What makes Instagram so successful as a business platform and how can you grow your audience on it

Today it is impossible to imagine a business that would neglect its presence on social media. Everybody tries to do their best on social platforms. However, newcomers struggle with creating a decent strategy that can support a brand effectively, because the competition is huge! This is natural because Instagram tends to be the most effective social platform for brand promotion, thanks to the big variety of content formats and sensitive analytics. In this article, you will find the most efficient tips for business promotion and stable growth on Instagram. 

Paid Stats – Necessity? 

Many beginners look for stat boosters that can enhance their performance instantly. At least that’s how they think it will be. In reality, purchasing stats is only one of the steps that you can include in your growth strategy. But in fact, you should set up the real growth strategy for your insta and then choose to buy 50 Instagram followers or 100 saves, etc. To make purchased stats work, everything has to be planned and prepared. Thinking that if you buy Instagram stats everything will automatically start working as it should in your mind.

Proper Bio Optimization

Bio description on Instagram is extremely short – only 150 characters are given to you for presentation. Here you must explain to your potential followers who you are and what they can expect to see on your profile. Here are the basic rules for a good bio:

  • A brief and precise description of what your brand is about
  • Add a little bit of personal charm
  • A relevant call to action, that motivates users to interact with your profile and beyond it
  • A link to your website (use link shorteners to save characters)
  • Add unique hashtags if you have such

Mind The Timing 

Despite the fact that Instagram introduced a dynamic feed for users, posting time still matters. You have to find out when is the best time for you not only to upload different posts but be present online for interaction with your followers and customers. This metric is individual and mostly depends on the behavior of your target group. Analyze when your audience is spending the most time on Instagram, and adjust your strategy accordingly. 

Maintain The Schedule

Consistent uploading of new content is also vital for your growth. Users like stability, so they would appreciate it if you would please them with new posts regularly. The frequency of posting throughout the week varies depending on the type of content. For example, stories are expected to appear every day to keep up the engagement and interest of the audience, while Instagram can be hosted once a week or even less. It is recommended to use automation tools to make sure that your new materials get on the platform on time. Also, you should create a base of spare posts which can be uploaded when something goes not as planned.

Examine The Algorithm

The change from a chronological feed to a dynamic one that is based on the content ranking has caused panic and misunderstanding among bloggers and brands, who got used to certain patterns in their work. However, new algorithms that now rule Instagram are targeted at improving user experience and prolonging their presence on the platform, focusing on content quality before quantity. Consistent posting helps to keep up user activity on your profile, thus making your profile more attractive to the algorithm. The main factors that you must check for being more visible on Instagram are:

  • Preference and interest – relevance of user’s typical behavior and your content
  • Timing – how old is your post
  • Typical choices – are there any similar profiles that user engages with regularly
  • Frequency and prolongation – how often the user is present on the app, and how long they stay engaged in it
  • Following – typical posts from users following accounts

As you can see, most statistics that matter for Instagram algorithms are exposing user behavior and activity analysis. Hence, the goal is to analyze and predict the way users will interact with your content and adjust your strategy according to that knowledge. 

Take Risks

Despite Instagram’s growth requiring stability, there is room for experimenting on this platform. The goal is to reach a bigger audience and increase your engagement rate, triggering user curiosity. The best idea is to try new content types and formats, widening your instrument range on Instagram. A variety of options on Instagram gives you a nice opportunity to share different materials with the audience and maintain the level of interest in your profile. Use different formats to expose your product from an unexpected angle and make a good impression.

Work On Authenticity

An important part of your growth on social media is your content quality and its uniqueness, as well as value. And people on social platforms like Instagram are not interested in your sales. The task is to give them something that will motivate them to buy your products, but subtly. Concentrate on producing interesting and original content that can expose your product in a context. Instagram is about selling the idea of a lifestyle that is a goal for your target group. 

Attractive and stylish visuals along with high-quality information provided in captions – here is the key to success. Look for individual details that will make your brand stand out among others from your niche. Don’t be afraid to look for inspiration though. Trends are important for keeping the interest of the audience and widening your reach.

Improve The Engagement

Activity is very important for your growth on Instagram. So, you have to focus on making your profile interesting and inviting to spend more time exploring your brand. Communication has to be a huge part of your work with the audience. Any comment that you receive has great potential for a person to become your customer and loyal fan. Pay a lot of attention to the relationship that you establish on Instagram and make them less formal than they could be at any other place. People appreciate your human face a lot because social media considers all communication being lightweight and easy. 

Use Influencer Marketing

But do it wisely. Today, there are many celebrities on Instagram who can impress you at first with their huge follower numbers. But your true goal is to find influencers who do not have a big audience, but have it loyal and active! When you begin your search for brand ambassadors on Instagram, discuss the activity and engagement measures and discover the potential of an influencer to bring not one-time visitors, but customers who will stay. Thus, look for personalities who work close to your niche and have established and trustworthy relationships with their followers. 

Bring It Offline Too

A tricky, but effective method to increase your metrics on Instagram is to promote it offline, motivating people to follow you. Use industry events, festivals, and any other kind of activity you have offline and promote your profile there. The easiest way is to create a thematic photo zone and encourage people to get creative and take shots there along with ragging you. This is also a nice idea for a contest too.

Hint: a special and engaging way to make a fuzz about your brand online is to create a photo zone inside your store if you have one.