Is “THE END” of the Wentworth Series confirmed?

Is “THE END” of the Wentworth Series confirmed?

The Australian television series Wentworth is among the most popular ever. The show created eight seasons and one hundred episodes. Naturally, there is more interest in the tenth season. But the possibility is considerably lower. 

On October 26, 2021, Season 9 (i.e. Season 8 second part) episode 9 was broadcast. But six months have passed with no information regarding the release date of Wentworth Season 10.

Wentworth is the most watched television show in Australia. The program ended after eight seasons and 100 episodes. Will Wentworth return for a tenth season? The tenth season has already earned a lot of curiosity from the audience.

The drama “Prisoner”, a classic television series that aired from 1979 to 1986, acts as Wentworth‘s inspiration. 

The Prisoner Australian modernity is the backdrop for Wentworth. It examines Bea Smith’s (Danielle Cormack) life as she adjusts to life in jail after being accused of trying to kill her husband.

Bea is taken away from her daughter and brought to Wentworth on remand, where she stays until she is convicted in an ambiguous dilemma.

The primary focus of the program is how she sustained in jail. Eight seasons and two sections later, in Season 9, Wentworth is a worldwide phenomenon. After 100 episodes, sadly, there might be fewer chances to watch a subsequent season.

Wentworth won’t have a second season.

Everything great eventually comes to an end. The issue also exists at Wentworth. The eighth season in 2021 saw the end of the program throughout the second half.

According to Foxtel’s announcement in October 2019, the long period web series that has so far shown 100 parts is the lengthiest series ever.

According to the news, the drama’s eighth season (with two parts) would be its final one. The viewers anticipating another season of the program could end their hopes.

Considering some fans, it may not be Season 9 or Season 10 of the show. The last section of the story served as a well-defined conclusion. The viewers well received the finale.

In terms of ratings, Wentworth is fantastic. It has an 8.7/10 average rating and an IMDB popularity score of 608.

Date Announced

There is currently no way to see the season ten premiere of Wentworth because season nine ended prematurely. The most likely moment for a resurrection or reunion of the show is late 2023 or early 2024.


The drama storyline of the program acquired a devoted audience. The drama theme of the program has dramatically increased its appeal. If you like to experience dramatic, humorous, and suspenseful television, Wentworth is a must-watch. It’s worthwhile to watch.