Shakuntala Devi biopic starring Vidya Balan to release on Amazon

Shakuntala Devi
Shakuntala Devi

Shakuntala Devi biopic starring  Vidya Balan to release on Amazon


A biopic made on an Indian mathematician Shakuntala Devi who is referred to as human-computer because of the extraordinary capability to solve calculations in her head. A feminist, a fun-loving person, and a genius. Words are very less to describe the kind of personality she carries. Influenced by the character, Vidya Balan chooses to act for the biopic which is going to be premiered on Amazon print, without making any theoretical release. Biopics have always been a difficult role to be in. To portray a person, his lifestyle is not easy especially when the person whom you are talking about us a legend herself. But we are sure as always Vidya Balan will do justice to the role.

Shakuntala Devi Cast

Vidya Balan will be seen in the leads role. Supporting actors will include Sanya Malhotra, Amit, and Tissue. The biopic has been produced under Sony Networks, Directed by a talented filmmaker Vikram Malhotra. Vidya is a versatile actor and has proved in the last that no matter what role she plays, giving the best out of her has always been her priority. We have not seen Vidya taking up acting assignments these days but the ones she has been taking are challenging ones and the ones where she will get to show her talent. She looks extremely beautiful in saree with the broad bindi on her forehead. Though no one is even near to the great mathematician but looks-wise, Vidya Balan has already scored a 10. Let’s hope for the film to be good at other things too.

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Shakuntala Devi Release date

The biopic finished its shoot in November 2019 and was supposed to be sired on May 8th. But the release has been postponed by the makers and no official information on the new release dates has still been received by them. COVID -19 pandemic is guessed to be the reason behind the postponed, but let’s hope things get better soon so that life gets back on track. There were rumors of the biopic giving theoretical release but after the announcement of its collaboration with Amazon, fans have been even more excited because, during these unprecedented days, viewers are looking forward to some good series to watch and the cast and makers are going to make sure they win the hearts of the viewers.

Shakuntala Devi Plot

The storyline is quite clear. Being a biopic the series talks about the life events of the great mathematician. Her struggles, her hard work, her personal and professional. All those things related to her. We are expecting some twists and turns in tare movie because the makers want to keep the things entertaining too. Promotional posters are out already and the excitement levels of the viewers are rising. When it’s Vidya Balan, viewers know she ought to give some good cinema. Let’s hope the film to get featured as soon as possible. While we are staying at home, let’s enjoy some good Indian cinema. Let’s start hone and watch the film streaming live on Amazon.

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