5 Reasons Why Aluminium Doors And Windows Are Better Than uPVC For Your Homes

A complete home makeover demands skillful renovation and conscious remodeling. Doors and windows play an instrumental role in shaping the appearance of your home and it’s overall aesthetics. By choosing immaculate doors and windows, you can revolutionize your home and add personality to it.

If you are planning to replace your current doors and windows with new ones, you’re in the right place. If you are torn between aluminium and uPVC doors and windows, this blog is here to help.

Read on to learn all about aluminium and uPVC doors and windows, and the top 5 reasons that make aluminium doors and windows the better choice between the two.

What are aluminium doors and windows?

A door and window that is partly or fully made of aluminium can be fittingly described as an aluminium door and window. The sashes, panels, and stiles of these doors and windows are engineered using aluminium. Since aluminium is immune to corrosion and features anti-rusting properties, doors and windows made from this metal tend to be more durable and long lasting.

What are uPVC doors and windows?

Doors and windows made of uPVC material are called a uPVC door and window. uPVC is the short form of Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. It is an additive-free plastic that is incredibly famous among most homeowners due to its high affordability. Despite their budget-friendliness, uPVC doors and windows are losing their popularity due to it’s low durability and aversion to frequent wear & tear – thus requiring more spend on upkeep & maintenance.

Why you should choose Aluminium over PVC Doors and Windows:

In this article, we have covered the top 5 reasons why you should choose aluminium door and window designs over uPVC doors and windows:

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Aluminium Doors & Windows are Highly Durable & Corrosion-Free:

Aluminium is immune to rust and corrosion. It comes with the ability to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. In other words, the shell life of aluminium far transcends uPVC doors and windows.

On the other hand, uPVC systems require periodic replacement and frequent upkeep. Because it is made of plastic, these doors and windows aren’t very reliable and the shell life is also low. In other words, aluminium doors and windows are long-lasting while uPVC doors and windows are not.

If you’re looking for a sturdy housing solution, choose aluminium doors and windows as they enjoy an uncontested advantage over uPVC doors and windows in terms of durability and longevity.

Aluminium Doors & Windows are more energy-efficient than uPVC systems:

The inherent thermal insulating property of aluminium doors and windows enables it to protect your home from heat loss in colder months. Since aluminium housing systems feature an innate potential to contain or trap the indoor heating of your homes, your home remains warm and you save money on electricity bills when you install aluminium doors and windows.

On comparing thermal efficiency, aluminium proves to be sturdier than uPVC. This does not automatically mean that uPVC doors and windows do not provide thermal insulation. But what this does mean is that aluminium enjoys an uncontested thermal insulating advantage over uPVC systems. Made of metal, they’re better and more efficient at trapping heat within the indoor spaces of your home.

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Aluminium Doors & Windows are more cost-effective than uPVC in the long run:

Most of us assume that aluminium is expensive, especially when compared to the cost of uPVC doors and windows, which tend to be much cheaper. However, when we critically compare both in terms of upfront and additional incurred costs, aluminium door and window systems tend to be more cost-effective in the long run.

The cost of a product is not just about its immediate market price. For example, LED lights are much more expensive than conventional light bulbs. However, due to its energy saving efficiency, LED lights tend to be more fiscally feasible in the long run as it dramatically reduces your electricity bills.

Similarly, while aluminium doors and windows are more expensive than uPVC, they also save you more money in the long run. The longevity of aluminium ensures that any aluminium door and window far outlives any uPVC door or window you may consider buying.  Unlike uPVC doors and windows, they do not chip away or break easily (if at all), meaning that the need to spend money on upkeep and maintenance is dramatically low or next to nonexistent when you buy aluminium doors and windows.

Aluminium Doors & Windows are better at protecting your home from intruders than uPVC Door 7 Window Systems: 

Aluminium is a metal while uPVC is plastic. Any intruder will struggle to break into your home when you install aluminium doors and windows because of the inherent strength of the aluminium metal. On the contrary, installing uPVC doors and windows do not come with the same sense of security due to the simple reason that they’re not as sturdy and more easier to knock down on using blunt force.

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In other words, aluminium doors and windows do a remarkable job at protecting your home from intruders and break-ins. When comparing the security aspect, aluminium doors and windows prove to be a much sturdier and safer housing product than uPVC systems.

Aluminium Doors & Windows are recycle-friendly:

Last but not the least, aluminium doors and windows are a more eco-friendly choice of housing solution than uPVC systems can ever hope to be.

Firstly, aluminium is eco-friendly and can be recycled up to 10 times without losing its value. On the contrary, uPVC, being a form of plastic, is non-biodegradable and cannot be easily recycled. When comparing the environment-friendliness of both materials, aluminium beats uPVc anyday.

Secondly, aluminium is non-toxic and fire-proof, thus preventing unnecessary pollution to the environment. On the contrary, uPVC can easily catch fire and release toxic fumes in the air.


In this blog, we have highlighted the obvious advantages of choosing aluminium doors and windows over uPVC doors and windows. If you are looking for trusted online retailers of aluminium door and window systems, check out the official website of TOSTEM INDIA. They’re the leading Japanese brand for housing materials and enjoy an uncontested reputation in the door and window manufacturing industry.

All TOSTEM aluminium windows and doors come with the quality assurance of Japanese, British, and American manufacturing standards, thus ensuring unmatched product quality and performance.