Sacred Games 3 Cancelled At Netflix? Or Renewed? Check Out The Status

Sacred Games 3
Sacred Games 3

Sacred Games 3 Cancelled At Netflix? Or Renewed? Check Out The Status


A Netflix series based on a novel written by Vikram Chandra made an awesome entry in the drama and thriller section last year when it was premiered with its season 1. Right from the actors, the script, the dialogues, the sounds, the effects, everything was so amazingly portrayed that it won the hearts of millions of fans there and then. The fans started waiting for its next season as soon as the first season was finished and they got what they wanted. The series was renewed with season 2 which was again a massive hit among them.

What after Sacred Games Season 2?

Before the series was launched on Netflix the makers had announced that the series will continue up to four seasons and a total of 32 episodes. But now, the dilemma among the fans is that the entire storyline of those 32 episodes that were decided to the divided among 4 have already been exhausted in just two episodes, what is going to be next? When the makers are not left with the storyline and the entire novel on which it is based has already been covered, then what will be the future of sacred games?

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Official News about Sacred Games season 3

We are still waiting for any official announcement but the sources have confirmed that with such a huge fan following and the fans looking for more seasons, the production house is expected to come with season 3, though season 3 will take time because the story will have to made so accordingly all arrangements will have to be done. But this news has at least given Sone sigh of relief to its fans that though little later but at least they can watch their favorite characters back in action once again.

Cast and Sacred Games Release date

We have not received any official confirmation about the release of season 3 but the release will not be any time sooner because of production issues and current COVID -19 pandemic lockdown a through the country. We are expecting the cast to stay the same as in season 2, at least the ones in the main roles because there are some who have fallen in love with the actors and the parts they are acting and the makers would never want to disappoint their fans. Let’s hope to watch season 3 really soon.


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