5 Not Obvious Signs of Depression Students Often Ignore

People usually associate depression with lying in a messy room and feeling completely numb to anything around you. Still, before a person gets to a clinical stage of this illness, they experience signs and symptoms that seem insignificant or even unrelated to depression itself.

Being a student, you face a lot of new challenges in your life and have to test all your beliefs and ways of living as an adult. There are plenty of stress factors that cause you to feel very similar symptoms that can be related to depression. But they often seem to be just a result of an all-nighter before the exam.

However, often these symptoms don’t simply go away. You might meet all your deadlines by timely googling “essay hub reviews” and finding an essay writing service to deal with all your assignments without cramming. But you still feel empty and apathetic. So pay attention to these five not-so-obvious signs of depression that often get swept under the rug. 


The number one sign of depression is constant fatigue. Whatever you do, you always feel tired and have no energy to do anything. You will not even find emotional resources to go see the movie from a favorite franchise or meet up with a friend. And even if you do, all you can think about is when you’d be able to lie down.

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Yet it is hard to attribute it to depression when you are already tired from all the responsibilities you have to complete in uni. Add a more complicated and rich social life on campus than your usual high school experience, and it would be even harder to spot what exactly makes you tired all the time.  

Messed up sleeping patterns

Another sign that often gets overlooked is an irregular sleeping pattern. Depression usually manifests in either inability to fall asleep or wanting to sleep all the time. Either way, critical changes in your sleep could be a symptom of early-developing or high-functioning depression.

Notably, students rarely can boast about having a healthy sleeping schedule. Thus, it is easy to neglect significant changes in your sleep. It is important to keep your sleeping habit stable and use the essay writing websites by EssayReviews.com to order the essay and avoid late-night cramming. Hence, you will spot unusual sleep patterns without thinking that it’s the result of all-nighters.

Lack of motivation to do what you enjoy

Depression sucks out any joy of doing just about anything. The most significant sign of depression is feeling unmotivated to do what you love. It is almost like you’re losing interest in things that used to bring you happiness. And do not know where to get those positive emotions that your hobbies and interests used to give you.

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When you go through uni, a lot of things in your life change. It is natural to lose interest in something in the process of adulthood. Thus, in combination with tiredness and stress, the loss of hobbies gets neglected. Do not overlook sudden feelings of disinterest in what you love. It will turn out to be one of the most harmful ways in which depression works.     

Feeling hopeless in your future

Uni life is full of doubts and uncertainties. When you’re choosing your degree at school, you usually pick it based on your favorite subject or your main interest. However, the job that you dream about might turn out to be something completely different. Hence, you can feel like you’ve made a mistake or are not cut out to be a professional in this field. 

Yet, the feeling of having no future could be another hidden sign of depression. An essay writer might sometimes feel like they are doing the same thing all over again and do not have many opportunities, but it does not mean that they are depressed. If you have a constant feeling that there is no future for you somewhere, do not overlook this sign. 

Substance abuse

Drinking is a common uni experience. Young people who get out from their parents’ houses for the first time in their lives tend to experiment with substances and sometimes have fun in not the healthiest ways out there. However, substance abuse can also be a hidden sign of depression.

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When you feel completely hopeless and disinterested, sometimes alcohol or other substances might be the only things that make you feel alive. Notably, it might turn into a serious addiction problem that stems from a hidden depression and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Thus, be sure to be cautious around substances when you do not feel well.  

Wrapping Up

That’s about it. Pay attention to constant fatigue, unusual drastic changes in your sleeping schedule, feeling unmotivated to do what you love, the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness in your future, and substance abuse as a coping mechanism. Be attentive to your mind and body, and never hesitate to ask for help if spotting these signs.