Sista Season 5: Comedy-Drama Cast, Storyline, Review and much more

Sista Season 5: Comedy-Drama

Are you looking for a comedy-drama that can make you laugh? Suppose you are looking for something that shows the bonding between people. In that case, you should watch Sistas as its new season is approaching too. This comedy-drama will make your mood, and you will surely love it.

Let’s learn more about this series:-> 


Sista’s is based on the lives of a group of black women who walked through different paths or challenges and are connected to one nod of a question: “Why am I single?”.

In the series, you will witness the dark comedy and many satirical comments by the actresses & actors. This series is the ultimate package of comedy.


Here is the list of the actors who worked in this series. The names for them with the character that they played are mentioned below:->

1) Kj Smith

Andrea ‘Andi’ Barnes

2) Mignon

Daniella ‘Danni’ King

3) Ebony Obsidian

Karen Mott

4) Novi Brown

Sabrina Hollins

5) Devale Ellis


6) Brian Jordan Jr.


7) Chido Nwokocha

Gary Marshall Borders

8) Anthony Dalton

Calvin Rodney

9) Kevin A. Walton

Aaron Carter

10) Crystal Renee Hayslett


11) Trinity Whiteside

Preston Horace

12) Chris Warren


13) Angela Beyince


14) Mackenro Alexander


15) Austin Scott


16) Crystal-Lee Naomi

Jasmine Borders

17) Skyh Black


18) Ben VanderMey

Bartender Chris


The series didn’t get enough fame in its phase in the US. Still, it got famous after a while. Still, it is sad to believe that this series didn’t get much popularity in the international market, as its ratings on IMDB are 5 out of 10.

Where to watch season 5?

Fans Can Enjoy Season 5 of Sistas on BET in Fall 2022. One can also look for various other OTT platforms for watching this series. It is recommended that one should watch the previous four seasons of this series first to know the storylining.

Probability of New Season

There is no official news about the new season of Sista. Also, no teasers or trailers are launched by the production house regarding the release of the new season.

Wrapping Up

One should watch this series. It includes lots of humor, which can entertain you. You can also have good family time while watching these series and enjoy your boring weekends. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the new season of Sista.