The Chi Season 6, Cast, Release Date, and Everything You Need To Know

The Chi Season 6, Cast, Release Date, and Everything You Need To Know

“The Chi” is an American Drama series created by Lena Waithe. The series is based on the lifestyle of the neighborhood, who are living on the South side of Chicago.

The first-ever episode of “The Chi” was directed by Rick Famuyiwa and was released on 7th January 2018.

Jason Mitchell Brandon Johnson
Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine Ronnie Davis
Jacob Latimore Emmett Washington
Alex Hibbert Kevin Williams
Tiffany Boone Jerrika Little
Yolonda Ross Jada Washington
Armando Riesco Detective Cruz
Rolando Boyce Darnell
Barton Fitzpatrick Reg Taylor
Shamon Brown Jr. Stanley “Papa” Jackson
Michael V. Epps Jake Taylor
Birgundi Baker Kiesha Williams
Luke James Victor “Trig” Taylor
Curtiss Cook Otis “Douda” Perry
Lucien Cambric Jason Roxboro
Jahking Guillory Charles Frederick “Coogie” Johnson
Brian King Detective Wallace
Steven Williams Quentin “Q” Dickinson
Tosin Morohunfola Trice
Byron Bowers Meldrick
Sonja Sohn Laverne Johnson
Cedric Young Sonny
LaDonna Tittle Ethel Davis
Tyla Abercrumbie Nina Williams
Hannaha Hall Tiffany
José Antonio García Mr. Gasca
Genesis Denise Hale Maisha
Mariah Gordon Andrea
Chris Lee Hannibal
Tai Davis Tracy Roxboro
Common Rafiq
Crystal Dickinson Detective Alice Toussaint
Miriam A. Hyman Dre
Jasmine Davis Imani
La La Anthony Dominque “Dom” Morris
Judae’a Brown Jemma
Kandi Burruss Roselyn Perry
Lena Waithe Camille Hallaway
Lil Rel Howery Zeke Remnick
Tabitha Brown Octavia
Jason Weaver Rashaad “Shaad” Marshall
Vic Mensa Jamal
Da Brat LaPortia
Cory Hardrict Dante


“The Chi” series is primarily based on the society living in the Southside of Chicago and their lifestyle, which is very accentuated.

Now, if we talk about the IMDB ratings of The Chi series, then the IMDB rating of the series is 7.4 out of 10. 

The earlier “The Chi” released a fifth season on 24th June 2022; in August itself, the makers announced that they have also started working on season 6. Yet, they have not confirmed the release date of “The Chi” season 6.

The Chi Series Cast Members:

  1. Alex Hibbert as Kevin Williams 
  2. Jason Mitchell as Brandon Johnson 
  3. Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine as Ronnie Davis 
  4. Tiffany Boone, as Jerrika Little, played the role of Brandshons’s Girlfriend. 
  5. Jacob Latimore as Emmett Washington
  6. Shamon Brown, as Stanley “Papa” Jackson, played the role of best friend of Kevin and Jake.
  7. Yolonda Ross, as Jada Washington, plays the role of Emmett’s mother.
  8. Rolando Boyce, as Darnell, played the role of Emmett’s father.
  9. Curtiss Cook as Otis “Douda” Perry 
  10.  Birgundi Baker, as Kiesha Willams, plays the role of the older sister of Kevin.
  11.  Barton Fitzpatrick, as Reg Taylor, played the role of Jake’s older brother and a gang leader.
  12.  Michael V. Epps, as Jake Taylor, plays the role of Kevin and Papa’s best friend and a younger brother of Reg and Trig.
  13.  As Victor “Trig” Taylor, Luke James played the role of the oppressed older brother of Reg and Jake. 
  14. Armando Riesco as Detective Cruz 

The Chi Series Overview:

As previously discussed, “The Chi” is an American drama series created by Lena Waithe and produced by Waithem Aaron Kaplan, Common, Derek Dudley, Stephen Curry, and Elwood Ried.

“The Chi” series is based on the lifestyle of a neighborhood area of Southside Chicago. Also, each episode shows a story of different characters living in that area. 

“The Chi” storyline mainly focuses on its five lead characters, including Brandon, who constantly works to improve himself.

Another one is Emmett; he is searching for an excellent place to start a new job and take proper care of his son.

Ronnie and Kevin played the role of teenagers who associated themselves with illegal activities.

Jada played the role of a struggling single mother and decided to change her religion to Christain, where she finds some life-related guidance.

“The Chi” series was highly appreciated and praised by its fans, as its concept was far different from others.

Also, the series includes complicated approaches like race relations, gun violence, poverty, etc., without hurting anyone’s feelings. 

“The Chi” fifth season was released with many new concepts and characters. The primary purpose of season 5 was to meet the fans with the unique spiritual culture of Chicago’s Southside communities.

So the storyline of “The Chi” season 5 is mainly concerned with Community, Laughter, Love, Friendship, Family, etc.

Simply put, “The Chi” series gives a new perspective to viewers regarding life. The series has tried to capture all the moments from friendship to heartbreaking scenes about violence.

“The Chi” is one of the best series that represents the authentic lifestyle of Southside communities without hurting anyone’s emotions and values.

The Chi Seasons Release Dates:

The storyline of “The Chi” season is very impressive as it is based on a unique concept that is the lifestyle of the southside community of Chicago.

The first season of “The Chi” was released on 15th December 2017. Then, after getting positive reviews, the team makers released its second season on 4th April 2019.

Also, “The Chi” season 3, directed by Jet Wilkinson, was released on 21st June 2020. Later on 21st May 2021, “The Chi” season 4 was released, and after a year, another season of “The Chi,” i.e., season 5, was released on 24th June 2022.

After the continual success of the series, the team maker has also announced that they have started working on “The Chi” upcoming season 6. But, yet they have any other information regarding its release date.

Moreover, every “The Chi” season contains ten episodes in each. So, fans also believe that the upcoming “The Chi” season has ten episodes. Each episode lasts at least 46 minutes and a maximum of 58 minutes.

The Chi Season 5 Ending:

“The Chi” season 5 ends with Keisha and Emmett discussing their feelings for each other, and he tries to make a better relationship with Tiff, i.e., (Hannaha Hall.)

Moreover, Darnell agrees to marry his high school lover Joda, Emmett’s mother. On the other side, Emmett agrees to work with Douds, as he knows his capability of Douda. Also, Douda insists that Bakari give more money to his children. 

Besides this, Kevin also saved money, as he wanted to enfranchise themselves from the gangster group. Also, we have seen that Victor and Marcus want to be a part of the Douda campaign.

Victor also opened up about his fake relationship with Tierra before starting his real relationship with Fatima. Also, the ending of “The Chi” Season 5 creates more shocking suspense. So now fans are eagerly waiting to know what will happen in the next upcoming season. 

The Chi List of Makers Team:

“The Chi” series is based on the neighborhood lifestyle who are living in the southside of Chicago. Lena Waithe is the creator and executive producer of
“The Chi” series.

Along with Lena Waithe, a few other executive producers are associated with the series “The Chi,” including Rick Famuyiwa, Derek Dudley, Jet Wilkinson, Common, Aaron Kaplan, Ayanna Floyd Davis, Elwood Reid, Justin Hillian, Shelby Stone. 

Also, a few production companies are associated with “The Chi” series, such as Freedon Road Production Company, Verse production firm, Hillman Grad Productions, and mainly the Showtime Networking platform, where all seasons are released. 

Where to Watch The Chi Series?

People who want to watch “The Chi” series can use live streaming services, such as Hulu, fubo tv, live tv, etc.

After paying some amount of subscription. Also, anyone who wants to see the series on its showtime networking platform must visit the Farm’s website.

The Chi Season 6 Latest Updates (2023):

We all are eagerly waiting to watch The Chi season 6 since its official announcement on 18th August 2022, right? But here we are, having a bit of disappointing news for all The Chi fans, and that is upcoming and might be the series’ last season and will not release in 2023.

The main reason behind the constant delay in releasing the upcoming season was the ongoing strike, which has affected production work too.

Other than this, we have a few more updates about the forthcoming season of The Chi, such as the season has already completed the production of eight episodes, as it was shot before the strike happened,

And the script of another episode was almost ready, but the strike would not be over; the makers would not start to produce it. So We have yet to have any final news about when the strike will be over, so we cannot provide the exact updates on when the production of The Chi season 6 will resume.


How Many Episodes Does The Chi season 6 Have?

The Chi series released its fifth season on 24th June 2022, and all five seasons have ten episodes each. So, the Chi season 6 may also have ten episodes.

Who is the New Girl in The Chi?

The makers’ team announce adding new faces to the series. Also, fans saw new faces like Nia Jervie as Dear White People and Carolyn Michelle Smith as House of Cards in The Chi season 5. 

How Old is the Kids in The Chi?

Hibbert, Brown, and Epps are on a significantly younger star cast list. Hibbert and Brown were only 12 years old when they joined the series, and now they are 17. While Epps is 11 years old at the time of launching, and now his age is 16.

The Chi Season 6 Trailer Updates:

As per the official announcement, the makers have said they plan to release “The Chi” season 6 at the end of 2023, hoping that fans will soon see the trailer of “The Chi” season 6.


Final Thoughts:

“The Chi” is an American drama series representing the authentic lifestyle of the southside communities of Chicago.

This series was highly appreciated by its viewers because the plot of the series is unique and shows us the different perspectives of living life. 

“The Chi” has successfully released their five seasons and is coming up with its season 6 very soon. Thus, fans eagerly await the upcoming “The Chi” season and are excited to see the new features the makers add to the new forthcoming plot of “The Chi” season 6.

So, kindly stay in touch with this website for daily new updates regarding any upcoming seasons or series.