Edens Zero coming to Netflix – All you need to know

Edens Zero coming to Netflix – All you need to know

Here’s what we know about Eden’s Zero by Hiro Mashima, a well-known manga creator, who gave us some popular series like Rave Masters, it’s spin-off Monster Hunter called Monster Hunter Orage, and most famously, Fairy Tail.

The story of Eden’s Zero follows a young boy who lives in an abandoned amusement park that has lost all its shine. Instead, the little boy ‘Shiki’ spends his life surrounded by machines and animatronics.

His fate changes when he encounters Rebecca and her cat companion, making his first human encounter in 100 years.

Edens Zero releasing on Netflix

A sudden twist of events makes the abandoned amusement park home for robotic rebellion in this warzone, and it becomes increasingly difficult for him to stay and live.

So he leaves his home with Rebecca and travels to space in their spaceship to continue living a happy life.

There has been no confirmation regarding the English dub version. Still, the Japanese dub version has many artists, including Akuma Terashima and Rebecca Bluegarden, who play Shiki Granbell by Mikako Komatsu, and additional characters like Homura Kougetsu by Shiki Aoki and Weisz Steiner by Hiromichi Tezuka.

In addition, many actors will play Happy, E.M. Pino, Elsie Crimson, Ziggy, and Mother.

The Edens Zero anime series will launch globally via Netflix on Thursday, August 26. All episodes will be released simultaneously, but people are still unsure about the number of episodes. Although according to some people, it can be between 24 to 28 episodes.

Is it worth waiting? Yes, it is. Eden Zero is an action-based science fiction that is original, fresh, and, most importantly, simple.

It has loads of underlying concepts and backstories that will take the audience by storm as the story progresses. The story is crafted well, and the show is definitely worth waiting for.

The show was released in Japan first. However, Netflix later acquired the right to release it on their platform, making it available for global fans.