Pune Gynecologists Share Tips To Stay Active During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a fantastic time in a woman’s life. While she may go through many changes, she remains excited about bringing a new life into the world. However, women make a common mistake during this period, i.e., they become inactive. In order to gain more rest, they avoid physical activities as much as possible.

If you wish for a smooth pregnancy, you shouldn’t make the same mistake, suggest every gynecologist in Pune. Instead, you should do some sort of exercise until the very last stage to diminish the chances of any caesarean section complications. For your assistance, we have brought here some tips provided by a Pune gynecologist that will help you stay active at the time of pregnancy. So let’s begin! 

#1 Walk As Much As You Can

Whether pregnant or not, walking is one of the best ways to remain fit. Therefore, you need to look out for opportunities to walk more. These may include:

  • Walking to work: You can avoid a car or bus and walk to your workplace if possible. In case your office is far, you can get off the public transport a stop or two ahead, and walk from there. This will provide you with some additional physical activity time, which you may not find otherwise.
  • Walk while talking: If you spend several minutes talking on the phone every day, this is an excellent opportunity for you. What you can do here is find a quiet and open place, and walk there while talking. You won’t even realize what difference this can make to your pregnancy fitness.
  • Walk the dog: Walking the dog won’t only help you remain fit, but it will also provide you with some positive energy as you can have fun with your pet.
  • Use lunch break: In case you don’t find any of the other opportunities to walk, then you can use your lunch break. Once done with food, you can get out and take a walk.
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In short, you need to walk whenever and wherever you can. It will bring a positive difference in your life during pregnancy.

#2 Exercise

While walking is crucial, it alone may not make all the difference that you want. That is why you also need to add some sort of exercise daily or weekly. The rule here is simple, i.e., the more active you remain, the better it will be for you during and after the pregnancy. You can also join a gym, aerobics, yoga, or any other exercise classes. There is an option to do some physical activity at home as well. Anything will work here.

However, you should consult an expert about the type of exercise you can include in your routine, depending on your pregnancy stage and overall health. It is crucial to understand the fact that not all activities are suitable for everyone. In case you end up picking the wrong ones, you will complicate your condition. For this reason, it is better to ask the professionals about the same.

There are options like the Bajaj Health EMI Card that can help you out here with the finances, keeping away all the worries from your life.

#3 Find Enjoyable Activities

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When you opt for a physical activity that you enjoy, you are more likely to continue it for longer. So if you like dancing, go for it rather than sticking to the gym. These enjoyable activities will also energize you by providing some positive energy, which is exceptionally crucial during pregnancy.

Studies show that women who remain physically active until the last pregnancy stage are less likely to experience any problems. Even after the delivery, they lead a healthier life. It means when you pick a more enjoyable activity, you will be doing what you like while keeping yourself and your little one fit.

#4 Include Your Friend

If you find it challenging to continue doing physical activity alone, you can include your friend or partner in the routine. As you will have someone to spend time with, it will become more convenient for you to exercise for longer durations. This is a great way to remain active throughout the pregnancy. Moreover, you will have someone who will push you towards a healthy lifestyle even when you won’t feel motivated. Hence, your chances of giving up reduces.

#5 Use Music

Even your housework can be made more exciting when you play some fun music in the background. It will fill in the atmosphere with positive energy while helping you divert your mind from the exercise. Therefore, you won’t even realize it, and you will complete your physical activity required for the day without any trouble. You can do the same while walking to doing any other physical activity. The correct kind of music can also motivate you to do your everyday exercise, making all your excuses go away.

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#6 Go For Stairs

Last but not least is the most common fitness advice you always hear, i.e., take stairs instead of the lift. Well, this stands effective even during the pregnancy period. You should pick the stairs whenever you can. However, remember not to pull yourself towards excessive exertion. In case your office or house is on higher floors, you can leave the lift a floor or two earlier. Thus, you will get some stair climbing without tiring yourself.


You can simply follow these tips to add more physical activity into your daily routine and stay fit during pregnancy. But these exercises alone won’t be enough for you. With all this, every gynecologist in Pune recommends maintaining your diet as well by avoiding ‘eating for two.’ It will help you dodge unnecessary weight gain and will aid in normal delivery. So you won’t have to go through any caesarean section complications. Plus, your pregnancy and delivery journey will be smoother.

Apart from these tips, you should also contact your doctor to ask about what all kind of physical activities you can do during different pregnancy stages. Being the expert of the domain, they will guide you the best as per your individual requirements to make your life more comfortable.