Best NFL Teams Today (2023-24)

NFL is the biggest competition of American football and draws a gigantic viewership. Some teams, however, are way better than others and draw an even larger viewership during their games. In this article, we’re going to look at the most well-rounded NFL teams that are poised to rank in the top five next season.

We’re going to analyze current form, trade news, key players, coaching staff, and of course, the overall stats and historic data to make our predictions. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

#1. Kansas City Chiefs 

The Chiefs are led by Patrick Mahomes’ impressive performance. He turns out to be the best NFL quarterback right now. His amazing passing skills, arm strength, mobility, running, football IQ, and quick decision-making make him a force on the ground. And that, in turn, makes the Chiefs one of the best teams today. 

The team is shaping up nicely. The beginning of Rashee Rice’s second preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals might have been a little rocky, but he got back on his feet and turned things around.

Mahomes praised him saying, “He had the drop early and then responded well. You can see the talent. He’s going to be a great player for us and we’re going to keep trying to push him to be even better.”

And that’s true. There’s a lot of potential in Rice as well as a lot of other team members. All they need now is to work together and fill each other’s weaknesses to create football magic.

#2. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles were #1 in the NFC in the last season with 14 wins, tied with the Chiefs with a PCT of 0.824. This time around, we expect things to be as close, if not in the favor of the Eagles on the contrary.

Even if things are as close as they were last time, the Eagles still have some nifty tricks up their sleeves that can give them the upper hand. In fact, this time around, the Eagles might just have the push they need to secure to few games where they have problems and come out on top in the league.

#3. Buffalo Bills

The Bills are in good standing. The setback was devastating—Offensive tackle Tommy Doyle received a season-ending injury in the team’s preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the second half. But we’re sure that the team can come back from that.

Indeed, the team already had a thin attack line. Now that Doyle isn’t going to play during the playoffs, it makes the team’s offense even thinner.

The mishap by Josh Allen when he apparently tried to throw the ball when he had already passed the line of scrimmage has got him a lot of flak, but well it’s the preseason and we have complete belief in his performance.

Allen is a strong quarterback and when pushed against the wall, can bring about a kind of game that can make things a little shaky for the opponents. In general, the Bills might be weaker but there is still time. 

#4. San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are a powerful team but they would’ve been #3 on our list if not for the current outlook, which looks pretty grim if we’re being perfectly honest. For example, their schedule will test them in all ways—They got two road games to begin the playoffs as well as five heated contests this time.

The 49ers have also replaced the kicker Robbie Gould with rookie Jake Moody. We strongly believe that this is going to impact the team’s performance adversely to some degree.

Lastly, we would actually still consider the 49ers to be the next Super Bowl winner only if they had a star quarterback to lead the team and the fans with confidence and cheers. Sadly, the 49ers right now have a lot against them and it certainly looks like they’re going to have a hard time compared to the Chiefs, Eagles, and Bills. 

#5. Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow is the best quarterback in the NFL right now after Mahomes. It’s not just about his stats or style, but there’s a high-voltage game that Burrow is capable of which can scare even the most resilient teams in the league.

Burrow’s professional career has been nothing short of star-studded and this might be the time when he leads his team to greater victories. Who knows, the Bengals might actually win the Super Bowl this time if they play their cards right.

The problem is that he’s struggling with a calf injury but we have reasons to believe that he will be back for Week 1 of the NFL. It would certainly be quite bad for the team if Burrow doesn’t make it when the playoffs begin but it’s going to be much worse if he somehow plays with a bad injury, which can spiral out of control and lead to more damage in a few games.

In Conclusion

The next Super Bowl is going to be a hot contest of talented teams. Whether you’re interested because of your love for the sport or to make some accurate predictions, our handy guide on the best teams will certainly help nudge you in the right direction!