Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Release Date, Storyline, and Everything You Need To Know

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Release Date, Storyline, and Everything You Need To Know

Mysterious series is always creating next-level excitement for fans, and one such series is Only Murders in the Building. It is one of the well-known mystery thriller series created by John Hoffman and Steve Martin. The base of the series is mainly focused on three main strangers, Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short, who have the same interest, i.e., doing work on true crime podcasts, making up a team, and starting solving the death cases, which is happening in the same building, one after another.

If we speak about the IMDb Rating of the Mystery thriller series, named Only Murders in the Building, then it is 8.1 out of 10.

The series’s first season was released on 31st August 2021, and the fan’s favorite series, season 2, was released the following year, i.e., on 28th June 2022; both seasons consist of ten episodes. Now, after the release of two seasons, the audience is excited to know many more mysterious stories about the upcoming season of Only Murders in the Buildings. 

So, in this article, we will share all the fans wanting information related to the upcoming season of Only Murders in the Building, which includes its storyline, cast members, release date, and much more.

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Cast Member:

Seeing the eagerness of the fans to know about the cast member of one of the fantastic series, named Only Murders in the Building, here we are sharing a few lists of members who will be appearing for season 3, including;

Steve Martin will again play the leading roles of Charles Haden, Selena Gomez as Mobel Mora, and Martin Short as Oliver Putnam. This trio will again be a top part of the show.

Now, as we know that every new season brings a new mystery, fans might be able to see some new faces too, like Paul Rudd, Ben Gilroy as a victim, and a few more.

Also, a few star names might be returning to the show. This list of titles includes Andrea Martin and Jane Lynch as Sazz Pataki.

Here we have disappointing news for the fans related to the character Amy Ryan, who will no longer be a part of this show. Still, this is not confirmed news, so fans have to wait a few more weeks to know the final list of the star cast. 

Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Overview:

The second season of Only Murders in the Building was released on 28th June 2022, with ten episodes.

We all know the importance of understanding the earlier season’s ending storyline before discussing the new one. Because if the fans are only not aware of the previous season ending scenes, they cannot catch the storyline of the upcoming series. 

Here we will first share the list of the title that season 2 have, through which fans can easily connect with the storyline of every single episode.

  • Episode 1 = “Persons of Interest”
  • Episode 2 = “Framed”
  • Episode 3 = “The Last Day of Bunny Folger”
  • Episode 4 = “Here’s Looking at You”
  • Episode 5 = “The Tell”
  • Episode 6 = “Performance Review”
  • Episode 7 = “Flipping the Pieces”
  • Episode 8 = “Hello, Darkness”
  • Episode 9 = “Sparring Partners”
  • Episode 10 = “I Know Who Did It”

Now, by seeing the list and title name of the episode, we can easily assume the entire episode. So, the name of the last episode is “I Know Who Did It,” in which the fans learn about the killer who killed the Bunny, and the person is the assistant of Cinda Canning, named Poppy White, also known as Becky Butler.

In the end, we see that the trio group has doubts that Becky Butler is the only killer behind every murder, and they have collected the evidence against him.

Now, let’s see what new twists and turns will come in the upcoming season of Only Murders in the Building. 

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Expected Storyline:

It is believed that the story of Only Murders in the Building, season 3, will start from where it ended in the previous season, from Bunny Folger’s killer mysterious to the death of Ben in the theatre. 

So, the new season will first take the flashback of its previous season, where the trios are trying to solve the mysteries. In addition, new cases will also be added from another apartment, which will be more suspense and thriller this time. 

Also, if we talk about the episode list of the upcoming season, it is crystal clear that if season 1 and 2 has ten episodes, then season 3 will have the same number of episodes. 

So, fans, hold your heartbeat and wait for the next season, as it is a pack of suspense and thriller stories.

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Release Date:

We all know that the creators are doing much hard work to make season 3 of the series, and on the other hand, fans are also excited to know when it will be over and when they will get to see the entire upcoming season.

But as of now, we don’t have any confirmed news regarding the release date of the season, but we are hoping that it will be released soon this year. 

Where to Watch Only Murders in the Building Season 3?

So, all the crazy fans of Only Murders in the Building Series, you can watch seasons 1 and 2 on a Hulu Platform and ESPN+. Also, all the Indian viewers can watch the whole season 1 on Disney+Hotstar.

But the official streaming platform was only Hulu, so all the new series and their related official updates will be shared on that platform only. 

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Latest Updates (2023):

So, finally, all the Only Murders In The Building fans, here, and specifically all the Selena Gomez fans, she has recently taken a moment on her instagram official page and shared the good news about the series release date.

She shared a post on 28th June with her two co-stars and the good news with their fans about the show’s release date, which will be released on 8th August 2023 on Hulu, a streaming platform. 

So, now the fans are not keeping calm in their excitement, as they know the release date of their favorite series. So, guys, keep your finger crossed and be ready to watch your favorite series upcoming season very soon. 


Who died in the season 2 finale of Only Murders in the Building?

It is Bunny who is killed by Becky Butler, who is also known as Poppy.

Are Only Murders in the Building Season 2 good?

It is average because the cast members’ acting is good, but fans still need a more suspicious storyline. 

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Trailer:

We are still awaiting updates regarding the upcoming season’s trailer date. But we will update you as soon as we get the official news.

But, till that time, you can re-watch the trailer of Only Murders in the Building Season 2, which is already linked above. 

Final Words:

Only Murders in the Building is one of the outstanding series which John Hoffman and Steve Martin brilliantly create. The series is constantly gaining popularity for its excellent storyline and best cast members. Also, the series won many awards, and all the cast members are getting much love and appreciation from their fans.

After the constant success of the two seasons, the makers have also announced its forthcoming season, and since the announcement, the viewers have been excited to know what will happen in the next season.

So, in this article, we have shared all the essential information related to the forthcoming season of Only Murders in the Building, including its trailer, expected storyline, cast members, and even about its release date, which is yet to disclose.

Also, we hope you guys get all the daily relevant updates about your favorite seasons and series. And if you are facing any issues, you are free to comment in our website’s comment section.