Star. She is from Aurangabad, Maharasthra – India. She is one of the popular Youtubers who have been getting a lot of attention and a huge fan following. She has been sharing various lip-sync videos via her official Instagram account where she has 1 million followers.

Because of her expression and acting skills, her Insta reels have been going viral and since the beginning, she had a huge fan following on all her social media accounts. 

Bindass Kavya on Social Media:

Bindass Kavya on Youtube

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Her official Youtube account is “Bindass Kavya” and has 4.32 Million followers. Her most popular youtube videos have views in millions since she has such a fan following due to popularity.

She also has another youtube channel for her Gaming hobby. It is “BindassKavya Gaming.” This is the channel where she shares her PUBG videos.

Bindass Kavya on Instagram

Kavya’s official Insta ID is “bindass_kavya” and here she has 1 Million followers. Her account has the Video Creator category in it and she shares various interesting posts as well as reels on Instagram. Most of all her reels have many views and have gained much popularity in such a short time. 

Bindass Kavya on Twitter

The official Twitter handle for Bindass Kavya is “@bindass_kavya” and has 4k followers. Since she went missing, her parents have shared various posts via Twitter and have been sharing details through this account. 

Bindass Kavya Missing:

Kavya’s parents Mr. Suraj Yadav and her mother Mrs. Annu Yadav went live this morning via Bindass Kavya’s official youtube channel and shared information. Her parents are worried about their daughter’s safety and urging police as well as fans to help find her. They are asking for help from anyone who might have seen her. 

She was wearing gray clothes along with white shoes and are helplessly asking everyone to help them find her. They also shared details that they already lodged a police complaint but nothing has happened yet.

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At the end of the line, her father said “she left in anger and she took a wrong decision.” Both of them are quite stressed and are requesting everyone, especially her fans to help them to find Bindass Kavya.