­­­Your Guide To The 2023 Super Bowl

­­­Your Guide To The 2023 Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner. Spurs players, such as Matt Doherty have been getting into the swing of things by considering if any teammates could make the switch and pull it off in the NFL but most people are more interested in the Super Bowl odds as they think about where the smart money is going.

While the Super Bowl will attract a huge audience of American Football fans, what makes it so special is that the event brings in many more people. This is an event when people who ignore the sport all year round will still want to watch. It has that touch of magic to it, just in the same way that the football World Cup does.

If you’re one of those who are not glued to all things NFL throughout the year, this guide is for you. A quick read will see you fully prepped and knowing what to expect before the action gets started. Let’s dive in and give you the information that you’ll need.

Which teams are in the Super Bowl LVII?

You may be set to gather around a TV with friends, family and an abundance of drinks and snacks, but if you’ve not been following the action then you may not know which teams are even playing.

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The teams going head-to-head in 2023 are the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. These two teams both ended the regular season with a 14-3 record and this saw them tying for the best record in the NFL.

Who are the quarterbacks to watch?

If you’ve ever watched a Super Bowl before, you’ll know just how important the quarterbacks are. Yes, everyone plays their part but it’s the performance given by the quarterbacks that can make or break a game.

For the Philadelphia Eagles, it’s 24-year-old Jalen Hurts who’ll be starting the game. When it comes to the Chiefs, 27-year-old Patrick Mahomes will be looking to make his mark. Something of note here is that this is the first time when the two starting quarterbacks have been black.

Who are the head coaches?

While fans will be feeling the excitement, you can be sure that the head coaches are starting to feel just a little bit twitchy by now. For the Kansas City Chiefs, it’s Andy Reid who takes the helm. Interestingly, Reid actually started his coaching career with the Eagles where he coached from 1999 to 2012.

Over at the Eagles, head coach Nick Sirianni will be looking for a top performance from his team. This is his second season with the Eagles who have been without a Super Bowl win since 2017.

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Whos performing at halftime?

While Super Bowl Sunday is supposed to be all about the action on the pitch, it’s equally as famous for its halftime entertainment. This year, it’s Grammy Award winner Rihanna taking to the stage.

When did either team last win the Super Bowl?

If you’re looking at placing a bet, it’s worth knowing how the teams have performed over recent years. The Eagles last won in 2017 with the Chiefs last taking the crown in 2019.