How to determine if a betting site is legal?

How to determine if a betting site is legal?

Despite the fact that there are loads of online betting operators out there, not all of them are worth it. The bad news is that users often make mistakes and don’t know what they need to focus on to find the site that works best for their needs. Fortunately, at you may find more details about legal betting sites and everything you need to know about them, such as their license, payment options, offers, and more.

Of course, choosing a bookie requires you to know the ins and outs of a given operator. That said, the most important thing is to check whether the site is legal because the last thing you want is to use an operator that does not fall into this category. Needless to say, there are all sorts of problems you can get yourself into, so it is not worth the risk.

Determining whether a given betting site is legal is easier than it seems, even for inexperienced bettors. So, let’s go through some of the basic things you must be aware of.

Make sure the site has a license

Unless you want to have problems in the long run, you should do everything you can to find an iGaming operator with one or more licenses. Ideally, the site you’re using should have a permit from the gambling legislator in your own country. This will allow you to contact it if there are any problems and rely on it for help.

Sadly, most of the casinos and bookies you will find will only have a permit from your jurisdiction if you live in the UK or other places. Instead, sites use permits from third-party regulators. For example, Curacao and Malta are popular places where gaming sites can get licenses and use them to operate in many parts of the world.

Keep in mind that some gambling operators have multiple licenses from all sorts of regulators. This is good because it means that the site has to keep track of a lot of regulations and adhere to them.

Check whether the site has any sponsorships

Even though many people do not think this is important, the fact that the gambling site they like sponsors specific teams or events is definitely a plus. Nowadays, you can come across a lot of operators that help certain teams or players, and in return, they advertise the site. Even more impressive is that some betting companies have bought entire sports leagues and named them after the brand.

Usually, you can learn whether the site you’re using has any sponsorship deals by checking its “About us” section. In some cases, you can also learn this from the site’s footer because it contains a variety of information. 

Check for things like a firewall and an SSL certificate

Even though these two features do not have that much in common with the given operator’s legal status, they are worth checking. The firewall is a typical security system used by gambling sites because it allows users to stay safe while playing. The idea behind it is to block any attacks from hackers.

In terms of the SSL certificate, this is something that you will find on pretty much all sites. However, those that handle financial transactions, such as gambling operators, have to offer a better version than the standard one. As a result, sites often have a 256-bit version that offers more secure protection.

Try to read comments from other users

Even though reading comments about an online betting website can be a recipe for disaster, you can learn a thing or two about a given company. However, you have to be really careful and filter the comments that don’t give any value. Needless to say, people will say all sorts of things when they’ve lost, so you have to consider this.

Of course, you also must be careful when going through positive comments. Some operators might pay people to write those things about them, so always check whether the things that people claim are true or not.