John Motson Biography – Net Worth and Everything You Want to Know

John Motson Biography – Net Worth and Everything You Want to Know

John Motson was a British football commentator. In 2019, John was inducted into the National Football Museum Hall of Fame. 

John Motson Personal Details
Real Name John Walker Motson
Nickname Motty
Father Name William Motson
Gender Male
Date of Birth 10 July 1945
Age 77 years (in 2023)
Birthplace Salford, United Kingdom
Residence Little Gaddesden
Spouse Anne Motson
Children Frederick Motson
Marital Status Married
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nationality British
Religion Christian
Education Culford School, Bury St Edmunds
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Grey
Death February 23, 2023
Death Reason Unknown

John’s entire career went through many controversies, but he still gave his best to the game. As of 2023, his estimated net worth is above $9 million. 

John Motson died on February 23, 2023; many people are curious about the cause of his death and looking for further information. Here, we have added John Motson’s biography, net worth, source of income, and achievements. 

Who is John Motson?

John Walker Motson was born on July 10, 1945, in Salford, United Kingdom. He was a legendary football commentator. He is primarily known for his incredible voice in football history.

John consistently commented on ten Football World Cups, 10 European Championships, and 29 FA Cup finals for BBC Sports. 

He used to wear a sheepskin coat in the winter season, and gradually, it became a signature look for him. This coat helped him to catch his fan’s attention.

Why is John Motson In The News?

After serving 50 years in British sports as a commentator, John Motson died on February 23, 2023.

He was 77 years old and survived by his wife, Anne Motson, and son, Frederick Motson. 

John Motson Personal Life

John Walker Motson, a.k.a. Motty, was born on July 10, 1945, in Lancashire, England. His father, William Motson, was a methodologist minister.

John Motson was born to British parents, and he holds British nationality. When a person receives worldwide attention, respect, and fame, his country and the citizens also receive recognition. The same went for John Motson and his birth country England.

He contributed his entire life to sports commentary, which is why, today, John is known for his unmatched personality, speech, and exceptional football commentary. 

John used to play various games, and especially his love for football started when he was a child. Other than playing football, John loved to listen to classical music. He kept a horse in his farmhouse and regularly looked after it. 

Regarding his education and love life, Motson completed his studies at the Culford School in England. Later, in 1976, John married the love of his life, Anne Jobling. She was also a huge football fan, and the couple had a son, Frederick Motson.

John Motson Professional Career

Before beginning his career in football commentary, John Motson worked for the Barnet Press in London. He was a news and sports reporter there. And later, he joined the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC – Radio) as a sports presenter in 1968. 

John Motson Professional Details
Occupation Sports Commentator, Actor, Journalist
Category Football Commentator
Source of Income Professional Commentator and Acting
Hobbies Classical music and collect antique maps
Honorary Titles British Academy Film and Television Awards in 2018
Net Worth $9 Million (in 2023)

After some time, Motson received his first major task. In 1972, he was assigned to cover the football tournament of the Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. John’s in-depth sports knowledge and speech helped him to earn worldwide fame. 

He covered some of the best moments in football history. It includes the 1990’s World Cup in Italy, European Championships in England, FA Cup Finals, and International matches. 

John Motson Net Worth 2023

John Motson remained a top-notch football commentator throughout his career. In his 50 years of career, John had received so much love and respect from the audience. 

He also earned a large amount of money. As of 2023, John Motson’s estimated net worth is above $9 million. 

John Motson Achievements 

John Motson was so popular that his fans eagerly waited for his commentary. With outstanding performance and in-depth knowledge, John has earned many awards. 

Motson is known for his sports knowledge, voice, and ability to grab the audience’s attention. 

He used to entertain his fans with drama, light comedy, and building excitement for the game.

John Motson was honored with the OBE (Order of The British Empire) and the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts).

Moreover, he was also awarded the Special Award in 2017 and the Football Writers Association Tribute Award in 2018.

John Motson Cause of Death

The sudden demise of legendary football commentator John Motson has saddened his millions of fans.  

His family has not revealed John’s cause of death. He died in his sleep on February 23, 2023. With all due respect and after taking permission from his family, The BBC confirmed this sad news. 

However many people believed that John was diagnosed with cancer, but still, there is no information available about the cause of John Motson’s death. 

5 Interesting Facts About John Motson

Here, we have provided some interesting facts about legendary football commentator late, John Motson. 

  • John Motson was born on July 10, 1945, in Salford, United Kingdom. 
  • He grew up in Manchester and started his career as a journalist.
  • He has covered many national and international football matches.
  • John Motson covered his first FA Cup Final in the year 1977. 
  • He was involved in many controversies. In 2004, he faced criticism due to his negative comments on females.  

Throughout his career, John Motson remained a well-known personality. In 1996, John was featured in a biographical television documentary, ‘This Is Your Life.’

Besides that, Motson has also remained a part of the BBC Radio 4 biographical program ‘Great Lives.’

After almost 50 years of hard work and contribution to football commentary, In 2018, John took retirement from the BBC. Lastly, on March 11, 2018, John did his last commentary for the Arsenal and Watford match. Surprisingly, in 2019, John did an advertisement for a gambling company, ‘Football Index.’

Final Thoughts

John Motson was an integral part of the England sports. His death undoubtedly left a vacuum to the game, but his 50 years of service will cherish forever. 

Besides being a commentator, he was also a renowned writer and author. He wrote several books, such as ‘Motty: Forty Years in The Commentary Box,’ ‘World Cup Motty: John Motson – My World Cup Stories’ and more. 

So that’s all about one of the most popular and exciting personalities, John Motson. We hope this blog post helped you know about John Motson’s biography, net worth, achievements, and professional football commentary career. 

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