Love Syndrome Episode 6, Release Date, Storyline, and Everything You Need To Know

Love Syndrome Episode 6, Release Date, Storyline, and Everything You Need To Know

Love Syndrome is a Thai boy love drama series released on 4th March 2023. Director Marut Sarowat and writer Poy Orachat Brahmasreni beautifully create the series. The main focus of this series is to present the two different parts of toxic love. Also, the series is distributed into ten episodes, each with a unique plot to make it more interesting. 

Love Syndrome is generally an adaption of the third book of the novel, having the same name. Also, many scenes of the Love Syndrome were connected with the “Unforgotten Nights,” which also describes their parents’ life stories.

If we discuss the IMDB Rating of the Love Syndrome series, it is 7.1 out of 10. 

The series gets mixed reviews as Love Syndrome is a love story between a boy. Some people enjoy the fun and drama the series has. In contrast, others criticize the series by saying the storyline is old-fashioned and shows some abusive relationship scenes. Other than this, the major problem is that many fans are disappointed with the makers’ editing portion because they say the drama needs to cover a perfect sequence for the series. 

After releasing the 5th episode of Love Syndrome on 1st April 2023, the makers have also revealed that episode 6th of The Love Syndrome is on its way to release.

So, in this article, we will discuss every essential information about Love Syndrome Episode 6, including its release date, storyline, cast members, and many more things.

Love Syndrome Episode 6 Cast Members:

We don’t have much information related to the casting members of Love Syndrome. But we have a few leading characters in this series who get much praise and fame from this series.

The first leading character of Love Syndrome is Lee Long Shi, who plays the role of “Day” in the series. The Day is a short-tempered man and gentle lover. Also, we have a “Long” in the series, who looks so handsome, and a Thai trainer. Long has also worked for programs other than Love Syndrome, such as Bangkok, Love of Time, and I Am Your King 2. 

Thanatsaran Samthonglai, a.k.a. Frank, is an actor and a part of GMMTV entertainment. Frank started his career by featuring in one of the music videos and his first film career by appearing in one of the short debut films, “Cause You’re My Boy.” Additionally, viewers have seen Frank in series like Blacklists and Our Skyy.

So, this is all about its cast members; now, move towards the Love Syndrome episode 5 storyline.

Love Syndrome Episode 5 Ending Overview:

Like earlier, Love Syndrome is a romantic drama between two boys, Day and ITT. Viewers have seen at the end of episode 5 that Day is met with an accident and has severe injuries. Conversely, ITT blames himself for the entire incident with Day and feels so much guilt about the same.

Now, after seeing Day’s situation in the hospital, ITT decides to take care of his boyfriend. But, unfortunately, the episode took a big twist at the end, and ITT learned that the Day had lost his previous memories.

He dont remember anything, and even he does not know about his three years relationship with ITT, which immensely shocked ITT.

Also, fans have seen a new face in the series named Ball, who is started flirting with ITT. Seeing this, Day feels jealous of the Ball as he tries to come near to ITT.

Now, let us know what new twist comes on the way to Love Syndrome Episode 6.

Love Syndrome Episode 6 Expected Storyline:

As we have seen in episode 5, Day is met with a severe accident, and he loses his memories and even forgets everything about ITT, his boyfriend. 

So, in this latest Love Syndrome episode 6, viewers will see ITT, who cares for his boyfriend, Day, and helps him to think about his past.

Also, Love Syndrome might add more twists and turns in the love life of Day and ITT.

Love Syndrome Episode 6 Release Date:

Love Syndrome episode 6 is a recently released episode aired on Saturday, 8th March 2023. Love Syndrome is also famous in a few other countries. So, here we’ve mentioned the list of different releasing times according to the countries’ time zone.

  • For India was released at 9:00 Pm IST on 8th March. 2023
  • For Canada, it was released at 1:30 am NT on 8th March 2023
  • For South Korea, it was released at 12:30 am KST on 1st March 2023
  • For Australia, it was released at 1:30 am AEST on 1st March 2023
  • For Japan, it was released at 12:30 am JST on 1st March 2023
  • For the Philippines, it was released at 11:30 pm PHT on 8th March 2023

So, those, as mentioned above, are the different time and date gaps for releasing the Love Syndrome Episode 6. Also, each episode is of 50 minutes in duration. 

Where to Watch Love Syndrome?

We are all Syndrome lovers, and here we guide you about where you can watch your favorite series, Love Syndrome, every episode. So, the viewers can go to a WeTv platform and subscribe to their VIP Subscription to watch the entire Love Syndrome episode. 

You can also see some of the short videos of the Love Syndrome series on its official YouTube Channel. But the thing is, you were only able to see part of the entire episode on YouTube.


How many Episodes are there in Love Syndrome?

It is probably believed that Love Syndrome has 10 to 12 episodes in it.

When was Love Syndrome Released?

The Love Syndrome lll is a famous Thai Drama series, first released on 4th March 2023. Also, within a brief period, it became popular in many countries.

What is Love Syndrome?

Love Syndrome, also known as Obsessive Love Disorder, is a psychological condition generally created in another person to protect the person they love. In other words, a person is more possessive towards their loved one. 

Love Syndrome Episode 6 Trailer:

So, finally, friends, Love Syndrome Episode 6 trailer is already out on its official YouTube channel and on its OTT Streaming platform, which is on WeTv streaming platform.

We have also shared the link to the Love Syndrome Episode 6 trailer above.

Bottom Lines:

Love Syndrome is a toxic love story of two Thai boys who are falling in love with each other. The creator of this series beautifully tried to show the relationship between these two boyfriends, named ITT and Day. Also, the complete Love Syndrome series was adapted from a novel under the same name and took out some of the parts from the “Unforgotten Nights.”

Also, Love Syndrome gets mixed reviews from its fans because everyone’s perspective differs. But still, the series won the heart of many of their fans. 

Love Syndrome episode 6th is one of the recently released series that earned much fame within a few days of its release. 

So, all the viewers, we hope you regularly visit our website and learn all the latest information about the upcoming series, season, and episodes too. And if you have any questions, please comment on the comment section given below on our website. I’ll see you soon with the latest updates. 

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