Bump Season 4 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Members, and Everything You Need To know

Bump Season 4 Release Date, Storyline, Cast Members, and Everything You Need To know

Bump is an Australian Comedy series created by Kelsey Munro and Claudia Karvan. The series focuses on a teenage girl named Oly and her complicated lifestyle. Also, the series released its spin-off part with the title of Year Of on 9th June 2023. Also, the series earned a good rating from its fans, 7.1 out of 10. 

Bump Season 3 was released on 26th December 2022, with ten episodes. Then after releasing its spin-off part on 9th June 2023, the makers also announced the renewal news for its upcoming season, that is, for the Bump Season 4, have started its production work in July 2023. And we hope the viewer can see the first glimpse of the series season 4 by the end of 2023 or late mid-2024.

Thus, in this article, we share all the latest updates, including the Bump Season 4s release date, storyline, cast members, and more. 

Bump Season 4  Release Date:

As we discovered above, the series’ creators already announced the renewal of the Bump Series Season 4, and the production work related to the Bump Season 4 started in July 2023.

But yet, the creators have not shared any exact release date, which may be released by the end of 2023; or mid-2024. Still, we all have to wait a few more months to learn the exact release date of the Bump Season 4. 

Bump Series Storyline Overview:

Bump is one of the Australian Comedy drama series created by Kelsey Munro and Claudia Karvan. The series’ complete plot was mainly focused on a teenage girl Oly, who studied at Inner West High School of Sydney.

Oly was a very focused and ambitious student who achieved all her goals quickly; she was one of the brilliant students. But suddenly, the complete series takes a turn just after the born of an unexpected baby.

This scene completely changes everything in Oly’s life, and the situation is a bit difficult because, at that time, a conflict occurs between Olys and Maeve’s family. Thus, now the audiences were much excited to know what new will come with its Bump Season 4.

Bump Season 4  Expected Plot:

As already discussed above, Bump Season 4 is recently under production work, and so we are still determining the exact information about the same. But one thing is clear: season 4 starts with the same plot, whereas the makers ended season 3.

Also, the series’ upcoming season will bring new parenting challenges for Oly and Maeve; and will add more in Bump Season 4.

Bump Season 4  Cast Members:

We all know that whenever we hear any new season news, we first look towards the list of its cast members because we all have some connection with that star cast, which we have already seen since the last three seasons.

So a similar thing happens here; after the renewal news is announced, everyone is excited to know its cast members’ list. Still, on the other side, the makers yet not open up any suspense related to its cast member. Thus, we cannot provide the exact list of members, but the expected one is here, which is already mentioned below.

  • Claudia Karvan as Angie Davis
  • Nathalie Morris as Olympia ‘Oly’ Davis-Chalmers
  • Angus Sampson as Dom Chalmers
  • Carlos Sanson Jnr as Santiago ‘Santi’ Hernández
  • Safia Arain as Reema
  • Ava Cannon as Jacinda Hernandez Davis Chalmers
  • Miguel Andrade as Alejandro
  • Catalina Palma Godoy as Ángel
  • Ricardo Scheihing Vásquez as Matías Hernández
  • Paula García as Rosa Hernández
  • Peter Thurnwald as Lachie Koh
  • Ioane Saula as Vince Ingram
  • Sarah Meacham as Madison
  • Roman Delo as Zac Russo
  • Claudia de Giusti as Bernadita Hernández

Also, the makers may bring some new faces to expand the plot. 

Bump Season 4  List of Episodes:

The makers have just started working on the Bump Season 4, so they have yet to share further information.

Based on the three previous seasons of the series, we can easily estimate that the upcoming Bump season will also have ten episodes in it. 

Yet, until any further news arrives, here we have to present a list of episodes of its previous season, that is off, season 3, along with the episode guides so that the audiences will quickly get hints about the individual episodes’ plot. 

  • Episode 01: “First Day”
  • Episode 02: “Caring Gives You Cancer”
  • Episode 03: “Jellyfish”
  • Episode 04: “The Argentine”
  • Episode 05: “Feliz Dia de la Madre!”
  • Episode 06: “Can’t We Just Have A Few Nice Things”
  • Episode 07: “The Owl and the Pussycat”
  • Episode 08: “Love in the Time of Chaos”
  • Episode 09: “Parents of the Year”
  • Episode 10: “No Fairytales”

Bump Season 4  Production Member:

Bump is an Australian comedy series created by Kelsey Munro and Claudia Karvan, written by Timothy Lee, Kelsey Munro, Steven Arriagada, Jessica Tuckwell, and Mithila Gupta, and directed by Leticia Caceres, Geoff Bennett, and Gracie Otto. Also, the series has talented starring members, including Claudia Karvan, Angus Sampson, Nathalie Morris, and more.

Now, if we talk about the producer and executive producer of the series, we have Chris Chard as the executive producer of the Bump Series; and John Edwards, Claudia Karvan, and Daniel Edward as the producers of the Bump Series.

And the entire series took place under the shadow of Roadshow Rough Diamond Production company.

Apart from the details mentioned above, many more groups have given their 100% contribution towards the series’ success, including the editors, cinematographers, and more.

Where to Watch Bump Season 4?

Well, guys, those excited to watch the Bump Season 4s production work can visit their official streaming platform, i.e., on Stan, where the creators may give some of the video clips of its behind-scene preparation for the Bump Season 4.

And, if you are looking for the episodes, visit the Stan streaming platform, where all 30 episodes of the Bump series are available, and many more are on their way.

Bump Season 4 Trailer:

As of now, we all know that the production work of the Bump Season 4 was started in July 2023, so we cannot share any further teaser or trailer video for the same.

But not to worry here, as we have shared a link to the Bump Season 3s trailer with the hope that you all will enjoy watching it. Also, we will soon update the teaser or trailer video of its forthcoming season once it gets officially released.

Final Words:

So finally, guys, our wait is over now, as the makers confirmed the news of the happenings of Bump Season 4 and also stated in an interview that they had already started the production work of the series by July 2023.

This news doubled their fan’s excitement, as now they were expecting more from its upcoming season. Also, here in this article, we have shared all the latest updates about the Bump Season 4, including the release date, star casts lists, related to its episodes, and more.

Still, we are looking to get some latest information about its exact release date, which is yet to reveal from their official sites. But we will surely share it with you guys. 

Until then, enjoy watching the previous season of the Bump Series, and stay connected to our website to get to know all the latest and relevant information about the upcoming seasons and series. And if you find any queries, comment on our website comment section; thank You.