Lock Upp Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, and Everything You Need To Know

Lock Upp Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, and Everything You Need To Know

Lock Upp is the first ever reality competitive series of India. The show’s full name is Lock Upp: Badass Jail, Atyaachari Khel. This popular series is hosted by well-known Bollywood celebrities Kangana Ranaut and Karan Kundra. Also, the series premiered on two streaming platforms, MX Player and ALTBalaji. The first-ever season of the Lock Upp series was released on 27th February 2022. And on 7th May 2022, the series ended with its first winner Munawar Faruqui ( A standup comedy personality), and the first showrunner award goes to Payal Rohatgi.

If we talk about the IMDB Rating of the Lock Upp Season 1, it is 3.6 out of 10 as of 2022. 

Fans have an addiction to this series because it has everything that can entertain their fans, including fans, challenges, fights, etc. This show is also like Big Boss, and we all know the madness of Big Boss, right? So, similarly, Lock Upp also has fan followers just after releasing the first season. And, now, fans are eagerly waiting for the Lock Upp Season 2 and also majorly waiting for the cast member list for the upcoming season.

This article will provide all the essential information about Lock Upp Season 2, including its cast member, Release Date, and much more.

Lock Upp Season 2 Cast Member:

As we previously discussed, fans like to see their favorite actor and actress on this show. Thus, they eagerly await the final list of the Lock Upp Season 2 casting members.

But the thing is, we dont have any official discloses regarding the same, but we have heard a few names that may be appeared in the Lock Upp Season 2., including;

  • Archana Gautam
  • Emiway Bantai
  • Urfi Javed
  • Umar Riaz
  • Soundarya Sharma
  • Divya Agarwal

The list, as mentioned above, of participants is based on some rumors, which the directors still need to confirm. Also, we all know that the first part of the series was released on Alt Balaji, but now the upcoming season, that is, Lock Upp season 2, will be published on television. 

So, fans wait for more time to know the list of actual cast members. 

Lock Upp Season 1 Overview:

As previously discussed, it is one of the competitive Indian reality shows hosted by Kangana Ranaut and Karan Kundra. In this show, there will be 19 participants, also known as Inmates, who are fighting with each other to earn the basic facilities of life by performing various tasks and challenges.

Also, on the other hand, they have to win the heart of the host Kangana Ranaut and the audience. 

While performing any task, if contestants misbehave during their task completion, the host immediately punishes them for remaining in jail without having any necessary facilities.

Karan Kundra plays the role of Jailor in this entire season. And in the mid-way of the show, Tejasswi Prakash entered the show as the Warde for the final lockout.

The audience had to vote for their favorite contestant for constant 70 days, and after the completion of these 70 days, the audience vote was calculated. The participant who got the highest vote was the winner of the show.

And we have also seen that fans praise so much love, and support Munawar Faruqui, who was also a Standup Comedian and is the first winner of the Lock Upp season 1.

Lock Upp Season 2 Plot:

As we previously stated, Lock Upp season 2 is now directly telecast on television, as the entire show is now handled by a very talented television producer Ekta Kapoor.

Also, fans are eagerly waiting to know everything about the upcoming season, that is, Lock Upp Season 2, then here we have some of the official information for them.

First of all, Kangana Ranaut will only be the host of season 2. Also, there are slight changes in the Jailor. Yet, we have to get any confirmed news about Karan Kundra, but we heard that this time, the show has two jailors instead of one, and it also consists of 70 episodes like its previous season. 

Other than this, we will also hear that the winner prices of Lock Upp Season 2 would be higher than that of the previous one, that is, it is higher than the 20 Lakh, and the winner may also get a brand new car.

Along with that, we have also mentioned the estimated list of a few participants above. But the list is yet to be disclosed from the makers’ side.

Where to Watch Lock Upp Series?

Here we have good news for all the Lock Upp fans: from the second season onwards, the show will appear on national television, and Ekta Kapoor will handle it; also, you can watch Lock Upp season 1 on an Alt Balaji and MX Players OTT Platform. 

Lock Upp Season 2 Release Date:

As of now, it is believed that Lock Upp season 2 will be released by the mid of 2023. But the makers still need to confirm something related to the same.

Although, there may be a chance to decrease the number of contestants from 19 to 17. So, let’s wait and watch until further information arrives from its production team members.

LockUpp Season 2 Latest Updates (2023):

LockUpp is a reality Show like The Big Boss, and season 1 of the show has received huge success and fame from their audiences. The show was created by a well-known producer Ekta Kapoor, and the host Kangana Renault in a top talk when it comes to LockUpp Season 1.

LockUpp season 1 ended with its first-ever winner Munawar Faruqui, a stand-up comedy artist. After the ending of season 1, the fans eagerly waited to watch season 2, which was first released on May 2023; but for some reason, the release date of season 2 will be postponed. 

As per some of the sources, they believe that the main reason behind the date postponed as the script of the show has some copyright issues, and now it will be released by July.


Who is the contestant of Lock Up 2?

If we talk about the contestant of the upcoming show, Lock Upp Season 2, fans are believed to get a chance to see Soundarya Sharma, Umar Riaz, Emiway Bantai, and more, but the other name is yet to disclose.

Who is the King of Lock Upp?

Lock Upp is one of India’s most competitive reality shows, hosted by Kangana Ranaut and funded by Ekta Kapoor, Munawar Faruqui, the king of the show, and a well-known stand-up comedian.

Who is the Second Runner-Up of the Lock Upp Winner Season?

Anjali Arora, the fame of Kachha-Badam, stands in the second position for show runner-p, after Payal. 

How Many Votes are in a Lockupp?

LockUpp season 1 winner, Munawar Faruqui, beats Payal Rohtagi and Anjali Arora with an additional 18Lakh Votes.

When will Lockup Season 2 Start?

According to a few sources, the release date of LockUpp season 2 will be 31st March 2023. But it’s a rumor only; the show’s final release date will announce soon. 

Lock Upp Season 2 Trailer:

As already shared in this article, we haven’t received further information regarding the release date, even for the trailer. I hope the fans do not have to wait so long to watch their favorite contestant.

Until then, you can watch the trailer of Lock Upp Season 1, which links are shared above. 

Final Words:

Lock Upp is one of the competitive reality shows in India, hosted by one of the brilliant actresses of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut. The first season of the Lock Upp series had 19 participants, consisting of 70 episodes in them. In this show, we saw that all the participants were fighting with each other to earn the necessary facilities by performing various challenging tasks. 

Now, after the completion of Lock Upp Season 1, fans are eagerly waiting to watch its upcoming season, that is, Lock Upp season 2, which will be released soon by the end of 2023. 

Not only that, but there might be some slight changes in the upcoming season of the lock Upp, such as it has two jailors instead of one, and the number of contestants will also be less than that of the previous season.

So, check this website regularly to get updated with the latest information about fantasy series and shows. And if you have any suggestions, let us know in the comment section.