Where to Watch Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Release Date?

Where to Watch Indian Matchmaking Season 3

The stars have aligned and the wait is over. Our loving lady, Seema Taparia is back in her business and has another upcoming season of Indian Matchmaking to be premiered this August.

Seema Aunty is a blessing in disguise for all the single peeps in town as she does her matchmaking job with utmost sincerity and finds it suitable for each one of her clients.

Indian Matchmaking Season 3 

The series amazingly portrays the dynamics of Indian families, wishing for the perfect bride/groom, and fulfilling all of their expectations.

This show also displays how Indian females are now quite independent and are making big life decisions of their life on their own, without any family pressure. They do not succumb to the societal pressure of getting married and starting a life.

Instead of finding the perfect husband, they are looking for the best suitable partner for themselves who will support them in their journey ahead. 

Affluent individuals hire Seema Aunty to find them their perfect match and through her, they get connected, start dating, and gradually the selection procedure carries on.

She enjoys her work and people enjoy seeing her work, hence this show is returning with a second season. 

Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Release Date:

We know how eagerly y’all must be waiting for another season. We obviously don’t want the episodes to end and this might have also occurred to the makers of the show, and hence they are releasing season 2 of the series, this Wednesday the 10th of August.

And as far as the third season is concerned, we have great news for all the fans. Here it goes: Season 2 hasn’t even hit Netflix yet, but the platform has already renewed the series for a third season, releasing not before 2023.

Indian Matchmaking Season 3 Cast Members:

The lead role is played by Seema Taparia, also called Seema Aunty. Other main leads include Aparna Shewakramani, Pradhyuman Maloo, Akshay Jakhete, Manisha Dass, Ankita Bansal, and Rashi Gupta.

Season 3 will have a different set of NRI bachelors, looking for their life partners but Seema Aunty will definitely return.

Where to Watch Indian Matchmaking Season 3:

An hour-long episode of the Indian matchmaking is worthy of binge-watching as it includes Seema Aunty’s non-stop banter and conversations with NRI’S while she finds them their match.

This intriguing series can be watched on Netflix, the original platform where it has been released.

Indian Matchmaking on Netflix:

Currently, there are eight episodes streaming on Netflix, based on arranged marriages. 

The favorite line of the fans from the show being: “Hello, I am Seema Taparia from Mumbai” had gone viral when the show was first aired on Netflix.