Top 4 Instagrams for MBA Motivation and Achieving Your Dreams

Top 4 Instagrams for MBA Motivation and Achieving Your Dreams

We all know the importance of education to achieve our dreams… it is not only the key to a successful career, but it’s also a hallmark of broadening perspectives and becoming more aware of our human consciousness; education, both formal and informal, allows us to ask more questions and find more answers about life.

It seems only natural to want to excel in school, but excelling with top grades is often much easier said than done.

The challenges of school push us in ways that test our mental and physical capacities; the demands of a rigorous class can sometimes make us want to quit altogether and choose an easier path.


At this moment, students must make a conscious decision to power through, collect the necessary resources, and harbor a positive, motivating mindset to succeed. 

Nowadays, browsing social media in our downtime is easy, so why not curate a social media feed that creates an attitude conducive to school motivation and success?

Check out and follow this list of the top four Instagram accounts prepared by JatApp experts to help you succeed in your education and achieve your dreams.

The Study Motivation (@thestudymotivation)

With the catchphrase, “It’s time to make your dreams a reality.” it’s easy to see why this Instagram account came out top on our list.

Staying focused and finding the motivation to power through challenging times is all about harboring the right mindset, and this account recognizes just that.

Made up of aesthetically appealing photos of thought-provoking study spaces, intellectually stimulating and creative notes, brain food platters, and delicious drinks with just the right amount of caffeine to keep a student studying for their next big exam, following this account will keep your head in the school game.

“The Study Motivation” showcases a great resource for excelling in school – staying organized.

Scrolling through the feed, you can gain inspiration from the many types of planning journals, stickers, notes, color-coded pens, and office organizational tools. With tools to stay organized, you can find yourself hitting all your deadlines and reaching your academic goals.

Motivation Mafia (@motivationmafia)

Sometimes, all you need to push in the right direction is to read a solid, motivational quote at the right time.

Motivation Mafia helps students succeed by giving them fuel for their journey through words spoken from the wisdom of our world’s great scholars. “If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want will soon be the sacrifice…” Offering alternative ways of thinking or viewing a situation is exactly what you’ll get with this account’s constant flow of creative, inspirational words.

Course Hero (@coursehero)

CourseHero is the one-stop shop for all of the resources a student needs to succeed. Complete with motivational sayings, photographs of role-model students who followed their dreams to succeed, and helpful tips to stay on track with learning.

This account is invaluable for achieving your academic goals. Be sure to check out the complete website of CourseHero for flashcards, lesson plans, and countless other materials for school success.

MBA Admissions and Career Experts (@careerprotocol)

Complete with hilarious, relatable content about the woes and challenges of MBA students, this Instagram account is designed to help students achieve their goal of powering through undergraduate courses and landing a spot in their dream MBA school.

Their feed features interesting facts about MBA course content, tips and tricks to passing exams, admissions advice, and more. Through the camaraderie of the struggle between students who devote their lives to MBA school studies, “Career Protocol” is the perfect account to follow to stay on track with studies.

In Conclusion

Fight procrastination for motivation. We know firsthand that this is a difficult and unequal struggle, but it can and must be won for the sake of future success! Just don’t procrastinate and do today what you can do today. 


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