How To Fix Instagram Stories that Keep Freezing

Check your internet connection

If you’re having trouble with Instagram Stories freezing or lagging, the first thing to check is your internet connection. A poor or slow internet connection can cause issues with any online service, including Instagram Stories.

Make sure you have a fast and reliable internet connection to view and share your Instagram Stories without any problems. Let’s look at some more troubleshooting tips to help you fix Instagram Stories that keep freezing.

Ensure you are connected to a strong and stable Wi-Fi network

When using Instagram Stories, it’s important to ensure that you have a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection. A weak or unstable internet connection can cause Instagram Stories to freeze or lag. To check your internet connection:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device and go to Wi-Fi.
  2. Look for your network’s name (SSID) and select it by tapping on it once.
  3. Ensure the Wi-Fi icon at the top of your screen is on, and the device is connected to the network successfully.
  4. Check for errors like ‘No Internet Connection’, ‘Weak Signal’, or ‘Unstable Network Connection’. If these appear, you may need to switch networks or move closer to the router/hotspot to improve your connection strength.

Try switching to a different internet connection

If your Instagram Story keeps freezing and you’ve already tried refreshing the app, it’s time to try switching to a different internet connection. Depending on where you are, there are a few options:

  1. Ask someone nearby (e.g., at a cafe) if they have Wi-Fi access that you can use temporarily
  2. Go somewhere else (e.g., a library or school) that offers free Wi-Fi access
  3. Utilize your phone’s mobile network data to troubleshoot on the go

Each option has advantages and drawbacks; for example, public Wi-Fi is usually slow due to the number of people attempting to connect. It can sometimes be unreliable due to its lack of security. In contrast, mobile data will likely be faster but might cost more for extended usage.

Therefore, you must consider both cost and convenience before making your decision.

However, no matter what connection type you choose, remember to test your Instagram Story while connected to ensure it works as expected before attempting further fixes.

Clear the App Cache

If your Instagram stories keep freezing, one of the first steps you can take is to clear the app cache. Clearing the cache can help resolve any conflicts that may have developed in the app, which will help it run smoother, loading stories faster and error-free. In this guide, we’ll go over how to clear the app cache to help fix any freezing issues.

Open the App Settings

Opening your app settings is the best place to start when troubleshooting any issue with the Instagram app. You can find the settings for GitHub Stories inside the Instagram app or open the app settings from your phone’s Settings menu.

In either case, once you’ve opened the Instagram settings, you’ll need to scroll down until you find an option called “Cache”.

Clicking on “Cache” takes you to a page where you can manage your cached data and clear it out if necessary.

This can help with problems like Instagram Stories that keep freezing because app cache data can sometimes become corrupted and cause issues. Once on this page, click “Clear Cache” at the bottom to delete all of your cached data.

When finished, select ‘OK’ at the bottom right corner of your screen. Your cached data will be deleted and should help resolve any issues related to freezing stories on Instagram.

If this doesn’t work, try other troubleshooting options, such as logging out and logging back in or restarting your device – both of which may also help resolve some minor technical glitches within the app itself.

Select “Apps & notifications”

For the most part, the cache of an app like Instagram can be cleared without having to uninstall and reinstall the app itself completely. Here’s how:

1. On your phone or tablet, open your device’s settings (this may look like a cogwheel icon).

2. Tap “Apps & notifications.”

3. Below the recently opened apps heading, look for Instagram listed and tap it.

4. Tap “Storage”

5. Tap “Clear cache” and confirm when prompted.

6. Close the app by exiting all pages, restart your device (optional), then reopen Instagram to see if the stories still freeze!

Select “Instagram”

If you’re having trouble with your Instagram Stories, one simple step you can try is to clear the app cache. This can help solve a variety of issues related to connectivity and performance. Clearing the cache will not affect your photos or saved stories, so you don’t need to worry about losing any data.

You can easily clear the cache on your iPhone or Android device by following these steps:


  1. Open Settings
  2. Select General
  3. Scroll down to “iPhone Storage”
  4. Select “Instagram” from the list of apps
  5. Tap “Offload App” and confirm when prompted
  6. Restart Instagram


1. Open Settings
2. Select Apps & Notifications
3. Select “Instagram” from the list of apps
4. Tap “Storage & Cache”
5. Close and restart Instagram

Select “Storage & cache”

When troubleshooting an issue with your Instagram Stories, it’s a good idea to clear the app’s cache. Clearing the cache can help resolve some of the most common issues and make the application work faster. Here is how you can do this:

1. Go to your device’s Settings and select the “Apps & Notifications” section.
2. Look for Instagram from the list of Applications and then tap on it.
3. Select “Storage & cache”
4. Tap on “Clear cache”
5. Select OK when prompted to clear data and then allow some time for the process to            complete
6. Once that is done, try rerunning stories and check if this has resolved your issue

Select “Clear cache”

One way to fix Instagram stories that keep freezing is to clear the app cache. To do this, open the device’s Settings menu, select Apps, and locate Instagram. Once you have found it, tap on it and then select “Storage.”

Here, you will find two options — Clear data and Clear cache. Choose “Clear cache” to delete all cached information from the app. This will remove temporary files, images, and data while leaving preferences and other settings intact.

Note that this will not delete any personal information or data associated with your account — only cached files associated with the app.

Update the App

One of the easiest solutions to fix Instagram Stories that keep freezing is to update the app. Issues such as freezing can often be caused by bugs that have been fixed in newer versions of the application.

Therefore, if you’re having this issue, ensure you’re running the latest version of the Instagram app.

Open the App Store

Opening the App Store on your device will allow you to access various functions, including updating applications. Follow these steps to open the App Store and start updating apps:

1. On iPad, open the App Store from the Home screen.

2. On iPhone or iPod touch, tap App Store from the Home screen.

3. Tap Updates in the bottom right-hand corner of your device’s App Store window.

4. Here, you can view all applications with pending updates and choose which you want to install or update first.

5. To install an update, tap on the app you want to update and then tap “Update.” Your device will now begin downloading and installing the latest version of that application so that you’re up-to-date with all of its features and bug fixes!

Please note that some app updates may require additional storage space on your device – make sure this is available before starting an update process.

Select “Updates”

When Instagram stories keep freezing, your first action should be to ensure you have the most up-to-date version of the application installed. It’s best to keep your app updated to perform optimally at all times and stay compatible with your device.

To check for updates, you’ll need to either tap “Settings” or “App Store” on your mobile device and then select “Updates.” Updating Instagram directly from the Play Store or the App Store is always recommended.

Once you’ve selected updates, check for any pending updates for Instagram. If there are any pending updates, tap “Update” and wait for it to download and install completely before relaunching it to use the Instagram stories feature.

Select “Instagram”

If the app keeps freezing, you may need to update it. Updating an app on your device requires you to access the “App Store” first. Depending on your device, this could be the Apple Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices.

Once in the “App Store”, search for “Instagram”. Alternatively, navigate to your list of apps and select “Instagram” from there.

If an update is available, you will be given the option to update it by pressing a button below the description. Install any pending updates, and then try reloading Instagram once more.

Select “Update”

If you find that your Instagram Stories keep freezing, the first thing you should do is select the “Update” option on your device’s app store. Updating can help solve various issues, such as bugs and glitches affecting features not working properly.

Before selecting “Update” on this specific app, ensure that you’ve read the latest customer reviews and get familiar with any potential changes to the app since the problem began.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, there are several other things to consider, such as restarting your device or even uninstalling and reinstalling the app to remove any data stored from previous versions of Instagram Stories.

You can also check for any new updates released by iOS or Android in their respective settings menus. Additionally, watch for potential messages from Instagram relating to “broken stories” or procedure changes that could help solve your issue before selecting “Update” again.

Reinstall the App

Reinstalling the app is the most common solution when your Instagram Stories keep freezing. This can often help resolve the issue, as it completely clears any stored data in the app that may be causing the problem.

Uninstalling the app and reinstalling it can help fix Instagram Stories that are freezing up or crashing. Let’s look at the steps for how you can do this.

Open the App Store

To fix freezing Instagram stories, reinstalling your Instagram app is the simplest solution. This can easily be accomplished by going to the App Store on your device.

Start by tapping on the App Store icon to open it. Then, type “Instagram” in the search bar at the top of your screen. Once you find Instagram in the search results, select it and then press either “Update” or “Open,” depending on whether or not there is an updated version of the app available for installation.

If you see “Open” instead of “Update,” you already have the latest version installed on your device and need to delete it if you want to install it again. To do so, tap “Delete App” below “Open.”

Then press “Download” when prompted with a window confirming deleting Instagram from your phone will remove all its data and documents stored in iCloud Drive and other storage providers apps like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Once those steps are complete, head back over to Instagram’s page within the App Store and tap “Get” followed by “Install” when prompted with a pop-up window confirming that buying an already owned app is free whenever possible (depending on what platform you’re currently using).

If you see a payment prompt instead, no free version is available, so follow through with the purchase process furnished by Apple Pay or whatever applicable payment system works best for you.

Select “Instagram”

When troubleshooting freezing issues with an app, the first step is to reinstall the program on your device. To do this, first, open your device’s Settings. Then select “Apps” or “Application Manager” from the options available.

Scroll down to find the app you need to reinstall (in this case, Instagram). Tap on the program and select “Uninstall”, then confirm your action.

Once complete, reopen your App Store and search for Instagram. Download and install it again—this should help you troubleshoot any freezing issues if they persist!

Select “Uninstall”

To uninstall the app, go to your device’s settings, select “Apps” or “Application Manager”, find Instagram from the list of apps, and select “Uninstall”. After uninstalling the app, you can reinstall it from the app store.

First, create a backup of your data to avoid losing any of your content. Access Instagram from a browser and log in with your account details to do this. Now go to Settings and create a backup file of your information by clicking “Request Download”.

You will receive an email with a link for downloading your data within 24 hours. Once you have done this, you can proceed with uninstalling Instagram safely.

Select “Install”

If you are stuck in the cycle of freezing Instagram Stories, the best thing to do is uninstall and reinstall the app. To uninstall, open your device’s settings menu > applications > Instagram and select “uninstall”.

After this, reopen Instagram from your app store and select “Install”. This should address most freezing problems you may have encountered with Instagram Stories!

Contact Instagram Support

If you’re having trouble with Instagram stories that keep freezing, one of the best things to do is to contact Instagram support. They can help you troubleshoot your issue and guide you on how to fix it.

You can get in touch with Instagram in several ways: through the app, their website, or direct email support. Let’s take a look at each of these options.

Open the App

Using the Instagram app on your mobile device is often the fastest way to reach Instagram support. You can open the app and check for an announcement or notification regarding any service disruption.

If not, try other solutions before contacting an Instagram Support specialist.

To access help and support through the Instagram App:

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap on ‘Settings’ at the top right of your profile page
  3. Tap on ‘Help’ > ‘Report a Problem’ at the bottom of this menu
  4. Select ‘Something isn’t Working’ and provide details of what isn’t working
  5. Then, choose from a range of options to contact (Facebook/Instagram Ads Support, Facebook/Instagram Business Support, etc.) to access further help from social media specialists.

Select the “Settings” icon

The next step is to select the “Settings” icon on the top right-hand corner of your screen. This will bring you to your profile settings to access more specific options. To find the help section, scroll down until you find the “Help Center” and click it.

This will create a new page where you can search for specific topics or scroll through the categories to find what you need. If your issue relates directly to Instagram Stories, look for the “Camera, Photos & Videos” section and select “Photographs, Videos & Stories” from the sidebar.

This will take you through various topics with helpful information and tips on fixing Instagram stories that keep freezing or other related issues. If none of these are relevant, it might be worth contacting Instagram Support directly to get further help resolving this issue.

Select “Help”

To contact Instagram support, open your Instagram app and select the “Help” link at the bottom right corner of your home screen. This will take you to a new page where you can type in the issue or error you need help with.

You can then select one of the most common questions people ask about freezing Instagram stories or scroll down to search for a more specific problem.

Once you find an appropriate question and click it, you’ll find several helpful answers that might solve your dilemma. However, if none of these answers fit what you’re looking for, click on the “Frequently Asked Questions” tab on the top left corner of your screen.

From here, you can dive deeper into the range of topics that could be causing problems for your story’s longevity – such as photo editing capabilities or refreshing timelines.

If all else fails and none of this helps fix the damage done by failed Instagram stories, there is also an option to directly contact customer care through chat or email support – located at the bottom center section on this page.

After selecting either chat or email support, fill out a brief form that outlines what type of account it is (personal/business) and briefly describes why it needs assistance (for example, lost password/inability to upload content).

Once done filling out this form thoroughly, “Send” it in and wait for confirmation from Instagram that they have received your message – usually within 48 hours.

Select “Report a Problem”

If you’re having trouble viewing or editing your Instagram stories, one of the fastest ways to get help is by using the “Report a Problem” option. This can be found under the Help tab in the app.

Once you select “Report a Problem,” you will be asked to provide more information about what type of problem you’re experiencing and any steps taken to resolve it.

You may also need to provide screenshots or images with your account information. Be sure to include as much detail as possible when submitting your report so that customer service can assist quickly and effectively.

Mentioning any other kinds of devices or accounts that may have been affected by the same issue is also advised for reporting problems with Instagram Stories, as customer service may then be better able to determine if a conflict exists between those sources.

Your willingness to communicate openly about whatever issue you are facing will allow for a faster support resolution time on their end and help protect against future hazards.


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