The Most Fun Poker Games for 2022

The online gaming market is set for some exciting growth. Statistical data shows that the value of the American online gaming market is set to reach $132 billion by 2030. One of the biggest contributors to this growth is the world-famous card game, poker.

With poker growing as part of the online gaming market, players can enjoy the game across more platforms. Yet with the countless games that you can choose from, you may find it hard to pick out one to start with. We’ve hand-picked a few of the year’s most fun games you can try on a variety of platforms.

Mobile: World Series of Poker

If you like to play poker on the go–in transit or while waiting for an appointment–you’ll surely love World Series of Poker’s mobile app. This is considered one of the best poker apps out there for a number of reasons. You get to compete with real players in official high-stakes poker games that use real money. You can even earn WSOP-issued bracelets and rings by playing in big poker events conveniently through your phone. WSOP’s mobile version is a compact way of earning through poker and gathering to level up as a player. Alternatively, if you want to use mobile apps to practice your poker strategy, there are tons of downloadable apps that use in-game currency instead of real money. Some even have a welcome bonus for first-time downloaders that helps kickstart their poker journey.

PS4: Prominence Poker

For PS4 owners, the free-to-play Prominence Poker enriches the game experience with vivid 3D-rendered graphics, mood-setting music, and the ability to customize your avatar. The game’s loose story takes place in a sketchy town governed by an antagonistic mayor. And you, a tourist, beat the mayor as well as other shady characters through a game of poker. Your in-game funds mainly come from these matches, but you also receive a ‘Daily Cut’ every 24 hours. This daily bonus increases as your character’s reputation level and game log-in days increase. With such funds, you can even have fun customizing your character’s look, which can get you really invested in the game.

PC: Governor of Poker 3

PC gamers can enjoy a similar immersive poker game experience to Prominence Poker. Packed with world-building and adventure, Governor of Poker 3—which you can download via Steam—is a progression game where you advance through its world map by winning poker games. As a beginner, you first enter the ‘Beginners Lake’ and gradually work your way up to becoming a high roller star in Las Vegas. While the game does not use real money, it is certified RNG which means that no cards are rigged–everything is fairly randomized.

VR: PokerStars VR

Because VR games are all about immersing you in realistic game environment design accompanied by body kinetics. There’s the futuristic Macau 2050, an intergalactic poker setting, a Wild West-themed ‘The Showdown Saloon’, and even the fancy ‘Monte-Carlo Yacht’. When it comes to body kinetics, this game utilizes hand tracking, which means you can use your hands to achieve certain actions in the game. This includes being able to grab things like poker chips and cards by making a pinching action or making a triangle card to summon the ‘all in’ option.

Wherever you play it, poker is an enjoyable and engaging experience. And with the bevvy of poker games available across a diverse range of gaming platforms, you can expect the gaming experience to be more competitive and, in turn, more exciting.