Jathi Ratnalu 2: Will Second Part Release?

Jathi Ratnalu 2: Will Second Part Release?

Jathi Ratnalu is the south Indian movie of the Indian film industry. They are making their film and release their film on the simply sound OTT app.

However, in today’s era, it is difficult to release the movie in the cinema hall and theater. The people are waiting to open the theater.

However, the directors and the movie makers are also waiting to open the theater for the public so that they can release their movie on the cinema, and the public can watch the movie. Right now, India is fighting with the second wave of the pandemic.

The cases are gradually increasing in the nation, so that the government has banned all the other activities of the nation like gyms, cinema halls, and theaters.

Jathi Ratnalu: Public Response and About Second Season

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the release date and shooting schedule of the movie named Jathi Ratnalu.

Jathi Rtnalu is a comedy south Indian movie of the film industry. The moviemakers have already released his movie on the cinema hall and OTT platform. The people are watching movies very eagerly.

This movie is winning the hearts of the people and the fans of the nation. The moviemakers make the movie named Jathi Ratnalu in the Tamil language. This movie is a Tamil movie, and all the people who know the Tamil language can watch this movie and enjoy the movie.

However, the people who are not knowing the Tamil language then they can also see this movie in the dubbed language. They can watch the movie on the online platform in the dubbed language.

However, this movie has made on a small budget. The movie director has made this comedy movie with a very low budget that is 4 crore in an Indian rupee.

However, when this movie is released, then the movie is getting the responses of the public, they are getting a huge success and making more money than its production. The director of the movie is Anudeep KV.

Anudeep KV has the signs to make the second part of the movie. The director also said that the second part of the movie would be named Jathi Ratnalu 2. However, it is not yet decided to keep this movie’s name in the second part.

The director just gives the signs of making the second part of the movie. After being successful in part 1, the director is making their mind on the other part of the movie.