Set Video of the Fourth Season of Westworld Shows Dolores is Alive and also Walking


Set Video of the Fourth Season of Westworld Shows Dolores is Alive and also Walking

The series Westworld is one of the most exciting series across the globe. The series Westworld has received a very positive response from the audience.


But with the new speculation of the supposedly dead Dolores being alive as well as the anticipation manifolds into ten.

A set video of the next season of the series Westworld rounds on social media. In the video, Evan Rachel Wood’s Dolores in her light-blue Western costume and also walks past the dead bodies on an NYC street.

The clear picture does not show. But, by looking at the outfit, it clears that the person is Dolores Abernathy. Westworld is an American dystopian television series.

The series Westworld includes sci-fi, drama, and mystery. The series Westworld is set at the intersection of the near future as well as the reimagined past.

Also, explores a world in which all the human appetite can be indulged without results. The series Westworld is set in the intersection of the near future as well as the reimagined past, and also explore a world in which all human appetite can be indulged without result.

The series was created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. The series Westworld stars Evan Rachel Wood, Ed Harris, and Jeffrey Wright.

The series Westworld is based on a film named Westworld by Michael Crichton. The series Westworld was executivley produced by J. J. Abrams, Lisa Joy, Bryan Burk, Roberto Patino, Ben Stephenson, Jonathan Nolan, Jerry Weintraub, Richard J. Lewis, Athena Wickham, and Denise The.

Michael Polaire, Stephen Semel, Cherylanne Martin, Carly Wray, Jordan Goldberg, Norren O’Toole, and David Witz produced the series Westworld.

The series Westworld was made under HBO Entertainment, Kilter Films, Bad Robot Productions, Jerry Weintraub Productions, and Warner Bros. Television. Warner Bros. Television Distribution distributed the series Westworld.

The first season titled Westworld: The Maze includes a total of ten episodes titled The Original, Chestnut, The Stray, Dissonance Theory, Contrapasso, The Adversary, Trompe K’Oeil, Trace Decay, The Well-Tempered Clavier, and The Bicameral Mind.

The second season titled Westworld: The Door includes a total of ten episodes titled Journey into Night, Reunion, Virtu e Fortuna, The Riddle of the Sphinx, Akane no Mai, Phase Space, Les Ecorches, Kiksuya, Vanishing Point, and The Passenger.

The third season titled Westworld: The New World includes a total of eight episodes titled Parce Domine, The Winter Line, The Absence of Field, The Mother of Exiles, Genre, Decoherence, Passed Pawn, and Crisis Theory.

At the end of the third season of the series Westworld, we have seen that the address leads Bernard to the home of the widow of Arnold, there the two bond over the death of Charlie.

Later, he finds that Dolores gave him the key to the Sublime just because Rehoboam has been delaying the society’s collapse, and not preventing it.

After that, he enters the Sublime in order to discover the answer on how to rebuild. William goes to the Dubai headquarters of Delos, and there he nearly gets killed by a host replica of himself with Charlotte’s help.


After some time, Bernard comes back from the Sublime into his body and now covered in dust. If we get any other update about it, we will add it here.

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