Didi Kempot Biography – Networth and Everything You Want to Know

Didi Kempot Biography – Networth and Everything You Want to Know

Didik Prasetyo was mainly popular by his stage name Didi Kempot. He was an Indonesian singer, songwriter, and record producer. Kampot wrote more than 700 songs, and he was especially famous for writing and singing sad songs. 

Didi Kempot Personal Details
Real Name Didi Prasetyo
Stage Name Didi Kempot
Nickname The Godfather of the Broken Heart, Lord Didi
Mother Name Umiyati Siti Nurjanah
Father Name Ranto Edi Gudel
Siblings Eko Guntur Martinus, Sentot Suwarso,
Mameik Prakoso, Antonius Liik Subagyo,and
Veronika Tatik Hartani
Gender Male
Date of Birth 31 December 1966
Country of Origin Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia
Age 53 years (1966 to 2020)
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Spouse Saputri (m. 1989 – 2020)
Yan Vellia (m. 2005 – 2020)
Dian Ekawati (2020)
Children Seika and Saka
Nationality Indonesian
Ethnicity Javanese
Height 1.70 meter (5′ 7″ in feet)
Weight 165 lbs (75 kg)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Died on 5 May 2020
Death Reason Cardiac Arrest

Sadly, Didi Kempot passed away two years ago (in 2020). According to some reports, his estimated net worth was between $1-5 million.  His major source of income came from commercial songs and shows performances. After Kempot’s sudden demise, his fans started looking for further details about the singer. 

If you like ‘Lord Didi,’ this article is for you. We will provide complete information regarding the renowned Indonesian singer and songwriter Didi Kempot. 

We will also discuss his personal and professional life along with lifelong achievements. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with the biography of Didi Kempot.   

Didi Kempot Biography 

Didi Kempot was known for his excellent singing and songwriting. Not only in Indonesia but he was also popular in Netherlands, Suriname, and among all the people who enjoy Javanese music. 

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If you are fond of pop music with the beautiful elements of Campursari, you may know or hear Didi Kempot. He used to make fusion songs and blend pop music with local styles such as Dangdut and Kroncong. 

Didi got recognition through his popular songs and lyrics. His songs mainly focus on sad love stories and heartbreaks. In a nutshell, Didi Kempton was a complete package of deep lyrics, beautiful voice, and senti music. 

Didi Kempot Personal Life

Didi Kempot was born on new year’s eve of 1966 to an Indonesian family in Surakarta, Indonesia. Kempot’s childhood was spent in his home country; from that, he got love, respect, wealth, and fame. 

Didi Kempot’s father, Ranto Edi Gudel, was also a singer and songwriter. After completing his former education, Didi moved to Jakarta to pursue a music career. 

The name Kempot was also introduced in Jakarta, where he lived with other eight fellow artists. The ‘Kempot’ word is an acronym of the popular Sidewalk singer group, ‘Kelompok Penyanyi Trotoar.’

In his 53 years, Didi Kempot married three times to different women. His first wife is Dian Ekawati. In 1989, Kempot married Saputri, and he again married in the year 2005 with Yan Vellia. Didi Kempot had two children, Saka and Seika.   

Didi Kempot Professional Music Career

Before gaining popularity as one of the best singers in Indonesia, Didi Kempot started working as a street performer in his hometown. Later, he went to Jakarta to begin his music career, and difficulties and inconveniences started taking their place to make him a renowned singer and songwriter.  

Didi Kempot Professional Details
Occupation Singer, Song Writer, Record Producer
Income Music, Songs, and Shows
Music Genre Campursari style
Category Professional Singer and Songwriter
Famous songs Banyu Langit, Pamer Bojo
Ati Dudu Wesi, Sewu Kutho
Total Songs He wrote more than 700 songs
Popular Movie Songs Pamer Bojo (Kasmaran)
Suket Teki (Kasmaran), Lungiting Asmoro
Awards and Achievements Best Solo Artist (2004), Best Solo Album (2008)
Best Dangdut Album (2010), Lifetime Achievement Award (2017)
Instagram Username @didikempot_official
Twitter Username @didikempotid
Official Website N/A
YouTube Channel Didi Kempot
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/0obaLCCWO42LOegAmHhEC4?autoplay=true
Apple Music https://music.apple.com/in/artist/didi-kempot/218409930
Networth Estimated net worth was between $1 – 5 million (in 2023)

In his building phase, Didi Kempot went through many mental, physical, and financial struggles. However, this difficult period allowed him to write some of his iconic songs such as, ‘We Cen Yu,’ ‘Cirdo,’ ‘Podo Pintere’ and more. 

Didi started getting deals for commercial songs and stage performances as life progressed. He gave numerous hit songs of all time. His songs were not limited to Indonesia alone; apart from his home country, Didi Kempot also got fans from Netherlands and Suriname. Didi had been invited various times in Suriname to perform his heartwarming songs. In the 1990s, he released ‘Sewu Kutho’ (A thousand cities) and ‘Stasiun Balapan, and these songs created a fortune for Didi Kempot. 

Apart from singles, Didi has released several albums, such as Seketan Ewu, Plong (2000), Ketaman Asmoro (2001), Cucak Rowo (2003), and more. 

Didi Kempot Net Worth 2023

Didi Kempot died on May 5, 2020. At that time, his estimated net worth was around $5 million. Other than that, Didi Kempot’s major source of income came from his commercial songs, albums, and international shows. 

Didi Kempot Awards and Achievements 

Didi Kempot has given his best to the music industry, and in return, he was honored with the best awards.

In 2004, he achieved the Best Solo Artist award. After four years, he earned the Best Solo Album award, and later, Didi Kempot check marked his name in the category of Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.

Didi Kempot Cause of Death

During the covid pandemic and worldwide lockdown, it was aired on various news channels that ‘Our beloved singer, Didi Kempot, is no more with us. Didi Kempot died on May 5, 2020, due to cardiac arrest in Surakarta. He is survived by his wife and two children, Saka and Seika.   

However, before his death, Didi raised approximately $500,000 to help the citizens of Indonesia during the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Final Thoughts on Didi Kempot Biography and Net Worth

Didi Kempot was an iconic singer of Indonesia. His contribution to Indonesian music will always remain forever. His hardcore fans will also remember his sad songs and lyrics. 

So that’s all you need to know about one of the most popular Indonesian singers and who is the synonym of ‘The Godfather of Broken Hearts,’ ‘Didi Kempot’ Hopefully, you have enjoyed this article and got information about Didi Kempot’s biography, net worth, awards, and achievements.