Three sportsbook bonuses available in 2023

This year promises to be the biggest and most important in the history of online gambling. After many years of trying and failing, legalized online sports betting has finally arrived in the United States and has been well received. From lovers of the NFL to NBA enthusiasts, sports fans the length and breadth of the country are making predictions, cheering on their teams, and landing profits.

Have you tried betting on sports using a famous app like Xbet? It’s easier than you might think, with hundreds of licensed and regulated sportsbooks waiting to welcome you to the fold. You can bet at a land-based gambling office, but it’s quicker and more convenient to do it online. 

Wager on the next live game, race, or fight using your laptop or smartphone app. An intelligent bet can make even the dullest fixture spring to life.

Best welcome bonuses

The gambling industry is more competitive now than it has been at any time in the past. The leading names from Las Vegas compete with the top dogs from the United Kingdom and Ireland for your attention. 

A betting app must offer you a bonus to stand out from the crowd—an incentive to join them over the other bookies available. But what are these incentives, and how do you claim your share?

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This article brings you the three standout welcome bonuses online bookmakers in the United States offer. There are much more available, but we have selected the three best. The deals that leave others in the shadows and give bettors the best online gambling experience possible.

Deposit-matched free bet

The deposit-matched free bet is the most popular type of welcome bonus used by major online bookies. With this deal, you must register an account and make your first deposit of $10 or more using your debit card. Place a qualifying bet on a sportsbook market with odds of -200 or better. When your initial wager results, you qualify for the free bet tokens.

In most cases, the value of your free bet will equal your first deposit and wager. If you bet $100, you will bag a $100 free bet. This may come as a lump sum but can also be broken into smaller free bet tokens, such as four £25 free bets.

A popular bonus as it puts you in complete control of how much you spend on gambling and the size of your free bet. You can make the most of being a new customer and deposit high to land a big free bet or keep things simple while you get to grips with the app and sports available.

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Risk-free bet

Another that is popular with bookmakers at the moment is the risk-free or no-lose bet. As any experienced gambler already knows, the sportsbook betting industry is renowned for offering promotions that claim the user can’t lose. Most struggle to live up to the billing and prove little more than savvy marketing.

The risk-free bet welcome bonus is a little different. As mentioned above, you must create an online betting account and make your first deposit of £10 or more. Place a sportsbook wager; if your bet wins, you keep the profits. But if your wager loses, the bookie will refund your stakes, allowing you another go at landing a winner.

The great thing about this promo is it allows you to target a big price winner. Knowing your bet can’t lose and you’ll recieve your stake back if things don’t go to plan, there’s little point following a favorite. Take a chance on an outsider or plucky underdog with chunky odds attached; the worst that will happen is you’ll get your $10 stake back.

Enhanced odds

The enhanced odds bonus is often used around big sporting events like the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby, or Champions League final. A bookie will enhance the odds of a popular selection for new players. It’s often a price hike that catches your eye and creates a splash in the industry.

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Get better odds than is available to other bettors. When targeting this time of bonus, be sure to read the terms and conditions. You’ll often find the odds have been cranked up, but there is a maximum stake in place, such as $10. Any more must go on the bet at the odds offered to all members.