Season 3 of Wu-Tang – An American Saga

Season 3 of Wu-Tang – An American Saga

Wu-Tang: An American Saga is a television drama series. It is made with the help of the RZA who is their leader and one of the founding members of the Wu-Tang clan.

The series is based on the storyline of the formation of the iconic rap group and the members’ lives and antics who reside in Staten Island.

Wu-Tang charted an impressive score of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes in both seasons and got a magnificent amount of good reviews from people.

It follows the story of young RZA during the late 1980s. He is shown to follow his passion for producing music. We witness Bobby Diggs (latter RZA) as he discovers the path of ups and downs facing success and failure on the way to greatness.

The series Wu-Tang- RZA and Alex Tse produce an American saga so we can imagine some amount of truthness to the story but with artistic leniency to the story.

Season 3 expected plot

The story might show us the journey of the group from crime and street gangster activities to full-blown megastars. Different members might get into different music labels. Tours and shows of the stars shall be a regular occurrence on the show.

Their relationship may begin to take shape in love and affection but on the other hand, we may see relational drama along with the growth of egoistic behavior amongst the group.

It is set in New York City so the group might break records of the usage of crack and cocaine as during the 1990s. During this time, Diggs will try to recruit a group of young black men who have conflicted perspectives between music and crime.

The third season of the show is the final season is the last season of the trilogy.

The series will air on 8th September 2022 on Hulu and Disney+.

Wu-Tang: An American Cast

The main cast of the series at the moment includes:

  • Ashton Sanders playing Bobby Diggs or RZA
  • Johnell Xavier Young playing Gary Grice
  • Siddiq Saunderson playing Dennis Coles 
  • Shameik Moore playing Corey Woods
  • David “Dave East” Brewster playing Clifford Smith
  • JaQwan J. Kelly playing Jamel Irief 
  • Julian Elijah Martinez playing Mitchell “Divine” Diggs
  • Marcus Callender playing Oliver “Power” Grant
  • Joey Bada$$ playing Jason Hunter 
  • Caleb Castille playing Darryl “Chino” Hill 
  • Jake Hoffman playing Steve Rifkind
  • Damani Sease playing Lamont Jody Hawkins