10 FAQs About Dorm Moving In Boston

Ready for college but have question regarding dorm moving? You are at the best place as Boston movers help you provide with necessary tips. We know you want to be ready for dorm and don’t want to miss anything while moving. It is going to be your home for a long period of time. Here are 10 FAQs that students ask while moving.

  • What Should I Add in My List of Things to Move?

Make sure you divide your stuff to move into categories like stationary, sleeping supplies, kitchen products, sanitation products, bathroom supplies, electronics, and, of course, clothing. Dividing would help you put your things in order.

You may even label the boxes according to category and sub-category. Also, a lamp, trashcan, a board, storage bins, and mini hanger for clothes are important. Some college dorm provides a few pieces of furniture while other in Boston don’t. Therefore, having a foresight would be crucial.

  • What Should I Not Add in My List?

Don’t be tempted to carry any food material, cooked or uncooked, as they might be spoiled in the process. Especially, if you are moving from a nearby city to Boston, carrying food items is a complete no. 

Also, frozen items or other things that might melt or spill are recommended to not transport with other things. You may carry a snack or two to help you through the day. You should also separately carry our pets. Depending on your dorm, there would be rules about pet keeping. It is even better to carry your pets another day, if possible. 

  • Will I Get a Fridge in My Room?

Most dorms in Boston provide a mini-fridge in each room or a bigger fridge in the common kitchen. You may read your respective dorm policies to know about them. If you don’t get one from your uni, think about getting one for yourself. 

It would help yo to store food and prevent things from spoiling. It would be a great idea to talk to your roommate to get a mini-fridge together and share the costs. The mini-fridges usually save energy and also keeps stuff quite cold. The small space inside does not use a lot of energy. 

  • Will Someone Help Me Move My Stuff at the Uni?

There are always people on the moving day who help the new students find their room and settle down. These are usually organizations or special club members at the university. Also, you may ask a parent or friends to accompany you. They can help you move your stuff and help you unpack. It is a proud and sad moment for the parents as they see their child shifting to a different place.   

  • Will I Need a Toolkit in Dorm? 

Whether you will need a toolkit or not, that is a secondary question. You should have a toolkit with you. It will make you independent and help you in fixing small stuff. You don’t have to wait for the plumber, or carpenter to come and check.

A small toolkit is completely harmless and quite helpful. With a combination of different screwdrivers and nuts, it helps you fix simple IKEA furniture. 

  • How Many People Can I Bring on My 1st Day?

We suggest you to have at most 2 people. There will be a lot of people on the 1st day, leading to chaos. Therefore, having both your parents, or two of your friends is a good idea. In case you choose for a moving company, they would also send two people for the job.

Their main purpose is to work efficiently and transport more stuff in less amount of time. Especially if your room is not at the first floor, the people from the company know how to take many things at a time. 

  • What Packing Material Should I Use? 

You may use carton boxes, big garbage bags, duffle bags, and other bags made of cloth. Ditch the suitcases as they will take up a lot of space in your dorm. Unless you are flying, having labelled carton boxes is the best idea. If you have booked a moving company for a log inter-city move, we would transport all of your stuff by the road. It is safer, and easier. 

  • Do I Have to Set up My Room Alone? 

No, you will have company. Whether the students from the uni or your friends, there will be someone with you to set up your room. Even your roommate would help you unpack stuff and make it home from dorm. Because home is where you are. 


Dorm moving can be stressful if you don’t plan ahead of time. Be prepared with all the information from the uni website about their move-in policies. Some uni have a relaxed approach while others are strict in Boston.

Make sure you have help from either a parent or a friend to make things easier. You can always get a professional moving company to help you transport your stuff. The Boston movers can help you plan, provide packing services, unloading, and transporting service. Choose what you need. Happy moving!