Marvel’s Blade is On Pause – Here’s What We Know So Far

Marvel’s Blade is On Pause – Here’s What We Know So Far

Marvel Studio is no stranger to making headlines, and they are once again at the forefront of attention with their highly-anticipated vampire superhero movie – Blade Reboot.

The production house has recently been trapped in the heat waves of an ongoing writer’s strike and is on pause ahead of filming.

Announced in 2019, the MCU’s Blade is set to cast Mahershala Ali, a two-time Oscar Winner, as the titular half-vampire killer. Wesley Snipes previously portrayed this role in Blade Trilogy, running from 1998 through 2004.

While this superhero movie is all set to hit screens in 2004, it’s interesting to see if this strike will impact its official schedule or if things will go as planned. Here we’ll throw some light on Marvel’s Blade and the ongoing writer’s strike.

A Quick Overview of Blade’s Production Woes

This MCU film, Blade Reboot, has had a rocky road already, and this writer’s strike is one more setback on the list of multiple other production woes plaguing the film production.

The project has been in the offering since 2013, when Marvel first teased it. It was then announced in 2019 and got a release date of November 3, 2023.

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However, due to creative differences, the team pushed the date after the original director, Bassam Tariq, was replaced by Yann Demange. Another setback hit the production house when Michael Starrbury rewrote the previous screenplay by Osei-Kuffour after Demange joined the project. 

We can also expect the addition of Pizzolatoo to the screenplay front, who had recently joined Marvel’s Blade in April, a couple of weeks before the film’s production was originally scheduled.

And the saga continues with this ongoing writer’s strike. Cast and crew members were informed of the shut-down decision on Friday afternoon, leaving them agitated. Unfortunately, there’s no way to speculate when this strike will end.

Considering the past scenario, the previous 2007 strike lasted for 14 weeks. And if any such thing happens again, it will adversely affect all upcoming unwritten Marvel projects. Once the negotiations are settled, the studio may fasten their completed projects’ launch, thus making an impending gap in their schedule.

The movie Blade was most recently slated to hit screens on 4th September 2024, but whether and how the strike affects those plans remains to be seen. Stay tuned with TheLostGamer news to see if the movie will hit theaters as planned or get another shift in date.

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What’s Marvel Studio Blade All About?

Nothing much is known about the storyline of Marvel’s Blade, but the backstory of this half-vampire loaded with supernatural abilities and skills is sure to make for a grand entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Blade is now set to schedule on 6th September 2024, and filming is slated to begin this summer. However, the current writer’s strike has paused the movie indefinitely. There could be some shifts in the schedule, which might affect the movie’s original release date.

The filming schedule was set forth months before the shift in the writing department, so chances are high that further delays could happen.

The story is expected to revolve around a half-human and half-vampire character. The Blade is originally a vampire hunter, collaborating with other Marvel heroes.

Mahershala Ali is confirmed to be in Marvel’s Blade, followed by Mia Goth, Delroy Lindo, and Aaron Pierre. As noted, double Oscar winner Mahershala Ali has been enrolled to portray the lead role of Blade. However, there’s no official information about other cast members and their roles.

Just like the plot, MCU still needs to disclose Blade’s characters, thus causing anticipation to rise. And all we can do is wait and see who can make their way to this hyped project. After all, Blade has had a never-ending list of enemies and allies in comics.

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The original Blade trilogy had garnered immense popularity, even if it didn’t go well with critics. So, needless to say, all eyes are desperately waiting for this reboot, and it makes sense to see whether it’ll be worth the watch or if Marvel’s efforts will go in vain (and that doesn’t usually happen!!).

The Final Call

Maheshala Ali-starrer Blade has encountered a delay before. Wishful thinking aside, we’re eagerly waiting for this strike to end, so the production house can resume the thriller and release this movie as planned.

The studio has plenty of projects in the pipeline, including Captain America: New World Over, Deadpool 3, Agatha: Coven of Chaos, and more. So, will those projects be similarly paused or go ahead as planned? It’s really interesting to watch how will the lack of a writer on set affect the 

Marvel Studio, assuming the strike doesn’t end in the coming weeks.