Rajkummar Rao’s luxurious house – The view inside is beautiful

Rajkummar Rao’s house is luxurious, the view inside is so beautiful that it will say- Uff !!!

For the first time, Rajkummar Rao has installed a camera inside his house. This is the first time fans have gotten to see inside his lavish home. Rajkumar has also said many things about this house.

Rajkummar Rao’s lavish home has recently bought a two-floor Alishan apartment in Mumbai. Born in Gurgaon and living in a joint family of 16 people, Rajkumar Rao has long wanted his own home in this dream city, which he has finally completed. Let’s look into the beautiful house of Raj Kumar Rao and see how many beautiful glimpses have come out.

It seems that a panda beverage company has shot the scene inside Rajkummar Rao’s house, which has now become viral on the internet. Rajkumar Rao has also told many things about this house and explains that this is the first time he is going to show the world his house. He explained that he has worked wonderfully hard to make sure it is what it is.

It is important for Rajkumar Rao to live in a house where you can feel relaxed and at peace. He does not like many flashy and shiny things in his house. As a consequence of this, the furniture in your house should be such that, if you sit in any corner, you should feel relaxed and return home.

It turns out that he likes to read, drink coffee and enjoy the view outside the balcony while he is in his living room. Rajkumar Rao told me that every item inside the house, whether it be furniture, rugs, artwork, all of that has been carefully chosen. It took almost 2 years for the entire house to be completed.

Buying household items was the result of him going to every single store and choosing one product. In fact color, texture, and paint have been tied closely to everything else.

Interestingly, the same way he is experimenting with the characters and hues of the house, so too with the house’s color scheme. If the house is dark blue, then the dark gray shade will complement it to some extent. According to him, we should not be afraid of doing experiments, we should keep doing this. He also stated that he also consulted a designer as part of the design of this house.

It has been revealed that the upper floor of his house is for parties and meetings, while the lower floor is his private space. He has shown where he studies while sitting and spends time with his doggie Gaga.

There is a separate area for awards.

He showed us every corner of the house that has been prepared for almost everything from National Award to Filmfare Awards.