Harry Styles Shocks Everyone With His Latest “Olivia” Tattoo After Breaking UP with Olivia Wilde

Harry Styles Shocks Everyone With His Latest “Olivia” Tattoo After Breaking UP with Olivia Wilde

There were rumors that Harry Styles and his girlfriend actress Olivia Wilde mutually broke up a few months ago, and now he was photographed with a new “Olivia” tattoo on his right thigh. Fans are more confused than ever. Because he broke up with Olivia and didn’t seem like a guy who would get name tattoos, even after a breakup. Still, some fans on the internet are justifying this by saying that, after all, he is human with emotions. 

What is the Latest Tattoo?

Watermelon Sugar singer Harry Styles was recently spotted with his friends on a boat in Italy on 28th July 2023. Many of his friends were present, including Victoria’s Secret Model Jacquelyn Jablonski and her partner Xander Ritz, Late Late Show host James Corden and his wife, Julia Carey. 

While enjoying their boat ride and swimming, Harry was seen wearing green shorts, and there was the new “Olivia” tattoo in Italian fonts. Just below that is a new tattoo that says, “colazione,” which means Breakfast in Italian. So, there’s that. There have been no official statements about this from the singer or his rep. 

Fans Are Defending Harry

Some fans rescued Harry right after the photographs circulated over various social media platforms. Some of them said the tattoo isn’t actually “Olivia,” but it says “Otivla,” which means “Don’t Give Up.” While some other fans said, so what if he got a tattoo of his ex’s name on his thigh, he is human, after all. He has emotions.

There are various different comments from different users. Also, some even said that the tattoo doesn’t remotely say Olivia but something else. Moreover, they will not believe it is an “Olivia” tattoo until they see it in an Ultra HD pic. 

Harry’s Break up With Olivia Wilde

Both of them started dating each other in January 2021, and their relationship came to an end in November 2022. It was a mutual decision, so they had no bad blood. They are good friends with each other, even still now. The actress and Harry had a pretty noticeable age difference, which is not something that Harry would mind. His previous dating history would suggest that he has dated women/actresses older than him, with significant years of difference in their age.