What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident

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E-scooters, electric bikes and motorcycle use has skyrocketed over the last few years and their use is expected to continue into the long term. There are many advantages to using this type of inner-city transport or even to make your daily commute simpler and quicker. However, the speed of smaller bikes has increased and together with the noted increase in usage this has led to an increase in related accidents on our roads. Here are a few simple tips on what to do if you’re ever involved in a motorcycle, motorized scooter or scooter accident. 

Check for any serious injuries

Do a once over body check without moving the injured party or causing further damage. It’s generally about being able to communicate what has been hurt, and to what extent and if there is loss of movement. The aim is getting some form of idea as to what is wrong and what level of medical and ambulance support is going to be required.

Contact the relevant authorities

All state laws will advise that you immediately contact the police or emergency services if there has been an accident on the roads. Many believe that if it is not major and no-one is hurt you can simply move the vehicles involved and get on with your day. Don’t; the best advice is to take photographs of any incident and only move the vehicles and persons involved once you have been given permission to do so by the police. As part of this process, you will need the vehicle moved from the site of the accident and many who don’t understand this step may find that they are liable for excessive costs in this regard. Have a tow company that you have researched and vetted to move your car or bike in case of an accident.

Have the right contacts for advice and support 

If you have been in an accident where there has been any injury, then you will likely need lawyers. Well-known companies such as therawlinsfirm.com are a fitting example of the kind of specific support that you could do with after a motorcycle accident. Some of it is simple advice, such as never accepting liability or blame of any sort and being clear about not answering any questions. Other assistance required may be actual representation in court to seek any damages from personal injury or harm caused in the accident. Find a firm that understands you needs, but is also able to specialize in the type of accident you have been involved in.

Have a predetermined medical follow up or check up

A motorcycle or scooter accident is synonymous with long term bodily and musculoskeletal problems such as whiplash and neck strains. These may only materialize after the actual accident and as such a predetermined regular check up with medical professionals who are aware of the impact or accident will be strongly advised.

These are some very simple tips for those who may be involved in a motorcycle or e-scooter and bike accident. As these vehicles become ever more popular there will be more people using them and as such more involved in accidents and incidents. Being prepared before you start to use these modes of transport is going to save you a lot of pain and time should you and yours be involved in any such accident on our roads.