Shameless Season 12 Renewal or Cancellation? Everything You need to know

Shameless Season 12 Renewal or Cancellation? Everything You need to know:

Showtime announced that, for now, Shameless Season 11 was the last season and they are not going to renew the show for the Shameless Season 12. Get all the latest details regarding the 12th season of Shameless below. 

Shameless Season 12 Release Date

When Showtime announced the renewal of the Shameless Season 11, they also announced that there is not going to be a next season i.e. Shameless Season 12. At least, not for now. So when they finally released the 11th season, it was the last season. 

The official announcement even had some of the things related to the renewal status of the 12th season, which read: “This is going to be the last call and the Gallaghers are going out with their own kind of biggest bang ever. Changes are coming that will force each of them to either set up or hit the road. But they know one thing for certain – Gallaghers may grow up, but they’ll never grow apart.”

For now, there is no official news regarding the Shameless Season 12 release date. If the show is renewed then the creators will be sharing the latest updates regarding the Shameless Season 12 trailer release as well as the series release. 

Shameless Storyline

The series is a tragic comedy-drama series and is based on award-winning British television series of the same name. This story revolves around a Chicago neighborhood of Canaryville and follows the Gallagher family. There are distinct types of family members in this family and each of them has their own drama and their life. 

There is the father Frank Gallagher who is always drunk and/or lying somewhere on the floor. He has six independent and smart kids who are living better lives only because of their elder sister Fiona. Frank is always in bars or partying but because of Fiona, everyone gets to live their lives and despite having an alcoholic father, they are together as a family. 

Creators of the Show

The television story was developed by John Wells and soon became the longest-running original scripted series in Showtime’s history. 

Shameless Season 11 Release

In January 2020 the 11th season was announced and then the last episode aired on 11th April 2021. While airing the last episode, the creators as well as cast members all were quite emotional and declared that this was the last season. 

Still, being such a popular and longest-running series of its kind, fans are expecting to have Shameless Season 12, even now. Despite all odds, you never know what happens from where. Some other network or any other platform might be interested in getting their hands on this popular series. 

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Extra Six Episodes: Shameless Hall of Shame

By not renewing the series for the Shameless Season 12, fans were quite disappointed, and to address that, the creators’ team released a limited series. It was a six-episode limited series and was released along with the airing of the 11th season. 

It contained some of the new as well as original scenes of the series and focused more on each of the main characters and their stories. It was the perfect way to catch all the memorizing things they have done over the duration of 10 years. 

Shameless Spin-Offs and Possible Movies

During its run, the series was one of the most-watched series, and even now, there are so many fans who still re-watch their favorite episodes. Even after being such a popular series, there have been no spin-offs or movies until now. We can not be sure about the future, because anything is possible. The showrunner Wells said in an interview that he is not more into making the sequels or spin-offs of the original shows. It is because he believes more in making one-of-its-kind series during its run time. Hence the creator is not going to make any possible spinoff of the show.

Shameless Cast Members

  • FRANK GALLAGHER By William H. Macy
  • FIONA GALLAGHER By Emmy Rossum
  • LIP GALLAGHER By Jeremy Allen White
  • IAN GALLAGHER By Cameron Monaghan
  • CARL GALLAGHER By Ethan Cutkosky
  • KEVIN BALL By Steve Howey
  • VERONICA By Shanola Hampton
  • JIMMY/STEVE By Justin Chatwin
  • SHEILA JACKSON By Joan Cusack

Will there ever be a season 12 of Shameless?

As of now, there are not going to be any renewal seasons of the Shameless. As per the creators of the show, the Shameless Season 11 was the last season and they have not renewed the show for any upcoming seasons, at least not for now. 

Is there a season 13 of Shameless?

There is no official news regarding the Shameless Season 13 for now. The last aired season of the show was Shameless Season 11. 

How can I watch Shameless season 12?

The Shameless Season 12 has not yet been released. In fact, the 12th season has not yet been renewed by the producers of the show. You can enjoy Shameless Season 11 on Amazing Prime Video. 

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Will there be a new season of Shameless in 2022?

For now, there is no confirmation about any upcoming seasons of the Shameless. If and when the series gets renewed, fans will get to know about Shameless Season 12 updates. 

Will there be a Shameless spinoff?

There have been talks of various shows and spinoffs for the popular series Shameless, but nothing is confirmed yet. Not just that, there are talks of a Shameless movie in the works, but there is no official news about it. 

Where can I watch season 11 of Shameless?

To stream Shameless all seasons, you can get an Amazon Prime Video subscription and enjoy all the Shameless seasons streaming on your laptop/ smartphone. 

Does Fiona come back in season 12?

Unfortunately, Fiona does not come back in the last season of the show. Fiona Gallagher who was the eldest sister of the Gallagher family, left the show during the Shameless Season 9 was running. She departed while the season 9 was on its finale. 

Does Fiona have a baby?

During her last appearance in the series, she said something about her unseen child being a boy. It was episode 1114 of the entire series. 

Why did Fiona quit Shameless?

After the Shameless Season 8 and 9, Rossum declared that she is exiting the show and taking that as an opportunity to move on to other projects. She even shared a thoughtful post on Facebook and also mentioned that it was “The opportunity to play Fiona has been a gift.”

Shameless Season 12 Renewal Update/ Cancelled? Everything You need to know:

After 11 Seasons and a total of 134 episodes, the long-running season Shameless seems to have come to an end. Despite not being renewed for Shameless Season 12, creators released some additional episodes which you are surely going to love. 

Shameless Season 12 Renewal Update

The comedy tv collection Shameless has not been renewed for its next Shameless Season 12 and fans are not happy about it. The show has even become the longest-jogging script collection in Showtime history. Fans from across various countries have been waiting for the Shameless Season 12, but unfortunately, the series has been canceled after its 11th season. 

Not Shameless Season 12 But Something Else

While fans were expecting the Shameless Season 12 release, the creators had something else in mind. The makes of the Shameless have released the restricted collection of six episodes and named it “Shameless Hall of Shame.” Fans can watch these brand new episodes and get on their merry way, because, there are not going to be any more seasons of Shameless. 

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WARNING: Shameless Spoilers Ahead

Shameless Season 11 Finale

The Season 11 finale showed Officer Tipping saying something about acquiring the Alibi jointly and then transforming it into the cop bar. Later on, Liam goes on to meet Frank where he overdosed and then wanders off. 

Frank was arrested upon charges of breaking into the church and was later on tested and diagnosed with Coronavirus. Soon, he turns into a severe state and then eventually dies. Just before dying, he goes on reminiscing about his family, and his past, and then after his death, Frank as a Ghost came back for the celebrations. His ghost was floating off over the city on his famous barstool. 

Talking about the rest of the family members, they were seen enjoying and having fun at the party while gazing at the gentrifier’s Tesla catching fire, just outside the pub. As they were cremating Frank’s body, something unusual happens. The body was being cremated but suddenly there was a blast. It was because his body had too much alcohol content in it. 

Shameless Season 12 Possible Storyline

As of now, there is not going to be any Shameless Season 12, still, we can reminisce about the possible storyline for the 12th season. What if Frank is not actually dead? What will happen then? Also how about the entire family, what will be their reactions upon knowing that Frank is not dead? 

Let’s see where things go and hope that Shameless Season 12 gets renewed, hopefully. 


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