Virtual reality, video chat, safety — the main ingredients of a perfect dating app

If you are an old-timer in the world of online dating, you probably remember when the choice of online dating services was limited to just a couple of options. The real king among them was, which invited users to take a large survey and then, based on their answers, selected the most suitable partners for them. At least it tried to do so…

Today, such functionality, although not considered primitive, is still outdated. Modern users want more. The online dating service should now not only look for successful matches, but also entertain a person in every possible way, and motivate them to return again and again. But how do they do it? This is exactly what we would like to demonstrate to you now. We promise it will be interesting!

7 criteria that an online dating service must meet in the 21st century

Of course, there are many more such criteria, but we decided to focus on the most important ones. However you can probably name others that will be equally or more relevant for you — we fully encourage you to identify what’s most important to you. Now let’s get straight to the point!

  • Availability of convenient and functional mobile apps and virtual reality

At one time, Tinder showed the whole world that the era of browser-based dating sites was a thing of the past. The golden hour of apps has arrived! Even so, there are still dating services that don’t have smartphone apps. Yes, their sites are perfectly optimized for mobile browsers, but that’s still not as convenient as using an official app. Therefore, if an online dating service has only a website nowadays, it simply will not have a chance to compete with its rivals.

Virtual reality is of particular interest to the public these days, but still remains a very expensive technology. And Tinder’s desire to launch its own metaverse in VR did not lead to anything. The project has been suspended for an unknown period. But such technologies are the future, this cannot be denied.

  • Built-in video chat, preferably free

It’s a little strange that popular dating apps didn’t implement video chat features for so long. For example, Tinder added video chat only in 2020, and even then only because of the coronavirus pandemic, mass self-isolation and a lack of live communication among people. Besides, this feature is paid on Tinder, and in order for you to be able to chat with a person via video, not only you but also the other person must have a premium account.

Obviously, not everyone is ready to pay a premium solely for the opportunity to communicate with new people. Therefore, now we are seeing a surge in the popularity of the video chat format. Here are just a few examples of such services:

  • Omegle — one of the first video chat sites in history, which has been operating since 2009. In search settings, only a language filter and search by interests are available. But for many users, this is quite enough. Much more inconvenient is the fact that Omegle still does not have mobile applications. And so far there’s not even a hint that they are being developed.
  • CooMeet — a versatile video chat with an error-free gender filter. Omegle alternative at only connects men with girls, and is never wrong. In addition to the web version, the service has excellent mobile applications for iOS and Android, a built-in translator, a good support service, and even its own affiliate program.
  • Tinychat — not exactly a classic Omegle alternative, but rather a video streaming service where you can stream your own or watch other members’ broadcasts. Tinychat does not have any themed areas, so the streams have the most diverse topics.
  • Emeraldchat — not only a video chat, but also a pretty functional messenger. It supports individual and group chats, you can share photos and media files, search for other users by gender and even by karma rating. As the developers say, the service is reliably protected from bots.
  • Shagle — a fairly simple video chat with gender and geographic filters for searching for people. Here you can also give virtual gifts to the users you like in order to attract their attention and show your sympathy.

Against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, many of the listed video chats increased their active user audience by 2-3 times. Now, of course, the activity has decreased a bit, but video chat still attracts a huge number of people every day.

  • High level of confidentiality and security

Fraud on dating services is a huge problem today. And it only got worse during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now the developers of dating services are doing everything possible to protect their audience from the actions of intruders. But still, the amount of money lost from year to year is estimated in the millions of dollars.

Moderation and algorithms for searching for scammers are constantly being improved, but the safety of each user still depends primarily on them. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the basic rules of Internet security. Tinder, Bumble and some other popular services are already doing special mailings in which they share tips on safety on the web.

  • Elements of gamification

As we often talk about Tinder today, we can use it here as an example. Swipe likes, which Tinder was one of the first to implement, are a vivid example of successful gamification of the dating process. These were then copied by many others, but initially they were completely new and interesting.

Among video chats, there are also similar examples. For example, in Bazoocam chatroulette, you can not only chat with a person via video, but also play an online mini-game with them during the chat. Convenient and fun!

  • Original pair selection algorithms

This is where the main difficulty lies. Most popular dating services use essentially identical matchmaking algorithms, which don’t always work. The only exception is the Hinge service, which uses the Gale-Shapley algorithm. But it’s far from perfect, too.

Some changes in this area are now being observed on Match. As the developers say, their algorithm now analyzes more directly the behavior of users, and not what they write about themselves on the site. Thus, they form a more objective portrait of the user.

  • Non-standard approach to the design of profiles

For a long time, a person’s profile on a dating service was very boring: a couple of photos, a list of interests, short information, and that’s it. However, things are changing now. Some apps allow you to use video greetings instead of photos. And on Tinder, for example, you can set the music for your profile directly from Spotify. Some services take a different approach — they hide almost all the information in a person’s profile until you chat with them anonymously for a while.

  • Integration with third-party services

Being able to log in to a dating app through Facebook or Google is a convenience. And being able to play your favorite Spotify song when a user visits your profile is unusual to say the least. Integrations with third-party services open up a lot of new useful features. And if a dating service wants to be trendy, it shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. The times of development separate from the entire internet are in the past.

Is there a dating platform that meets all criteria 100%?

As much as we would like one, the perfect dating site or app simply does not exist. Each has many strengths and weaknesses. And what one user likes may not be suitable for another.

So how do you find the best service for yourself then?

The only way out is to try different options and look for the best. It doesn’t even have to be a classic dating site or app. Maybe your choice is online video chat. Or even regular social networks, where you can also easily meet new people. Search, compare different platforms and choose what is right for you!