Fat Joe Net Worth, Biography, and Everything You Want to Know

Fat Joe Net Worth, Biography, and Everything You Want to Know

Joseph Antonio Cartagena is the actual name of the famous American rapper Fat Joe. He is 51 years old hip hop music artist, songwriter, and producer. Fat Joe is also a famous record producer and actor. 

Fat Joe Personal Details
Real Name Joseph Antonio Cartagena
Stage Name Fat Joe
Mother Name Marie Cartagena
Father Name Ernesto Delgado
Siblings Lynne Clapp
Date of Birth August 19, 1970
Hometown South Bronx, New York
Age 52 Years (In 2023)
Zodiac Sign Leo
Spouse Lorena Cartagena
Marital Status Married
Children Ryan Cartagena,
Azariah Cartagena,
Joey Cartagena
Nationality American
Ethnicity Cristian
Height 5ft 11 inch
Weight 90 kg
Education Morris High School
Eye Color Green
Hair Type Bald

Joe started his music career in 1992, and after that, he never looked back. His contribution to the music industry took him to the doors of various international awards. Fat Joe’s estimated net worth is more than $6 million in 2023. 

This article will provide you with all the necessary information about Fat Joe. We have mentioned Fat Joe’s net worth, car collection, along with his personal and professional life. 

We have also included his awards and achievements and car collection. So what are you waiting for? Let’ ‘s get started with Fat Joe’s early life. 

Fat Joe Personal Life

A person’s success is often linked to their early life. Joseph Antonio Cartagena, a.k.a Fat Joe, has reached the peak of success by putting in his hard work and perseverance. 

Fat Joe was born on August 19, 1970, in the South Bronx, New York. He is also known as Fat Joe da Gangsta, and behind this name is the history of this American rapper. 

Joe’s early life was full of guns, gangs, crimes, and dirt. In his initial days, Joe was stealing to uphold his family. He had to spend his past in poverty, and one day Joe decided to turn the table around and started his lifelong journey in music. 

Apart from music, Joe also loves to eat various cuisines. In an interview, Joe stated that he likes to play various sports games. Still, many people may be unaware that Fat Joe is also a good voice-over artist.  

Fat Joe Professional Details
Occupation Rapper, Songwriter, Actor, Voiceover artist
Popular Songs All The Way Up, Make it Rain,
Sunshine (The Light), Lean Back, Another Round
Famous Movies I Like It Like That (1994), Empire (2002),
Scary Movie 3 (2003), Narx (2011), Supermodel (2015),
Night School (2018)
Awards and Achievements ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards (2005),
Billboard Latin Music Awards (2006),
Grammy Awards (Nominated)
BET Awards (Nominated)
MTV Video Music Awards (Nominated)
iHeartRadio Music Awards (Nominated)
Hobbies Food, Handicraft, Music, Sports, Art
Instagram Username @fatjoe
Twitter Username @fatjoe
Facebook Username Fat Joe
YouTube Fat Joe
Networth $6 Million (2023)

In his personal life, he often goes on helping people and organizations through charity. For instance, he donated computers to his old school in New York. Joe married Lorena Cartagena in 1995, and they have three children, Ryan, Azariah, and Joey. Fat Joe’s daughter Azariah wants to pursue a career in the music industry.  

However, in 2012, many believed that Joe and Lorena parted their ways, but then the couple sorted out things, and now it’s been more than 26 years of their togetherness. Lorena likes to remain outside of the media attention, and that’s why there aren’t too many details available about her. 

Fat Joe Latest Updates

Fat Joe has exceptional command over his music, and whatever he knows about Hip Hop and culture is standout from the masses. A couple of days ago, Joe went on his Instagram Live and gave some insightful messages to all aspiring and emerging rappers worldwide.

In addition to that, Fat Joe, along with Juelz Santana, was invited as a special guest for Tribeca Festival. The festival brings the evolution in urban music and culture, and not only that, but it is also surrounded by numerous other music genres such as Hip-Hop Rap music, Bachata, Latin Pop, Reggaeton, and so on.

Fat Joe Music Career 

The multi-talented Fat Joe started his music career by joining Diggin’ in the Crates Crew (D.I.T.C) hip-hop group in 1992-’93. Later, he left the group and started working on building his label, Terror Squad Production, in 1997. 

In 1993, Fat Joe released his debut album ‘Represent’ His ‘Flow Joe’ single reached the peak of the Billboard Hot Rap Single chart. With the launch of his second studio album, ‘Jealous One’s Envy’, he featured on The Billboard 200. 

Other than that. Fat Joe also worked with the GOATs such as Prodigy, Mobb Deep, and Foxy Brown. He has released various studio albums. It includes Loyalty (2002), All or Nothing (2005), The Elephant in The Room (2008), and The Darkside Vol. 1. 

Apart from the above, Joe is featured in many TV shows and movies. We have seen him in the ‘She’s Gotta Have, and ‘The Captain’ Tv shows. His movies like, Night School (2018), New York Undercover (2019), and Fearless (2010) helped him to get desired wealth and fame. 

As Fat Joe started getting recognition, he teamed up with various artists and music producers. He has good relations with DJ Khaled and Canadian rapper Drake. 

Fat Joe Net Worth

Music and Films paved the way for Fat Joe’s success, and his collaborations added an extra advantage to his fortune. This New York-based rapper and producer Fat Joe has a net worth of $4 Million. 

Joe has his music label, Terror Squad. Here we have added his previous years’ net worth. However, it may vary from time to time as he has been doing many commercial songs and shows. 

Net Worth in 2023 $6 Million 
Net Worth in 2022 $4 Million
Net Worth in 2021 $6 million
Net Worth in 2020 $3.5 Million
Net Worth in 2019 $3 Million

Fat Joe Car Collection 

Fat Joe earned so much love and respect from the industry. He has various ranges of cars. It includes $450,000 worth of Rolls Royce. He also owns Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet, and a Range Rover. 

Apart from the car collection, Fat Joe owns various properties in his hometown, Ney-York.

Fat Joe Thinking and Ideology

Fat Joe is a person who has seen, from downfall to glorious success in his life. He believes in hard work and dedication, which is why he has achieved so much through his music.

In an interview, Fat Joe stated that he supports the LGBT community even though he is straight. Joe is also famous for his inspirational quotes. 

“See, me; I don’t run away. During my successes or failures, I put it on me.” and “Everybody wants to be famous, but you have to be ready to deal with consequences.” these are some of his favorite quotes. 

Fat Joe Awards and Achievements 

Joseph Cartagena has earned various awards for his excellent contribution to the music industry. If you like to listen to music, especially Hip Hop and Rap music, you may hear about this American rapper, Fat Joe. 

In 2005, Joe was honored with the ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music award for the Top Soundtrack Song of The Year. He also won Billboard Latin Music Awards. 

Not only that, but Fat Joe was also nominated for various awards. It includes iHeartRadio, BET, and MTV Video Music Awards. Joe’s four songs were also nominated for the Grammy Awards. 

Fat Joe Controversy

As mentioned earlier, Joe’s early life didn’t last well. He was involved in robbery and crimes. However, in September 1998, Fat Joe and Big Pun were sent behind bars as they were accused of hitting a man and snatching his gold chain. 

Joe was also charged with a tax evasion crime. He was found guilty, and reports have stated that he was avoiding the due income tax payment of $3 Million from 2007 to 2010. 

So that’s all about the American rapper, songwriter, and producer Fat Joe. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this article.