Tamil Movies Download – Top 8 Free Online Streaming sites similar


Tamil Movies Download: Top 8 Free Online Streaming sites similar:

Most people are considering watching movies and their favorite TV shows in their free time. This is the reason behind the arrival of websites that are created to serve people with access to their favorite movies and TV shows. There are so many websites available over the internet that claims to provide free entertainment content like movies, web series, tv shows, documentaries, events, awards, and much more.

But some of the websites that are available over the internet are fake as they serve the audience with tons of ads and malware. So you need to have all the essential information about the website before you are going to visit it.

Today, we are going to talk about one such website and you may have heard the name of this one as it is one of the most popular websites. The website name that you have surely heard of is Tamil Movies Download.


When we are talking about one of the most popular and well-known movie downloading websites, one thing is sure that everything will be categorized. There are so many things that you will be curious to know about Tamil Movies Download. That is the reason why we are going to cover all the essential details in this article. 

Most users will know about what Tamil Movies Download offers and how they can download movies or web series for free. But all those people who do not have any clue about the website must go through this website. Let us now move forward to know more about Tamil Movies Download – Movie & web shows downloading website. 

Tamil Movies Download – Watch Online

Tamil Movies Download is an online platform that was specifically created for entertaining people by means of providing them access to unlimited movies and TV shows.

The website is up and running smoothly and it has been gaining popularity ever since it was first created back in 2015. With the overgrowing followers and supporters worldwide, the Tamil Movies Download website became well known among movie junkies and TV show lovers.

One of the best things about the website is its huge collection of movies and series that people can stream for free on the website for free. When you will not have to worry about anything if you want to know everything about the website as we are going to provide you every little information about it.

You must have to note that all the entertainment content that is available on the website is pirated as Tamil Movies Download does not have copyrights on it.

Tamil Movies Download is basically an online platform that is offering its users a wide variety of movies or tv shows. The website does not hold any kind of right to the movie or tv shows it is offering to its users. But the website is holding some alternative domains through which the user can download and watch their favorite movies online.

Without any hassle, you can be able to find your favorite movies and interesting web series. Enjoy watching and downloading various movies and shows for free from the Tamil Movies Download website easily. 

Is It Legal to use Tamil Movies Download?

As Tamil Movies Download does not have any kind of copyright over the content that is uploaded over its website, the website has been declared as a pirated one by the government official. So it is totally illegal as well as unsafe to use the 123Movies website for streaming your favorite movies and TV shows for free.

The website has a huge collection of movies and other entertainment content and so it does not host any of the content that is available to stream on the website.

The website only directs the users through the links to the other pirated websites that provide them illegal access to stream movies for free.

Whenever any new user will click on any download link while navigating through the Tamil Movies Download website, it is sure that the website will direct you to the webpage from where you can download the specific movie that you are searching for. You will just have to remember that the 123Movies website is going to provide you access to download thousands of movies, but illegally.

As the Tamil Movies Download website is illegal, you will just have to keep in mind that you should be careful while using such websites. Some people are not using such pirated or illegal websites while some people are using them to download various movies. 

Recently many users have stopped using the Tamil Movies Download movies due to the annoying ads and vulgar websites that keep on popping up every time you click on the website. So you must not visit such illegal and pirated websites like 123Movies.

There are so many people who may assure you that using or downloading from illegal or pirated websites is safe. But let me tell you one thing if you are going to visit such pirated websites then you will be putting your security and safety at stake.

There will definitely be something at stake when you are using such illegal websites. That is the reason why we are recommending you should avoid the usage of illegal or pirated websites as much as possible. 

Tamil Movies Download Special note on online safety and privacy:

The major thing to remember when we are streaming these online sites, that they come with a variety of risks to your smartphones. This can be a bigger problem in the future because it can damage your smartphones and your personal data.

Because many sites are created to destroy your personal/financial information. So, you have to take care while streaming such sites.

There is always a solution for every problem and in this, you can always prevent such precautions through a VPN connection. VPN software will prevent cyberattacks and also there will not be any browsing history or tracking of your location.

You also have to take care of ads and pop-ups because these websites are full of annoying advertisement which can distract you from your recent activity.

Some people may like the advertisements while some users may get irritated with the abusive pop-ups that may come out of nowhere. There are some websites that may direct the users when they are going to click on the pop-ups. That is the reason why we are suggesting that all the users should avoid using or accessing such pirated or illegal websites. 

It will be beneficial for all the users to access legitimate and legal websites that are offering entertainment content. Not only will it be safe to download the movies and web series but also it will secure when you are watching such interesting or exciting shows online on the trusted websites or online platforms. 

How does Tamil Movies Download work?

The government official has banned the Tamil Movies Download website as it promotes and uploads pirated content over the website. So the main website of 123Movies, 123Movies.to,  is not accessible by the people over the internet.

Also, it will be illegal and unsafe to access such websites for streaming your favorite movies and TV shows. But still, the website is running smoothly and with impunity with the help of altering domain names and proxy links.

The proxy links will direct the users to the working website of Tamil Movies Download and so the website is away from the reach of government officials. Somehow, the website owners keep dodging and not getting caught by the authorities.

At this time, the active domain of the illegal piracy website 123Movies is 123movies2021.club. On the homepage, you will find the latest movies, television series, episodes, etc.

Also, there are three categories that help the user to find popular content. It includes Trending, Most Viewed, and Top IMDB.

The illegal piracy website Tamil Movies Download is best known for its vast collection of Hollywood movies and web series. On the piracy website 123Movies, you will find the latest Hollywood content in HD quality.

Recently, the piracy website Tamil Movies Download has leaked several movies and television series such as Wally’s Wonderland, Yes Day, The Dig, Palmer, The World to Come, Red Dot, The Dry, Tom and Jerry, Deadly Illusions, The Watch, WandaVision, Resident Alien, Bloodlands, Young Rock, Clarice, Walker, Debris, The Irregulars, Invincible, and many more.

The illegal piracy website Tamil Movies Download is very similar to the piracy website FMovies. If we look at the user interface of both websites, it looks similar to each other.

The illegal piracy website 123Movies was launched in 2015-16. The country of origin is Vietnam. The piracy website 123Movies is the most popular illegal site.

The piracy website 123Movies is still active after banning by many countries including India and the United States.

On the piracy website Tamil Movies Download, there is a massive collection of Hollywood movies, tv shows, and web series. It includes various tv shows such as Good Girls, Harrow, All American, The Simpsons, Aussie Gold Hunters, All Rise, Leonardo, etc.

Best Alternative Websites To 123Movies

You might want to have a look at the best alternative websites to 123Movies that people are using nowadays. We have enlisted here some of the most used alternative websites but you have to visit them at your own risks.


Putlocker is one of the leading alternative websites to Tamil Movies Download and it is popular among people for watching thousands of movies and other entertainment content for free. Also, both the websites share similar designs of logos, green, and gray color scheme.

Any person can easily find their favorite movies or TV shows with the help of the search box available on the website. Putlocker uploads all the content with high sound and picture quality.


One of the main reasons behind the Vumoo website being one of the most popular websites offering various kinds of entertainment content to the people is the large number of movies uploaded on the site.

The homepage of the website is so simple and you can locate the search box on the front. Within a few seconds, you can stream any specific movie for free online on the Vumoo website.

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If you want to visit an online platform where you can get all kinds of entertaining content for free then YesMovies is perfect for you.

When you will visit the website then you will know that it provides quality content to each and every user. All the movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other videos are available in various quality formats to stream. The website does not host the content uploaded on the website.


Whether you want to watch one of the oldest movie or one of the recently released movies, you will get it on the GoStream website. The website allows you to watch tons of movies from different languages and that too for free.

As there are so many people who love to watch the oldest movie, GoStream offers a wide platform to the users. It will be possible for you to watch your favorite movies on the GoStream website and that too without any hassle. It is sure that if you are going to choose GoStream then there is not a thing that you will have to worry about. Because you are going to find each and everything on the wide online platform. 

You will have an enjoyable and entertaining experience as there will be minimum ads on the GoStream website. It is one of the best places to visit in your free time.


It may not be necessary to provide information about FMovies as it is one of the oldest websites providing access to a great collection of movies and most popular TV shows. The website will offer its own player to the users streaming various movies online for free.

Also, you can control it with the keyboard switches which makes the website more enjoyable. FMovies has over a thousand visitors that love to access the website again and again.

In the field of entertainment majority, people love to watch movies on different platforms. With the facility of live streaming, people also prefer various programs such as web series. To have ease of access, there are some sites that offer highly efficient live streaming of movies.

One who loves to watch movies at his place at his own convenience can go for the same and enjoy the latest movies at his home only with the help of these sites.

The sad reality about online streaming websites is that one never knows when they are gone. There is no need to explore the internet and spend a lot of time finding the best replacements for 123Movies. To make things easier, have a look at our selection of the top 10 high-rated alternatives to Tamil Movies Download.

Here one can find various options that can help one to replace Tamil Movies Download. However, to find the right option as per their own choice, one needs to explore each of them.

Sony Crackle

For those who love to go for live streaming, this can be the best option for watching the latest movies and a number of series. The addition of movies and series can keep the zeal of watching them on this platform intact to the movie lovers.

Sony Crackle is a great substitute to Tamil Movies Download, which you can check yourself. It is a free online streaming website accessible in more than twenty countries across the world. You can explore both online movies & television series on this site. The user interface of this website is simple, yet splendid where you can watch all your desired movies hassle-free.

Since Sony Crackle is a product of Sony Entertainment, you can expect a countless number of movies from their Sony channels such as Sony Pictures. Sony Crackle provides diverse resolution support to the end-users, which makes watching a movie or a television show a delightful experience.

Sony Crackle covers a wide genre of movies on its website, and you won’t find any trouble in searching for the one that suits your taste. Similar to Tamil Movies Download, you can watch online shows on all devices, including Android, Apple & Smart television. Sony Crackle is in partnership with a number of large production studios.

Because it is a free online video streaming platform with no membership fee, the website supports itself by running short advertisements once in a while. This site is a must-try as it features a wide range of entertainment and Sony being the trustworthy name. It offers a huge video library and provides the content of high quality that can be watched clearly on big screens as well.


Movies25 is also one of the best alternatives for Tamil Movies Download. In order to use this website, you need to create a user account to verify your authenticity. It is the right platform for movie lovers who prefer to watch the movie with quality results.

This follows a simple method of registration that most sites have, and it will get you to the world of online entertainment. If you are an old movie lover, you will discover some great old movies on Movie25.

The database is loaded with thousands of video streaming content. You can choose your desired content and enjoy the experience. The website is user-friendly & easy to navigate. It is clean, and you will not find any annoying advertisements. The functions offered on the site are easy to understand and help the user to find the desired movie or program easily.

Movies25 offers online entertainment as per the style, most recently added, latest releases, and top-rated in alphabetical form. You can also filter movies in the order of the release year. You will be happy to know that Movies25 includes all the high-rated first-class Hollywood and Bollywood entertainment.

If you are a fan of Bollywood movies, you will surely not miss watching and downloading some of the best Bollywood movies. Thus, they focus on entertaining and engaging a large part of the world, which makes them the best alternative to Tamil Movies Download.

It is a proven fact that for movie lovers, this site can offer an excellent platform not only with a massive treasure of movies but also with attractive quality features.


This is another known platform in the arena of movie streaming and web series viewing. PopcornFlix is a fantastic option for Tamil Movies Download, and thousands of users access the website daily for free of cost entertainment. It is one of the most loved websites, like 123Movies. The site permits the users to access numerous videos & television series after registering an account.

The site is created by experts with all modern features required by users in mind, and hence the users can easily avail of the required program in a fraction of a second. It has a huge collection of various movies and programs that can help the user to have the ease of watching a program or movie of his choice.

PopcornFlix allows the users to discover entertainment according to their genre so that everybody can find their desired movie choice easily. Be it a thriller, an action movie, romantic, horror, or a drama; you will effortlessly find all areas of online entertainment.

You will find all the newest movies on this website as they update their database regularly. There are not many categories on this website, but the content provided is undoubtedly genuine. The site has an outstanding streaming quality that makes the user experience wonderful while watching a movie.

What makes PopcornFlix more popular among users is it supports both Android and IOS devices. Thus it becomes easy for users to access the site using their application on the phone.

Moreover, you will be delighted to know that this website is free from annoying advertisements that make it more popular among people. It is a useful service and helps across all platforms.  Go for it, if you want uninterrupted entertainment.


For movie lovers who want to live streaming experience, it is another important platform to enjoy the movies of their choice. Vumoo is considered as one of the best and cost-free alternatives to Tamil Movies Download. Though the website looks simple, it offers the best collection of movies, and the quality of the content is perfect.

The website is designed in a black and Maroon color combination, which looks impressive. The site is quite well organized and regularly updates its database to display new content. One can go for local language movies or any foreign language also as it is the platform with a vast collection of movies in different languages.

The website has a user-friendly interface, and even new users can easily access the site without any trouble. You can filter the movie of your choice using the search box. However, there are not many categories available on the site, but the quality of the content is fine.

The user can easily navigate to the page as the streaming is pretty stable. It is easy to explore design and grand features make it more reliable and useful compared to the rivals in this field.

There is no need to register an account to watch movies online. It provides good quality content free of cost. Most of the movies are available in high definition. Hence one can enjoy the desired movies without compromising on the front of personal information.

You will constantly find newly released movies and television shows on this website. In case a movie link is not functional for any reason, it provides a list of website options so that one can easily navigate to relevant sites.


Putlocker is one of the renowned brand names in this industry that provides the platform to watch movies, television series, etc. online free of cost. It was originated in 2012, and since then it is providing quality streaming content that is presently gaining massive traffic each day.

The website comes in a green and white-colored theme, which gives it a beautiful appearance. The color scheme is mostly similar to the Tamil Movies Download color theme. Except for the logo, you will not find any major distinction between PutLocker and 123Movies.

This is great as the video streaming experience will remain unchanged in the event you use PutLocker. There is no need to worry about the streaming experience and video quality, which is highly taken care of.

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The streaming quality of PutLocker and the online video player are first-class, and no one will find any trouble in streaming the movie of his choice.


PrimeWire is another trendy website for free online video streaming. PrimeWire features a huge list of movies and television shows. This website assists the user with the best available content on the internet that is the same as of 123Movies. This is the best place to satisfy your movie needs as they have loads of movies and television shows for your entertainment.

PrimeWire has a variety of movies to choose from.  Whether you love thrillers, adventure, or comedy, it fulfills everyone’s choice. Apart from movies and TV shows, you can also download songs from this website. The navigation is very easy, and the site is super fast. You can easily arrange the movies as per the genre, popularity, date, etc.

PrimeWire does not have a very polished & updated design. There is a search box on the site; you can find your favorite movie by merely typing the name or ID of that movie. However, you will be surprised to know the quality and streaming is quite impressive. You will not find any problem getting to the streaming page of a movie.

The website allows you to watch all kinds of entertainment for free. You can even download the movies and shows to watch them later.

The illegal piracy website PrimeWire includes a large collection of Hollywood movies and web series. There are thousands of Hollywood movies and web series available on the illegal piracy website PrimeWire in HD quality.

You can also find trending shows on the illegal piracy website PrimeWire. If we see the latest movies leaked by the illegal piracy website PrimeWire and available on the homepage of PrimeWire, it includes Space Jam, The Forever Purge, Pig, Fear Street, Gunpowder Milkshake, Black Widow, The Sparks Brothers, The House Next Door, The Tomorrow War, The Boss Baby, A Quiet Place Part 2, The Ice Road, Batman: The Long Halloween, Luca, Wish Dragon, Infinite, In the Heights, The Conjuring, Friends: The Reunion, and Spiral.


GoMovies is also considered a popular replacement to 123Movies. The website looks like a copy of 123Movies. Both of the streaming sites have a similar choice of content. GoMovies provides an infinite list of movies, television, and reality shows as early as they get released.  The site allows you to watch movies online for free, and you can also download the same and watch them later.

Check out GoMovies, and you will be fascinated by the amazing collection of the latest movies. You will find content as per the most viewed and top-rated among the users. Like other online streaming sites, you will find a search option here to find the movie or TV show of your choice. You can sort the content as per the genre, top-rated, etc.

In addition, the user interface is quite appealing. The color scheme is subtle and easier on the eyes as compared to 123Movies. You must go for it once.


WatchFree is found as the most updated and great alternative to 123Movies. This website is a new player in the world of online streaming. WatchFree is not quite popular presently, but it has vast features and an attractive user interface like any other competitive website in this field.

However, you might encounter pop-up advertisements frequently on the site, which slightly affects the overall experience.

WatchFree resembles Tamil Movies Download in appearance. It also comes in a green and white-colored layout. Compared to 123Movies, it has decent navigation and uncompromising quality of content. The website provides more than two servers for a single movie so that the user does not face any issue while streaming online. The site offers content in HD quality for free.

To watch movies on this website, you do not need any registration. In actuality, there is no video content loaded on their databases. You can simply click on the links to watch movies online directly. Thus, they make you watch movies efficiently in good quality without navigating a lot.

Besides being new in online video streaming, it still provides a good amount of content, including all categories like adventure, thriller, action movies, etc.

These are some of the best options for those who want an alternative for Tamil Movies Download in the area of live streaming of the latest movies as well as web series.


We recommend our readers to not involve in any kind of illegal activities such as promoting or accessing pirated websites. In this article, we do not promote any pirated website or pirated content as it is against government laws. This article is only for providing essential information about pirated websites such as Tamil Movies Download to our valuable readers.

So that they can have the knowledge about which websites they should access and which ones they should avoid. However, if you want to visit such pirated websites for downloading or streaming your favorite movies or content then it will be at your own risks.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is meant by online streaming Tamil Movies Download? How do I stream a movie on these websites?

Streaming is defined as a method of watching movies, TV shows, music, or any other content online. You can watch movies and videos in real-time without downloading them on your device.

However, if you wish, you can also download videos and watch them offline.
It is quite easy to stream a movie on these sites. All you have to do is simply create a free account and start browsing the movies and television shows of your choice.

What type of entertainment is found on these Tamil Movies Download sites?

These online streaming websites fill all your needs ranging from watching movies (Hollywood and Bollywood), television series, reality shows, etc. You can browse through their massive library of content and choose to watch your desired entertainment free of cost.

Not only you are going to find your favorite movies and tv shows easily but also the website offers a wider platform to search on. It will be possible for any and every user to search for any specific entertainment content on the website. The only thing that they will have to do is visit the recently uploaded sections or the user can also choose any content from the categories available. 

Do I need to register on these websites to access their Tamil Movies Download service?

Yes, a few of them may ask you to create an account for authenticity e.g., PopcornFlix and Movie25, while most of them don’t need a membership; you can start browsing your favorite content anytime.

Do they have a limit for downloading Tamil Movies Download from their sites?

No, there is certainly no limit on entertainment. You can download countless movies or whatever content you like watching without any subscription fee.

Do these Tamil Movies Download websites support all devices?

These websites permit you to watch movies free of cost on all devices. They support both Apple and Android devices. Rush to your play store, download the application, and start streaming now.

Are there any compatibility issues with the Tamil Movies Download that I download from these sites?

No, the media available on these sites mostly supports all music and video players.

What should I do if the search bar is not working?

In any case, if the search box is not working on your browser. You must clear the browser cache and try again.

Is it legal to download content from these sites?

Downloading content from these sites totally depends on the terms and conditions of each site. If the content is copyright-free, you can download it easily. However, if the video is copyright-protected, you need to ask permission from the owner of that particular video.

Does streaming content online bring malware to a computer or mobile device?

Well, as such, these websites do not carry the virus on the server end, but there is a possibility of some adware. Since these are free platforms, they try to throw pop-up advertisements to visitors while they surf.

It is better to be cautious while streaming and never click on any random ads. Chances are that your device won’t be infected with a virus if you simply watch your videos and not click anywhere else.

Undoubtedly, there is a huge number of people who are currently using pirated websites to download a wide variety of movies and TV shows. But most of the users will suggest that there is not a thing to worry about when using such websites.

Whether you believe it or not, pirated websites can lead the user to install malicious software or viruses to the device they are using. So you should visit such websites at your own risk. 

If you are a movie lover and you constantly visit these sites, as a precautionary measure, you can install anti-virus to protect your computer from online threats.

There are many illegal piracy websites that contain many Tamil movies. The popular illegal piracy website that includes the latest Tamil movies are Moviesda, Tamilrockers, Isaidub, Isaimini, Jiorockers, Madras Rockers, etc.

The illegal piracy website Tamilrockers is a hub of pirated Tamil movies. It contains the popular and latest Tamil movies.

There are many Tamil movies available to watch for free and in HD quality on the illegal piracy website Tamilrockers. The illegal piracy website Tamilrockers includes many types of movies such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, etc.

If we get any other update about the illegal piracy website Tamilrockers, we will add it here. so, make sure you visit this website regularly.

Stay tuned for the next update. 



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