How To Watch Monday Night Football For Free

How To Watch Monday Night Football For Free

Monday Night Football is popularly known as MNF for the National Football League. Since the MNF games took over the world in 2006, millions of fans are always ready to binge-watch heart-throbbing football matches. 

However, only some people like to spend vast amounts of money on cables, and no matter how much you have affection for Monday Night Football, you can only watch some of the MNF games on football grounds. So, how can you watch Monday Night Football for free? Let’s explore this. 

Is It Possible To Watch Monday Night Football For Free?

Before moving ahead with the ‘How To’ steps, let’s first clear the most common question, ‘Is It Possible To Watch Monday Night Football For Completely Free?’ So, the answer is Yes! You can stream all the matches of MNF games at more convenient prices without spending a penny on unnecessary programs.

The most affordable and easy way to watch Monday Night Football online is to access live TV streaming services that hold ESPN and ABC. Here, you can consider DirecTV Stream. 

How To Watch Monday Night Football? – Without Connecting the Cable

Over the past couple of years, ESPN has been regarded as one of the prime sources of Monday Night Football games, and millions of spectators like to watch the MNF games on ESPN. Not only that, but you can also watch some games on ABC and ESPN+ networks. 

Below, we have added a few names of those streaming service platforms that carry ESPN and ABC, which will help you line up your favorite MNF games. 

  • Monday Night Football Via DirecTV Stream 

If you are ever in a dilemma about choosing the right streaming platform for your MNF games, DirecTV Stream can be your one-stop shop. 

Apart from ABC and ESPN networks, DirecTV also includes a variety of live channels that foster your viewing experience. 

Initially, you can use it as a free trial for five days, and after the completion of it, it will cost you around $99.99 a month. 

  • Monday Night Football Via fuboTV

Apart from the DirecTV Stream, you can also check out another excellent streaming service channel, fubo TV. This platform is known as one of the most affordable streaming channels. Similar to DirecTV, fubo TV also includes ESPN and ABC networks. 

On the one hand, DirecTV Stream costs you $99.99. Here, you will need only 79.99 a month to get a premium experience of MNF games.  Moreover, you can access Fubo TV for seven days as a free trial. 

  • Monday Night Football Via Sling TV 

Sling TV offers you the most pocket-friendly package compared to DirecTV Streams and Fubo TV. It’s Orange and Blue packages will give you the best experience to watch Monday Night Football games. 

Like the streaming services mentioned above, Sling also offers approximately 46 TV channels, including ESPN and ABC, to watch Monday Night Football games easily.

Here’s How You Can Watch Monday Night Football Games For Free

The 2023-2024 season of Monday Night Football programs will kick off in New York on September 11, 2023. This MNF game will premiere at Jets at approximately 8:15 p.m. on channels like ESPN, ABC, and ESPN+ Networks. 

Ever since the management confirmed the Monday Night Football Games dates, millions of sports enthusiasts can’t keep calm to watch the MNF games. Before proceeding with the freebies, use the free trials that DirecTV Streams and Fubo TV offer. Here, you can watch a couple of live streams of Monday Night Football games with the help of five and seven days of free trials. 

Final Thoughts

So, here is the ending section of this article, and now you have complete info about How to watch Monday Night Football games for free. So what are you waiting for? Head to streaming services like DirecTV, Slings, or fuboTV and watch the MNF games. 

Access the free trial version and pay fees to access the channels completely. Moreover, Yahoo Sports also has an official agreement with the NFL. Therefore, you will need to install the Yahoo Application. What else do you need? Enjoy Monday Night Football games to the fullest and comment down the names of your favorite teams and players. 


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