Efficiency and Cost Savings: The Advantages of Fry Oil Filtering Machines

Fast food businesses typically spend the most money on deep fryer oil rather than appliances or food. Without an efficient fry oil management system, restaurants can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars annually on new cooking oil.

It is more cost-effective to filter your fryer oil so it may be reused than to replace it after each shift. Restaurants may now choose from a wide variety of solutions designed to filter and clean deep fryer oil effectively, thereby extending its useful life and assuring a constant taste.

The electric fryer oil filter machine is the best of these oil-extension items. Continue reading to learn how a fryer oil filter machine might improve operations in your eatery’s kitchen.

How Fry Oil Filtering Machines Improve Efficiency

Manually filtering oil through cheesecloth or paper filters is great for a single-pot household, but it’s not a viable option in a commercial kitchen. As oil consumption increases, it becomes clear that mechanical assistance is required, particularly if downtime due to filtration is to be kept to a minimum.

It is not necessary to wait for the oil to cool because a MirOil fry oil filtering machine can filter oil at temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Fry Oil Filtering Machines Improve Your Business Output

Electric fry oil filter machines have several advantages, not the least of which is the significant amount of time they save. Using oil that has been thoroughly filtered and cleaned using a fry oil filtering machine is beneficial since it guarantees tasty results every time.

How to use the Fry Oil Filtering Machines

Understanding the significance of doing routine oil filtration, here are some suggested approaches. Sieving particles out of used cooking oil is one example of passive filtration. A frying oil filter bag is used for this purpose because of its ability to trap even the tiniest bits of food and flavour. There are other paper filters available, however the MirOil reusable EZ Flow filter bags offer the greatest cost savings.

Although filtering can be done manually, a frying oil filter machine eliminates the need for any effort on your part.

Using a container pot to collect used oil from your fryers is another simple step in the passive oil filtration process.

Active filtering systems require specialised oil treatments, powders, and testing strips, making them marginally more involved. All of them rely on chemical processes to get rid of waste products like rotten food, oxidants, and salt, and to keep free fatty acids under control. Remove dangerous trans fats and replace them with good antioxidants with the help of a fryer oil antioxidant.

These additives have been shown to extend the life of cooking oil without compromising its safety and can be used in any food preparation.

Final Thoughts

Fry oil filtration is fundamental to improving the longevity of your fryer as well as maintaining the consistent quality of the food that you deliver to your customers each day.

Using a fry oil filtering machine saves you not only the cost of having to purchase expensive cooking oil more regularly, but significantly reduces the amount of time you have to spend filtering your fryers, allowing you to match your customer demand and deliver consistently tasting, quality food, time and again.

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