Johnny Knoxville Net Worth, Biography, and Everything You Want to Know 

Johnny Knoxville Net Worth, Biography, and Everything You Want to Know 

Phillip John Clapp, a.k.a. Johnny Knoxville, is popularly known for his exceptional presentation on numerous shows, movies, and music videos. Johnny Knoxville is an American professional actor, producer, screenwriter, and stunt performer. He is also famous for delivering the funniest comedy-drama performances. 

Johnny Knoxville Personal Details
Real Name Philip John Clapp
Nick Name Johnny Knoxville
Mother Name Lemoyne Clapp
Father Name Philip Clapp
Siblings Lynne Clapp
Date of Birth March 11, 1971
Hometown Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
Age 51 Years (In 2023)
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Spouse Melanie Lynn Clapp (1995-2009),
Naomi Nelson (2010-2022)
Marital Status Divorced
Children Madison Clapp,
Arlo Clapp,
Rocko Akira Clapp
Nationality American
Ethnicity Cristian
Height 1.85 mtr.
Weight 82 kg
Education South-Doyle High School, Knoxville
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown

His work includes iconic films such as Men in Black II and The Last Stand. Johnny Knoxville’s unmatched energy, confidence, and hard work opened the way for his success. As of 2023, he holds a net worth of over $70 Million. 

This article will help you to understand Johnny Knoxville’s personal and professional life. 

Johnny Knoxville Personal Life

Johnny Knoxville is the stage of the stunt reality show, Jackass’s Fame, Philip John Clapp. He was born on March 11, 1971, in Knoxville, USA.

From being a son of a car salesman to becoming one of the most famous American actors, producers, and professional wrestlers, Johnny Knoxville has come a long way. 

It’s been more than three decades of his work in the film industry. However, achieving this huge success is not a five-finger task for him. 

Johnny Knoxville completed his schooling at South-Doyle High School, United States. Later, he discovered his interest in drama and films and joined the American Academy of Dramatic Arts from the same school. 

Johnny Knoxville Professional Details
Occupation Stunt performer,
Professional wrestler.
Popular Show Name Jackass,
Jackass: The Movie,
Jackass Forever,
Jackass: Bad Grandpa,
Jackass 3D,
Jackass Number Two.
Famous Movies Fun Size, The Last Stand, The Ringer.
Awards and Achievements Teen Choice Awards, Best Comedic Performance
Hobbies Acting, Baseball
Instagram Username @johnnyknoxville
Twitter Username @@realjknoxville
Facebook Username Johnny Knoxville
Official Website
Networth $70 Million (2023)

Johnny’s father, Philip, was a car salesman, and his mother, Lemoyne Clapp, was a homemaker. In 1995, Johnny married Melanie Lynn Clapp, and they have a daughter named Madison Clapp. 

However, after thirteen years of their togetherness, the couple mutually decided to part ways, and in 2008, they announced divorce. 

Later, in 2010, Johnny Knoxville married Naomi Nelson, and they divorced in 2022. Naomi and Johnny have two children. His son’s name is Rocko Akira Clapp, and his daughter’s is Arlo Clapp. 

Other than that, Johnny has been dating Jessica Simpson and Lydia Scot Lee.  

Johnny Knoxville Latest Updates

A couple of months ago, Johnny Knoxville talked about his return to the WWE and stated that he eagerly awaited the upcoming projects and his return to the WWE. Johnny isn’t booked for any major shows, so we can assume he will step inside the game.

Further ahead, this actor and stunt performer was already featured inside a WWE ring at the beginning of this year. Johhny was called out in the Men’s Royal Rumble Match, which lasted about one minute and twenty seconds. But unfortunately, Johnny was eliminated by Sami Zyan.

Johnny Knoxville Career and Credits

Johnny Knoxville started his professional journey in 1992; from then, he never looked back. Johnny worked as a shadow character in several commercial advertisements in his building phase. 

After some time, Johnny Knoxville decided to create his empire, and he started writing and giving presentations to various articles and magazine agencies.

In 2000, Johnny Knoxville became one of the best creators and stars of the MTV stunt show, Jackass, and the story begins from then. In 2012, Johnny released the final block of Jackass and gave the name Jackass Forever. 

Apart from this, Johnny Knoxville also owns and operates a production company named Dickhouse Productions. Later 2014, he established another production company, ‘Hello Junior’. 

Johnny is not just an actor, producer, and stunt professional, but he is also known as a powerful wrestler. From the RAW, Johnny made his professional WWE debut with Indian wrestler, The Great Khali. Johnny also appeared as a guest on RAW. 

It’s not always the shining stars that favor the fortune; sometimes, dark clouds may take over the sky. Johnny has also seen a downfall in his life. Khalil Khan sued him for a terrifying ordeal in 2022. 

Johnny Knoxville Net Worth

As we have heard, ‘Fortune favors the brave,’ similarly, Johnny Knoxville’s hard work, dedication, and perseverance paved the way for his success. Johnny is living a luxurious life in the beautiful Los Angeles, California. 

Johnny owns several properties in his hometown, Tennessee. As of 2023, Johnny holds a net worth of $90 Million. 

Net Worth in 2023 $90 Million
Net Worth in 2022 $82 Million
Net Worth in 2021 $75 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $65 Million
Net Worth in 2019 $61 Million 

Johnny Knoxville Car Collection 

Phillip John Clapp, a.k.a Johnny Knoxville, is a famous actor, producer, and professional wrestler. He has several expensive cars. By looking at Johnny Knoxville’s car collection, we can say that his love for cars is eternal. It includes $143,000 worth of Aston Martin, his Jaguar costs approximately $100,000. Other than that, he also owns Mercedes and Porsche.

Johnny Knoxville Movie List 

Johnny Knoxville has done a lot of movies and television shows. He has been in films since 1995. The first time he appeared in Desert Blues and this movie, Johnny played the role of Bob.  

Johnny worked in more than five movies in 2002 itself. He has been featured in iconic movies like Men in Black II, Big Trouble, and Jackass: The Movie. Apart from this, Knoxville was also featured in Jackass Forever and Jackass 4.5 in 2022. 

Johnny Knoxville Awards and Achievements 

After viewing Johnny Knoxville’s brief life journey, from the son of a car salesman to becoming one of the most popular stars, let’s discuss the awards and achievements that he has earned over the years. 

Johnny Knoxville received Teen Choice Award for his excellent performance in ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’. He also earned MTV Movie Award for his role in ‘Bad Grandpa.’

So that’s all about the multi-talented actor, stunt performer, and screenwriter. Hopefully, you have read this article to the end. When we get further details regarding Johnny Knoxville, we will add them here.