What Are the Different Bets You Can Make in Online Roulette

The different betting options available in online roulette might look complex at the beginning, especially for newcomers. It is not always easy to understand what you are betting on when you place chips on the table.

Fortunately, you can learn everything there is to know about roulette bets in a matter of minutes. Most bets fall into a few simple categories, making it simple to remember all of your selections as well as the rewards for each bet. Down below, we will be describing all of these in detail. So, if you are planning to play live roulette at an online casino, make sure to check this guide. 

Roulette Bets – Basics

Let’s start with the fundamentals. Did you know that almost all bets in European roulette have the same house edge of around 2.7%? As for American roulette, this number equals 5.26%

Most bets are separated into two categories: inside and outside bets. When placing these bets in online roulette you must match the table minimum on each outside bet you place. You should also keep in mind the total amount of all of your inside bets.

You may place inside bets, outside bets, or a mix of the two, as long as the bets fulfill the minimum betting requirements.

Inside Bets

Inside bets are placed either on a single number or a few numbers at a time. One might ask about its name origins, which is pretty interesting. They are called inside because these are made inside the roulette’s layout, where you can see the numbers. 

At an online casino, you can make the following inside bets: 

Classic Bets: Players can bet on any single number by placing chips on top of it. This wager pays 35-1 if the number hits the next spin.

Street Bets: This wager may be placed on any row of 3 numbers on the online roulette table by placing your chips on the edge of that row. The bet pays 11-1 if any of those three numbers wins.

Split Bets: Players can place these bets on any two adjacent numbers on the board. This wager pays 17-1 if either number wins the following spin.

Square Bets: This wager is placed on the roulette board on a square of 4 numbers. And it pays 8-1 if any of the 4 numbers wins.

6 Line Bets: You can place these bets on 2 adjacent lines of 3 numbers each, totaling 6 numbers. The bet pays 5-1 if any of those 6 numbers wins.

Top Line Bet: In American roulette, participants can place an extra wager. This bet pays 6-1, however, it has a bigger than average house edge and should definitely be avoided during play.

Outside Bets

Outside bets are the second large type of roulette bets. You can place them away from the individual numbers on the board. Outside bets are usually less risky than inside bets, but they pay out less. As you may have guessed, these bets are located on the “outside” of the roulette board.

Online casino players can place the following outside bets:

Column Bets: This stake covers 3 columns of 12 numbers on one of the roulette wheels. You can win 2-1 if any number in that column wins.

Dozens Bets: These bets cover one of three 12-number groupings (1-12, 13-24, and 25-36). Players can win 2-1 if any number in that range wins.

Even Bets: These two wagers cover all odd and even numbers, respectively. This bet will pay even money if any number of that kind wins.

Red/Black Bets: These two bets cover any numbers on the roulette wheel that contain pockets of the right color. You can get even money if any number of that color wins.

French Bets

Along with the bets we just described, you’ll occasionally hear about “French Bets.” They are additional betting possibilities that cover certain parts of the wheel. These bets are often available only on specific European roulette tables.

Neighbors of Zero, Orphans, Zero Game, and Thirds of the Wheel are some examples of French Bets that you can use in online roulette. 


Now you have all the necessary information you need to know about online roulette bets. Make sure you have a good understanding of each of them, so you can get the best out of your gambling experience. And finally, don’t forget that roulette is made for fun and you should always play responsibly.