How To Tell A Girl You Like She Easily And Easily

How To Tell A Girl You Like She Easily And Easily:

It is worth thinking about it – you instantly feel inspired, and butterflies flutter in your stomach? Subscribed to all her social networks, catch every word and can’t look away when you meet? Boy, are you in love! There is only one catch – she does not even know about your feelings. We will help you find the right words to get through to the girl’s heart and not hang in the orbit of the friend zone. And girls online gallery from GoDateNow will help you find the girl of your dreams. 

Before you talk about your sympathy, establish contact

Let’s start simple: do you know each other personally? To change the status of a secret admirer to “the very one”, at least you need to cross paths in reality. Ask mutual friends to introduce you. If you’ve found each other on a dating app, don’t be afraid to take the first step and ask a girl out on a date.

Study on the same stream, rotate in the same company or go to the same parties? Better! It remains to find an excuse to spend some time alone. It is not necessary to immediately hint at romance. In a casual manner, write to her in direct and in a friendly way offer to go somewhere.

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Prepare for the meeting ahead of time. Casually ask mutual friends, study posts and stories in her social networks. This will help you understand what is interesting to your chosen one, and which topics are better not to raise. It is important not to overdo it here. Act like a secret agent. A girl shouldn’t think you’re following her. Remember, stalking is dumb, and in many countries it is also illegal.

3 proven ways to express your feelings

You had a great time. You shone with wit and made a great impression. But if you let the situation take its course, there is a risk of forever hanging in the friend zone. The time has come to dot the i’s.

  • Ask a friend for help. It looks like cheating, but if at the sight of your beloved your knees tremble and the gift of speech disappears – why not? Quite a working way to test the waters and find out what the girl thinks about you. Besides, if she refuses, you don’t have to blush and look for ways to retreat;
  • Write a message. Not the most ideal, but in every sense a convenient option. You will have time to think of the perfect phrase. You will definitely not be interrupted or distracted by anyone. If you’re all on your nerves while waiting for an answer, she won’t see it. But there is a minus – hugs and kisses will have to wait until the next meeting;
  • Tell it like it is. Perhaps she is secretly in love with you and has been waiting for the first step for a long time? Even if the girl needs time to think, a bold act will clearly play in your favor.
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The most important thing is to let your feelings know, try to make it easier.

How to write about feelings in a message

Don’t start texting with “I love you, let’s date” (not to mention more immodest sentences and pictures). Of course, if you don’t want to get a sharp “no” and end up on the black list. Overwhelming a girl with a million messages is also not a good idea. As well as rushing things with the phrases “zaya, don’t be silent.” Perhaps she has no time to enter the messenger, or she needs time to think over your words.

Ideally, if the conversation develops by itself. You move from one topic to another, exchange stickers and links. In order not to break the vibe, avoid pathos and declarations of eternal love. It would be more appropriate to say that you like her sense of humor / taste in music / outlook on life. In order not to seem superficial, instead of complimenting appearance, it is better to focus on character traits or successes. Attach a romantic track or a cute picture – you can make it clear how dear you are, not only in words.

How to confess your feelings face to face

Don’t wind yourself up. No vows of eternal love needed. Serenades, an orchestra or fireworks in the background are also clearly overkill. There is no need to prescribe a date script or memorize a long speech. In life, things rarely go according to plan. Even the simplest words will hit the target if they are spoken from the heart.

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You will feel the right moment. This can happen when you remember shared adventures. Or laugh uncontrollably at each other’s jokes. Or find yourself in a stunningly romantic place. The main thing is to be on the same wavelength and behave at ease. Be brave and let your efforts be crowned with a happy ending in the spirit of classic rom-coms. We believe in you!