From Season 2 – A Town of Mysteries Cast, Release Date, Plot And much more

From Season 2 A Town of Mysteries

Do you believe in ghosts? Yes, you are thinking right about what an irrelevant question it is, but it makes sense and is relevant in FROM web series. If you love watching horror movies or web series, then FROM will be a perfect fit.

The stunning story of this series will make you love and even binge-watch this fantastic masterpiece. The insider’s report states that Season 2 Premier of From is slated for early 2023.

Wow! That’s fantastic news about the release of the new season of From.

Let’s know more about this series and more possible release dates for From Season 2

From Season 2 Background story

From is set in a universe where a forest surrounds a town in the middle of America. New people who enter the city get trapped without knowing the dangers of the woods. The residents there try to maintain normalcy & find a way out of town.

From Season 2 Cast

Here is the list of the actors who worked in this series. The names for them with the character that they played are mentioned below:->

1) Scott McCord

  • Character Played: ->Victor

2) Harold Perrineau

  • Character Played: ->Boyd Stevens

3) Catalina Sandino Moreno

  • Character Played: ->Tabitha Matthews

4) Eion Bailey

  • Character Played: ->Jim Matthews

5) David Alpay

  • Character Played: ->Jade

6) Elizabeth Saunders

  • Character Played:->Donna

7) Ricky He

  • Character Played: ->Kenny

8) Chloe Van Landschoot

  • Character Played:-> Kristi

9) Pegah Ghafoori

  • Character Played: ->Fatima

10) Corteon Moore

  • Character Played:->Ellis

11) Hannah Cheramy

  • Character Played: ->Julie Matthews

12) Simon Webster

  • Character Played: ->Ethan Matthews

13) Avery Konrad

  • Character Played: ->Sara Myers

14) Elizabeth Moy

  • Character Played: ->Tian Chen Liu

People’s Choice

The public positively reviewed the series both in the US and worldwide. The ratings of From are 7 out of 10 on IMDB, which shows that people love the series. 

How is From Different?

From is different as the concept of getting trapped in a town surrounded by forests of various mysteries makes the series unique from its other competitor horror web series.

Possible Release of Season 2

On checking on IMDB, we learned that the series production is in progress, but it’s still not official whether we will be able to watch the new season of From in early 2023’s. The fans on YouTube release many teasers or trailers, but the release date is unclear.

Wrapping Up

From the above details, we know that it’s not confirmed yet whether the new season of From will get released or not. Till then, enjoy the first season of this series.