Bollywood stars’ Instagram game shows off in their earnings!

Gone are the days when Bollywood actors had just reel-life stardom. Now, with social media platforms being a part of everyone’s lives, their presence in social media plays a major role in creating their image too.

Of course, like everything associated with being a star, they get their due credits for maintaining their celeb status on these social media platforms too as brands are ready to pay them more than handsomely for promotions.

This way, apart from the usual television, print, and voice-over advertisements, platforms like Instagram became a source of income for the Bollywood stars just for being a celebrity and the promotions they do through it.

The Bollywood queens and kings on Instagram

Bollywood stardom is not directly proportional to the number of followers or earnings the celebrities have on Instagram.

Priyanka Chopra is the highest-paid Bollywood celeb on Instagram with estimated earnings of Rs 13,569,102 from the platform. With a follower count of 53,700,000 and net worth of Rs.215.38 crores, the Desi girl’s presence after she won people’s hearts around the globe pushed her Instagram worth, making brands go gaga over her.

The queens of Bollywood are one step up when their Instagram earning are concerned. PeeCee is followed by Deepika Padukone earning around Rs. 12,447,711 and then Alia Bhatt touching Rs. 12,268,917. Both these actresses have a good engagement rate of 3.75% and 5.11% respectively, which actually surpasses Chopra’s 2.29%.

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Shraddha Kapoor with Rs. 11,891,513 as estimated Instagram earnings took the fourth position while Jacqueline Fernandez completes the top five by earning around Rs. 10,609,999.

Akshay Kumar leads the Instagram earnings among Bollywood’s male stars as he stands on the 6th position with Rs. 10,242,122 in his pockets. He has 40,500,000 followers, much more than his male contemporaries again.

Neha Kakkar, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, and Sunny Leone finishes off the top 10 list of the Bollywood stars’ Instagram earnings. Neha Kakkar’s lower net worth compared to the other members on the list did not evidently stop brands from approaching her as her social media presence has always enthralled the fans.

However, the question remains: what about the King of Bollywood?

With several 100 crore-club movies to his name and dedicated fans all over the world, Shah Rukh Khan has a whopping net worth of Rs.4200 crores. The star’s Instagram presence is not as impressive. He has amassed 21,800,000 followers, which helped him earn Rs.5,523,882 via the social media platform.

Akshay Kumar’s leading position among the male Bollywood celebs is seconded by Salman Khan whose earnings from Instagram is approximately Rs.8,535,342.

Actors from the newer generation took over the other positions of the top five in this category. Ranveer Singh enjoyed adding Rs.8,117,012 to his total earnings, thanks to Instagram while Varun Dhawan coveted the fourth position in the all-male list by earning Rs. 7,447,104 via the social media platform and Shahid Kapoor estimated addition of Rs. 6,997,101 allowed him to be on the fifth spot.

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It is only then we get to see the King Khan on this particular list. Further, familiar names like John Abraham, Abhishek Bachchan, Farhan Akhtar, and Arjun Rampal finishes off the top 10 of Bollywood male celebrities’ rich list as per their Instagram earnings.

This infographic from Betway gives a position-wise breakdown of each Bollywood star along with their stats on Instagram and their net worth.

The estimation was done based on multiple factors and information from various sources like Wikipedia, BoxOffice India, Bollywood Hungama, etc. The actors’ visibility on Instagram depends on the time and engagement they attribute to the social media platform, which is why some of the big names in Bollywood did not win big in this list.

In the age of influencer marketing, most celebrities naturally become a part of the marketing strategies of multiple brands. Therefore, chances are that if your favourite Bollywood star ‘loves’ a particular drink (for example) as per their Instagram posts, their pockets are being treated well too!

The original infographic was created by The Insider.