Midnight Mass season 2 Release date, Plot And Everything We Know So Far

Midnight Mass season 2 Release date, Plot And Everything We Know So Far

If you are a horror thriller fan, you must have watched the works of Mike Flanagan. Midnight mass is the famous creation of Flanagan. Whenever there is mention of the genre horror, thriller, or suspense, seldom does Hollywood let us down.

The audience’s interest is either piqued because of the cast and direction or the plot. Here is Midnight mass. We can fairly say that the cause of the interest is the abovementioned factors.

People were excited to see the director’s new work, and the 9storyline of the series had great suspense and horror that a light-hearted person shouldn’t even peek at the scenes. 

Overview of Midnight mass:

Midnight mass is a Netflix original American miniseries. It is a religious drama series with many plot twists and turns and a breathtaking thriller. There are contents in this drama that others may find a bit disturbing, but that makes the series justify its horror genre.

The show starts as a man comes back to his hometown island named Crockett island after serving his jail time of four years for a drunk and driving incident in which he accidentally killed a person.

But at the same time, a young priest also comes into the town, starts to attract many people in the area with its miraculous acts, and gains their faith and belief.

But it gets interesting when people start noticing some unusual behavior of the father, and before they know what’s happening around them, they are surrounded by their downfall.

This series was created and produced by Mike Flanagan, who directed many popular horror series and movies like Haunting of hill house (2018) and Haunting of bly manor (2020). 

Most of Flanagan’s series is limited, and Netflix also announced the midnight mass as one of the limited series. 

The plot of Midnight mass 2:

It is scarce for a limited series to have a second season, but there is a possibility for everything. If there is going to be a second season of Midnight mass, then there are some plot holes that can become plausible reasons for renewing.

The last episode of Midnight mass showed that the priest was swapping their red wine with vampire blood. The village became a chaotic mess.

Half the village people were enraged and decided to burn everything, excluding the church, and others agreed to take to the priest and become immortal.

But four people from the village who were out to burn the whole village down decided that despite the discussion with the group, they would burn the church too.

 This plan did not succeed because other people murdered them. And with this hustle and bustle, the whole village was set on fire, including the church, so the people didn’t have any shed to shield them from the sun. 

So when the sun rose the following day, people started burning, and everybody in the village died except for two. They were warren and Leeza. 

When they were on the boat and watched everything burn before their eyes, and that’s where Leeza says that she couldn’t feel her legs.

This indicates that the angel died, but he was nowhere seen, and during an interview, the director also suggested that they didn’t mean that as the angel’s death. It only meant that Leeza’s blood once again became pure. So, there is a slight possibility that the angel is alive.

As mentioned above, this miniseries is a limited series, so the possibility for season 2 is slim.

The casting of Midnight mass:

  • Hamish Linklater plays the father, Paul Hill, the church’s young priest and temporary monsignor Pruitt.
  •  Zach Gilford portrays Riley Flynn, a native of Crockett island, who comes back from jail after four years for the drunk and driving accident. 
  • Kate Siegel plays Erin Greene, an old love interest of Riley and a schoolteacher.
  • Samantha Sloyan plays the role of Bev Keane, a very important community member.
  • Kristin Lehman portrays Annie Flynn, Riley’s mother.
  • Henry Thomas played Ed Flynn, Riley’s father.
  • Igby Rigney portrays Warren Flynn as Riley’s younger brother and the church’s altar boy.
  • Rahul Kohli, as sheriff Hassan, a Muslim sheriff in Crockett island.
  • Annarah Cymone played Leeza Scarborough, who is the daughter of the mayor and handicap.
  • Alex Esseo plays Mildred Gunning, Sarah’s mother.
  • Annabeth Gish plays Dr. Sarah Gunning.

Episodes in the Midnight Mass season 2:

There were seven episodes in season 1 of Midnight mass. As there is no confirmation for season two, we can’t tell about the number of episodes for next season but stay in touch with us, and we will keep you updated. 

The runtime of the Midnight Mass season 2:

Each episode in the series consisted of 60 minutes runtime. As for the second season, we’ll let you know when there be announcements.


Name of the series Midnight mass
Number of seasons     1


2 is not yet confirmed. 

Number of episodes        7
Runtime  60 min to 70 min
Country United States
Language  English
Genre Horror, thriller, supernatural 
Release date 24 September 2021
Producer Mike Flanagan, Ted Macy, Jeff Howard 
Created by Mike Flanagan 
Writer  Mike Flanagan 
Cinematography  Michael Fimognary 
Network  Netflix 


Wrapping Up:

For all the Netflix watchers, if you have not yet seen this breathtaking thriller and eye-closing horror drama, then go check it out at Midnight mass. And those who have watched as you know that this was a limited series, so there is a silver chance for the next season.

But let’s hope for the best.

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

Does the angel die in the last?

Ans. The last episode showed that when Leeza was escaping, she told warren that she couldn’t feel her legs. Now, this can be because the reactions of the vampire blood perished, or the angel died and broke the curse. But there was no dead body found for the angel.

Will Midnight mass get season 2?

Ans. It is very unlikely for a limited series to get two seasons; though there was a balanced ending, some plot loop can make season 2 happen.

What happened to Warren and Leeza?

Ans. After the whole village caught fire, Warren and Leeza escaped through the boat into the sea and watched everyone burn into the dead.

Will there be any new characters in the new season?

Ans. As confirmation for the new season is not sure, we can only say that if there will be a renewing of the new season, there will obviously be new exciting characters with another interesting plot and storyline.