Netflix K-Drama Chicken Nugget Release Date, Cast Members, Trailer, Storyline – Everything You Need to Know

Netflix K-Drama Chicken Nugget Release Date, Cast Members, Trailer, Storyline – Everything You Need to Know

Netflix is all set to release one more comedy K-drama Chicken Nugget. The South Korean drama stars Kim Yoo Jung in the lead role. She is one of the most popular K-pop stars and fans love her. Let’s take a closer look at all the details related to the Chicken Nugget. 

K-Drama Chicken Nugget Release Date

Netflix will be announcing the Chicken Nugget release date soon, as the series is almost ready to be released. As the series has so many popular cast members playing various roles, fans have been looking forward to the release date.

They will have to wait a bit as the series has not yet got an official release date. The expected release date is early 2023, but it will still take at least a few months. For that too, fans will have to wait until the release of the upcoming K-drama Chicken Nugget.

The makers of the show will be releasing details for the series along with the official schedule of the release. Fans need to keep on visiting the official website along with social media profiles. They can get all the latest news and notifications regarding the series from there. 

Chicken Nugget Trailer Release

As of now, there is no official trailer for the upcoming Korean drama Chicken Nugget. The trailer will be released soon, followed by the teaser for the upcoming series.

When the official trailer is released, we will be getting the release date for the series. Because the trailer itself will be containing details regarding the Chicken Nugget release date details. 

When a trailer is released, fans can get to know so many details regarding the upcoming series. There are so many fans across the world, who keep on waiting for some new K-dramas to be released.

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Such K-drama lovers have been patiently waiting and for the past few days, Netflix has been releasing a number of K-dramas and their titles. 

For that, fans are quite excited and can not wait any longer for the official trailer to be released. Not just that, such K-dramas have many popular actors playing lead roles in the series.

They are one of the key features that make such dramas go popular in many countries. Later onwards, they are dubbed in multiple languages. 

Chicken Nugget Cast Members

  • Kim Yoo Jung as Choi Min Ah
  • Ryu Seung Ryong as Choi Seon Man
  • Ahn Jae Hong as Ko Baek Joong

Leading Cast Members of the Series

Kim Yoo Jung

She is one of the most popular South Korean actresses and has played so many roles in different films as well as television series. Her roles in the television series Moon Embracing the Sun, Golden Rainbow, May Queen, Secret Door, and Angry Mom gained her more popularity.

Her popular movies include Circle of Atonement, Commitment, and many more. She was nominated as Best New Actress for her role in Thread of Lies. She played the role of Kim Hwa-Yeon and was released in 2014. 

Her first leading role was in the popular romantic drama series Love in the Moonlight. Another romantic film Because I Love You was also one of the popular ones. Her other popular roles were in Clean with Passion for Now, Backstreet Rooie, Lovers of the Red Sky, The 8th Night, and more. 

Ryu Seung Ryong

He is an experienced South Korean actor who has been working since so many years in the industry. He has played many types of roles in different types of films, television series, and dramas. His role in the film Miracle in Cell No. 7 became the third highest-grossing Korean film of all time and gained him global popularity.

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His other role in the Extreme Job film was also quite popular. And that too became the second highest-grossing film of all time in South Korea. 

Soon he became the very first Korean actor to be in four movies which draw more than 10 million viewers for each film. His other works include films such as Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Rio 2, The Target, Five Senses of Love, The Piper, The Book of Fish, Perhaps Love, Life Is Beautiful, and many more. 

Ahn Jae Hong

He is one of the popular South Koren actors who has worked in many dramas and films. He started his acting career in 1996 and has been working for a long time. His other films include Happy Birthday to Me, Lemon Time, The King of Jokgu, Chatter, The Day He Arrives, Red Carpet, Miss The Train, Twenty, Coin Locker Girl, Grass, Miss, and Mrs. Cops, Time to Hunt, Rebound and many more.

He even worked in many television series such as Reply 1988, Be Melodramatic, Fight for My Way, and more. Web series works of Ahn Jae Hong include Kingdom, Flirty Boy and Girl, Prominent Woman, and more. 

Chicken Nugget Storyline

The story of the series Chicken Nugget revolves around the leading character Choi Min Ah, played by Kim Yoo Jung. She gets into a machine but accidentally turns into a fried chicken i.e. Chicken Nugget. To get her back into her original human form, her father – played by Choi Sun Man as well as an intern Go Baek Jung played by Ahn Jae Hong.

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Both of them are trying hard to get her back into her human form. Go Baek Jung happens to be secretly in love with Choi Min Ah. That is the reason why he has been helping her father to get her back. 

The story of this series seems like an interesting plot as it contains so many diverse elements in the plot. Also, when the synopsis of the series says there is a “machine” it seems quite a unique concept. Her father is obviously worried about her because they are unsure about her current state and are worried about how to get her back.

With him is one of these interns, who accidentally happens to be in love with her, but no one else knows about it. It will be exciting to see how they are getting her back. 

Where to Watch K-Drama Chicken Nugget?

The series will be released on Netflix, and soon we will get the official release date for the same. There is a number of fans who have been waiting for the Chicken Nugget release. The release date will be shared through various social media accounts of the series. 

To watch the upcoming K-drama Chicken Nugget, keep in touch with all the official sources of the series. Because they will be amongst the very first to confirm as well as release the latest news and notifications regarding the series.

Also, we will get more details related to the series along with the Chicken Nugget official trailer.