Choti Sardarni TV Serial Watch Full Episodes Online – Everyone is Shocked because of Meher’s Health Condition

Choti Sardarni

Choti Sardarni TV Serial Watch Full Episodes Online

Sarab finds the condition of Meher. So, he decides to meet with the doctor to talk about the medical condition of Meher.

Sarab planned to let everyone together and go to the doctor. Apart from that, kids pay the bill of the restaurant by guessing the pin of the card of Meher.

Choti Sardarni TV Serial Latest Episode

After that, Sarab sends a driver to pick up the kids. Meher does not know anything about it, and he thinks that the kids are at the school. So, she returns home.

Sarab calls Kulwant to come to Gill’s mansion. He wants to do some important discussion. So, Sarab gatherers all including Kulwant, Harleen, Robbie, and kids in the living area.

After that, the doctor starts to explain the mental condition of Meher or Meher’s amnesia. The doctor said that after some time, Meher will have mixed amnesia and her memory will become erratic.

Everyone gets shocked after knowing this. The main question is that how to deal with this.

Suddenly Meher arrives and everyone goes hide. If we get any update about the tv series Choti Sardarni, we will add it here.

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