Ninjai – The Little Ninja

Ninjai – The Little Ninja

Japan has presented us with insurmountable access to culture, anime being a crucial part of it. Although not an anime itself, it shares similar themes of ninjas samurai and the ancient Japan setting, and considering the craze surrounding all things anime, and manga, it isn’t surprising that the release of Ninjai – The Little Ninja has been a much-awaited venture among the audience.

This action-packed animated film is tickling the senses of the audience. If you are 100% clueless as to what the movie is about, Ninjai follows the life of a young ninja who is on a quest to find their real identity.

Let us discuss more the rise of the Japanese anime craze and how Ninjai is going to influence that craze furthermore.

Increased Popularity of Japanese Style Anime Shows

When it comes to anime and manga, there’s nothing that beats Japan and the ingrained culture it bestows. These genres of movies have been around since the 80s and aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

If you are confused about anime movies, be assured that their content form is diverse and very versatile. Nothing about Japanese anime is limiting. From warriors and action-packed plots to liberating romance genres, the list of shows is abundant.

While Japanese anime was initially limited to the country, the genre has now taken a front seat and is one of the most popular genres of movies that are trending across multiple streaming platforms worldwide.

Ninjas through the Staple of Time

Amidst all the different types of anime involved, ninja anime is no doubt one of the most watched and trending genres among enthusiasts. From watching cartoon shows on Ninjas on the television to actively watching anime movies across varying streaming platforms, there has been a lot of progress.

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When it comes to ninja genres and movies, Ninja Scroll and Naruto hands down propel the whole craze surrounding the topic. The elusive enigma surrounding a Ninja movie is very hard to describe. Not only is it fun, but it is also educational, and it features a twisted plotline that no one would likely expect to indulge in.

From the sharp moves to the mythic skills, ninjas excel in combat, involving incredible weapons, super speed moves, etc.

Ninjai – The Little Ninja

While we are on the topic of animation and ninja shows, Ninjai is the latest release that deserves a worthy mention. With the age-old ninja shows like Naruto and new entries like Demon Slayer, having access to something new is worth all the hype and credibility involved.

With the trailer of the movie out already, it isn’t surprising at all that the audience is mind-boggled by the stunning graphics and representation that is portrayed in the trailer. The movie follows the life of a young boy named Ninjai, who navigates through the obstacles and challenges of the ancient world to explore and unravel his real identity.

Although the subtitle of the movie is “The Little Ninja”, the audience is in for a treat with immaculate and unexpected ninja moves along with the movie. Ninjai is accompanied by his sidekick, known as Little Bird. This movie brings out the common age-old themes of good over evil, which everyone can relate to. The audience is in for a real treat.

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However, what’s fun with Ninjai is how contrasting the characters and the themes of the movie are. Despite being “pint-sized”, the movie explores Ninjai’s power against the evil world, something that you most likely wouldn’t expect from such an irregular sized hero.

Ninjai: The Little Ninja is an independently produced movie but with the kind of graphics and production the movie features, one would never be able to tell. . From the characters to the storyline of the movie, and the original music, everything is beyond every viewer’s expectation. Ever since the first frame of the movie, you are going to be left hooked for more.

Ninjai is Produced under Independent Productions

You will notice in the animation industry; it is not very typical for an independent animated feature film to be produced. The vast amount of time it takes to draw each frame and paint each background typically makes it out of reach for independent film makers.  The Disney animated film Moana for instance took five years to make, and that’s with the backing of Disney and access to hundreds of animators. 

The producers or the independent group of creatives who produced made and directed Ninjai call themselves The Ninjai Gang. Since the movie is produced independently, it includes a lot of diversity in the list of creators, including artists, animators, creative directors, and even martial artists from across the globe.

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With its own unique style and storytelling, it celebrates diverse creativity and is here to compete against high-budget and bigger production houses like Pixar and Disney. Besides the stunning visuals, Ninjai also stands out in terms of the stunning visual storytelling, further adding to the credibility of the film.

This movie is created not only for all the anime fanatics, but for fans of animation across the world as it brings its own unique take different than both Disney and traditional Japanese animation. The release date is rumoured to be set for 2022 but there has been no official announcements yet.

Besides Ninjai, 2022 will also mark the release of Blazing Saddles, which is another ninja movie that deserves a mention in the list of upcoming releases.

Some of the other upcoming releases that most anime fanatics are awaiting is Naruto Uzumaki. Besides that, the popularity of anime has also climbed with Ninja Turtles, which people watched on their television sets every day. Several ninja characters pop up now and then in the video games, further adding to the growing popularity.


The upcoming release of Ninjai has stirred a lot of emotions among the animation community. If you are awaiting its release, we’d recommend keeping an eye out on this space because we will be updating this article will future updates or changes about the movie. Given that ninja anime is a huge part of the Japanese entertainment and movie culture, it is quickly progressing to the other parts of the world too.