Hanna Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot – The Latest Update

Hanna Season 3

Hanna Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot – The Latest Update.

Hanna is an action drama tv series. The series Hanna Season 3 was announced by Amazon Prime Video in July 2020.

Hanna Season 1 was released on 3rd February 2019, and the second season was released on 29th March 2019. Hanna Season 2 was ended with a cliffhanger. Let’s get the details about Hanna Season 3.

Hanna Season 3:

The series Hanna is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. Hanna Season 3 will also be released on Amazon Prime Video.

The story of the series Hanna follows a 15-year-old girl Hanna. The series Hanna Season 1 and 2 includes 8 episodes each, and maybe Hanna Season 3 will also include 8 episodes.

At the end of Hanna Season 2, we have seen that Carmichael reaches Barcelona by following Gelder’s murder. Hanna, Kat, and Clara hide in a villa on the hillside.

To recover the target list of Gelder, Hanna goes to the hotel again. At this time, Marissa helps her, and at last, Hanna tells Clara to reunite with her mother.

So, the story of Hanna Season 2 will be continued in Hanna Season 3. There is no official update about the cast members of Hanna Season 2. Let’s discuss the expected cast of Hanna Season 3.

Hanna Season 3 Cast:

  1. Esme Creed-Miles as Hanna
  2. Mireille Enos as Marissa Wiegler
  3. Joel Kinnaman as Erik Heller
  4. Noah Taylor as Dr. Roland Kunek
  5. Dermot Mulroney as John Carmichael
  6. Anthony Welsh as Leo Garner
  7. Katie Clarkson Hill as Joanne McCoy
  8. Cherrelle Skeete as Terri Miller
  9. Gianna Kiehl as Jules Allen
  10. Emma D’Arcy as Sonia Richter
  11. Yasmin Monet Prince as Girl 249
  12. Aine Rose Daly as Girl 242

David Farr created this series, Hanna. It is based on the film Hanna by Seth Lochhead and David Farr. It was released in 2011.

Hugh Warren produced the series Hanna. David Farr, Scott Nemes, JoAnn Alfano, Tom Coan, Andrew Woodhead, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Marty Adelstein, and Becky Clements were the executive producers of the series Hanna.

Dana Gonzales did the cinematography, and Morten Hojbjerg completed the editing of the series Hanna. Each episode of the series Hanna ranges between 47 to 55 minutes.

The series Hanna was made under NBCUniversal International Studios, Tomorrow Studios, Working Title Television, Focus Features, and Amazon Studios. Amazon Prime Video distributed it.

Hanna Season 1 was written by David Farr and Ingeborg Topsoe. It was directed by Sarah Adina Smith, Jon Jones, Amy Neil, and Anders Engstrom.

Hanna Season 2 was written by David Farr, Paul Waters, Laura Lomas, Nina Segal, and Charlotte Hamblin. It was directed by Eva Husson, Ugla Hauksdottir, and David Farr.

Find the trailer of the series Hanna Season 2 below.

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